Monday, August 2, 2010

Free Books, My People!

Okay, so, FREE BOOKS! If you're like me, you absolutely adore free stuff, especially when it's good, free books.

Today is your blessed (I don't believe in luck) day! =)

Get Christian Teen fiction- free!

One thing, though. You have to read it on the computer/iPod/iPhone/Kindle/Nook.

So, you ready for the list? All are published by Zondervan, so you know it's great stuff.

Go to and click on the kindle store. Under "bestsellers" you will find titles by Melody Carlson, Bryan Davis, Alister McGrath, Brandylin Collins, Nancy Rue, and more!

Please note that many of the free books there are NOT Christian and should NOT be read. The title/cover/publisher often tells you whether it is a wholesome read or not. If you're unsure, check the reviews. But remember, always, always use caution.


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