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Faith Bombs

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 Isn't it hard when in your daily life and walk with Christ, someone drops in a "faith bomb"? I define faith bombs not necessarily as an instance where you doubt your faith, though that is a severe case of a faith bomb, but as an instance that discourages you or makes you feel like an "outsider".

Take this example:

Amanda was in Algebra class during the time where students were able to finish as much homework as they could. Somehow, the other students brought up the topic of Christianity.
One girl said, "It's, like, so lame. The Christians are always "Jesus" this and "Jesus" that. It makes me sick. They're way too opinionated and high-and-mighty. Take gay marriage and abortion- it's their life! People have choices, and who are Christians to tell them it's wrong. That is like, so messed up."
Amanda is a Christian, and she loves Jesus with all her heart. She knows that her fellow classmates are lost, so lost.
But what can she do?
Amanda feels so alone.

So, if you're in a situation like Amanda, what should you do?

1. Take a deep breath and make sure you are calm. There's really no point in getting worked up. You see it as truth, but those who are lost do not think so. An angry attitude may push them in the opposite direction.

2. Pray. We can talk to God about the situation, pray for guidance, and just pour our hearts out.

Jesus said, "Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing."
                        Luke 23:34a

3. You may or may not use step three. But if appropriate, ask questions about the assertions the person has stated. Questions are a good way to lovingly yet firmly challenge the statements. Jesus used questions to counter the Pharisees many times. Again, responses may not always be necessary, and it is wise to use discernment.

In Amanda's case, she could have asked that if a man murders people, would it be right? In the Christian's
worldview, just as murder is wrong, abortion and homosexuality are wrong. If a murderer is at large because a law enforcement agency thinks that murder is okay, wouldn't it be reasonable that the people of the area express their righteous indignation that such wrongdoing is considered as "just the usual"? Of course. They would do something about it because it is wrong. People may make choices, yes, they have that right. But if Amanda decided to go out and rob a bank or murder someone, it would be absolutely wrong. Truth is truth, solid truth. There may be different theories, but there is one truth. Also, by telling others that Christians are wrong, the girl is implying that Christians cannot say what they believe to be right and wrong, but she can. Isn't she therefore committing the act she has just criticized?


Chelsea took one of the teens she was mentoring in a high school program to a fast food restaurant for lunch to discuss how the teen, Serena, was doing in general. Before they started eating, Chelsea asked Serena if it was okay if they prayed before eating.

Serena snorted. "Why? I'm pretty sure this food is fine. It's not like God poisoned it and will let us die if we don't pray."

Chelsea paused then gently replied. "Serena, I don't pray because I'm superstitious. I pray because I want to thank God for giving me this food, this day, this time with you-"

"Whatever. Just don't force you're religion on me, Chels."

Chelsea shook her head. "Why would I be trying to impose my religion on you?"

"It's all you Christians," Serena scoffed. "You all are way too preachy-preachy."

"Well," Chelsea smiled. "Think of it this way. I say that gravity exists. Someone, let's say. "Fred", says that there is no gravity because he can't see it. Who's right?"

"Well, you." Serena squinted at Chelsea. "Gravity's still there. You can still feel its effects, since we're all not floating around."

Chelsea nodded. "That's right, and that is how I feel about Christianity. I can't see or feel God physically, but I can witness Him moving in my life. And to tell you the truth, Serena, He is amazing. Why wouldn't I want others to see that?"

Serena just sat back and stared at Chelsea.

Chelsea asked one more time if Serena would be okay with a quick blessing. Serena shook her head no, so Chelsea quickly closed her eyes and quietly prayed for the food, for her time with Serena, and for Serena to see the one true God. Chelsea let the topic go, but she never stopped praying for Serena for the rest of the day.

Chelsea prayed for Serena daily, sometimes hourly. 

The years went by and they eventually went separate ways in life. Chelsea married and had two children, and Serena graduated from high school and was in her junior year of college.
One day, a mutual friend of the girls called Serena and told her that Chelsea and her children had died in a car wreck with a drunk driver.

Later, at the funeral, Serena went to speak with Chelsea's husband.
"Your wife changed my life," she said. "She was so stubborn about her faith, and I was so pigheaded about what I believed in. I never got to tell Chelsea this, but she jumpstarted me in my walk with Christ. I accepted Jesus into my life two years ago."
She sniffed away tears. "Your wife was an amazing person, and I hope to see her in Heaven one day and thank her for everything."

God can use anyone and everyone to reach out to the lost. Even the most un-eloquent individual in the world can be used by God. If you were to die tomorrow, would you do anything differently? Would you stand up for your faith? Would you see the urgency of the need for lost souls to know Christ?

Think on it, pray on one, and I hope you have a blessed day.  

God Bless,


Farmgirl said...

Great post! Thanks for sharing! I have my own conviction about music,modesty and courting and alot of my friends don't have the same view and it can be challenging!

Sierra said...

Awesome story and post.

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