Friday, February 26, 2010

Randomness Friday: Seeing Things, Saving Dummies, and Other Oddities!

Thank you, Libby!

Please welcome to AGoMC...*drumroll*




It's awesome to have you here, girls! Thanks so much, and welcome!


Okay, so you're probably worrying about my wacked out title.
First of all, I'm NOT calling anyone names...


Child 1: *laughs* You look funny
Child 2: *sticks tongue out* You're a dummy!

No, no, NO! Nothing like that. I mean, like dummies... Plastic dummies... Dummies that are not human, cannot breath, and are basically human-shaped but... aren't...

*groan* I probably sound like a dummy right now, huh?

*laughs* Anyway, I'm doing this CPR/ First Aid thing in school with this amazing girl as my partner in it. We're learning the basics and basically are going to compete. First, a test, and if we do well enough, we get to do it in a front of judges...trying to save dummies...

*hyperventilates* It's quite a lot to take in... no?

So we're working on that and it's honestly a TON of fun. I mean, this thing was what I was really worried about last Friday. I was drowning... in first aid and CPR...

You think I could've saved myself, considering all I've learned...
Just kidding, God worked in me a lot...

I'm the type of person who LOVES challenged but tends to get overwhelmed pretty easily. That's me, but I'm working on it.

It feels awkard trying to talk to and resuscitate a dummy....
*laughs* I just realized that sounded SO weird...

Okay, seeing things. My sister was reading a book, Enoch's Ghost,
And I was thinking the girl on the far right (Ashley) looks a LOT like actress Lauren Graham
Am I just seeing things? What do you think???? By the way, I do not endorse Ms. Graham. I've seen some of her work on TV and movies. Not always the cleanest stuff... Just a heads up.
Okay, so remember the tribe building contest I mentioned on Monday? Well, it's been extended! You have a WEEK more to sign up with the tribe you think is best (I recommend Nightwing), rack up some points, and score! Win awesome prizes if you're on the winning team!



Whoa. After a day of two big tests, practicing rigorous CPR, studying, and practicing for a MAJOR piano competition tomorrow, I'm beat. 

I'll talk to ya'll soon!
God Bless,

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Interview: Maiden of Emmanuel!

Today I am privileged to interview a personal friend, Maiden of Emmanuel. We've been friends for almost three years now, and MOE was kind enough to introduce me to the wonderful, yet crazy world of blogging. It's just so cool to have her on here! Next week we'll (*blinks* meaning me, myself, and I) feature another friend of mine, Hannah, from Aspire!


Maiden Of Emmanuel's Blog: On this blog she shares awesome thoughts about current issues, things in her life, and things to awaken the heart


Maiden Of Emmanuel's Photography Blog: This girl is really capturing God's creation in such an artistic way! 

If you are interested in being interviewed by me on AGoMC or in interviewing me for your blog be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom of this post to read the specifics (that is, AFTER you read the interview ;p)


PRISM: What would you say is the purpose of your blog?
Maiden of Emmanuel: I love to serve the Lord through my writing, and its a way to express my thoughts and opinions on certain subjects to anyone who desires to know.

PRISM: Favorite time of the year?
Maiden of Emmanuel: Holiday times. :)

PRISM: I love the holiday season too... *sighs happily* Why exactly do you like it so much?
Maiden of Emmanuel: Everyone is happy. There's a sense of joy in each and every holiday. Valentine's Day, Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas especially. Possibly because it's not all about you. Other people are included and it feels good to just spend time with them and thank God for all of the blessings He has given us.

PRISM: Favorite type of music?
Maiden of Emmanuel: Christian (modern/alternative rock, contemporary, worship, hymns, ...) I abhor hard rock or heavy metal though.

PRISM: Coolest thing you ever did?
MOE: Get baptized and touch a cloud, but not on the same day.

PRISM: Awesomeness! Touch a cloud? Specify please?
MOE: I've been to Honduras three times (my father is a pastor), and we were driving in the mountains high enough that we could barely see anything. And when we asked what the fog was, the person driving us said it was cloud. We ALL just had to roll down our windows and stick our hands out. *grins*

PRISM: What do you post about the most on your blog?
MOE: Topics suddenly forming in my head that I wish to present to people. Advertisements of my photography blog as well-- and updates.

PRISM: How did you come up with your username?
MOE: Bookworm4God was my first username (hence, my blog URL is, but because my favorite type of books are Christian and I AM a bookworm. But currently, my username has changed to MaidenOfEmmanuel, because I really am Emmanuel's maiden. I serve the Lord with all of my heart.

PRISM: Crayons, markers, or colored pencils?
MOE: All three! If I really had to pick-- colored pencils and/or crayons.

PRISM: Favorite soda?
MOE: Dr. Pepper, Sprite, Coke, or Grape Soda.

PRISM: If you knew you'd meet your favorite celebrity in a week, who would it be and what would you do?
MOE: This would apply to my two favorite authors. Dee Henderson and Ted Dekker. What would I do? Spend as much time asking about any other books (that are published and unread by me or hopefully going to come)!

PRISM: Thank you so much for your time, Maiden of Emmanuel!


Want to be interviewed or interview me?
Email me at:
girlofmanycolors *at* gmail *dot* com
with the subject line "INTERVIEW". After checking to make sure your blog is clean, I'll contact you about dates and the interview itself.

God Bless,

Monday, February 22, 2010

Happy To Report...

...That my life has been straightened out since Friday. Dude, I love challenges, but it is easy for me to get overwhelmed. Thanks to everyone who prayed/is praying/will pray. Love you all!

By the way, if you're looking for a fun way to compete to earn some pretty cool prizes from authors Wayne Thomas Batson and Christopher Hopper, check out their Tribe Building Contest! It ends on March 1st, but there's still time to join a cool tribe, earn some points, and reap the rewards!

I am a member of the Nightwing tribe, and we're doing pretty well! I invite you to hop on over to the blog of Nightwing's leader, Jacob Parker, to join!

Several of Nightwing's members (definitely not me... I could NEVER even try to pull it off) put together this SWEET trailer for Curse of the Spider King, by the authors mentioned in the previous paragraph. It's a work of art, as is the book.

My applause to the people who put together this video.

God Bless,

Friday, February 19, 2010

Randomness Friday: Are You Drowning?

Thank you, Libby!

Please welcome to AGoMC...*drumroll*



~Miss Zara~


Woah... FIVE new people who are brave and nice enough to listen to the ramblings of randomness me! Thank you, and welcome!

Ah, the Olympics have been INCREDIBLE although I still like the summer Olympics best.
Skiiing, snowboarding, speed skating, curling.... Woohoo!
But my personal favorite? Ice skating... More specifically pairs figure skating. Talk about courage! The guy has to flip a lady around and throw her, the gal has to be thrown and stick a landing. Talk about muscle, teamwork, and bravery!

Remember when I did my “If you like Britt Nicole, you may also like...”?
Well, I’m here to give you another one. (It’s sort of like Listmania on Amazon. BTW, I have a profile on there if you want to see some reviews or my Listmania lists. I’m “~Prism~” *laughs* What else?)

If you like Wayne Thomas Baston, (author of Isle of Swords, the Door Within Triology, and the Berinfell Prophecies Series) you may also like...

Christopher Hopper (Mr. Batson and Mr. Hopper are both writing the Berinfell Prophecies Series)

Ted Dekker

Donita K. Paul

Scott Appleton

Sharon Hinck

Robert Elmer

Paul McCusker

Lois Walfrid Johnson

Bryan Davis

Sigmund Brouwer

Lee Roddy

That's it! Hope you find some new friends (a.k.a. books)

Remember last Friday, when I talked about possibly of having YOU (yes, YOU!) as a guest for a interview on my blog? It's still open! Email me at:
agirlofmanycolors ^at^ gmail ^dot^ com

I have had two people consent to being interviewed, and I will contact you as soon as I can!

Okay, now the drowning... And the more serious (and maybe slightly depressing) side of RandomnessF.

Ever been so busy that you feel like so many things are going on and you can't keep up? You've admitted it, but you don't know what to do?

If not, welcome to my world.

This week has been crazee! (And yes, I spelled it that way *grins*)

I have a piano competition in less that a week, a schoolwide test in a week and another in two weeks, a school-related competition, a Sunday school full of three and four years olds every week, Tae Kwon Do, and that's on top of regular school craziness and blogging.

I feel like I'm sinking in the deep end, and it took me quite I while to quit being an imbecile and face up to my problems and admit them.
It may take time, but I realized my problem was asking for help. You can't always leave things inside. It's going to be incredibly hard for me to manage everything, and no, unfortunately, I cannot leave something behind because I am pretty much bound to everything I stated in the above paragraph.

WHAT TO DO (and ya'll, I'm preaching to myself...)

1. ADMIT it. Do you have someone really close to talk to? Talk to them. I went to my mom right away, and she stopped me from making possibly one of the worst decision of my life at this time. (No, nothing serious or drastic like taking my life or running away, but it was fairly serious)
Don't have a parent? Find a close relative, a pastor, an ADULT who has experienced more than you have. I recommend taking advice from them first, and maybe secondly your peers. But ALWAYS remember that they (your peers) are just like you and may not always have the right answers, though if you have a really close friend who you want to just talk to, do it. It doesn't mean you have to do what they say.

2. PRAY about it. Not praying was my biggest mistake. When I let those thoughts of hopelessness enter my brain, I was rejecting God's help. I didn't pray, I didn't want to. But I really needed to. I needed to remember that as a Christian I am bound to be a testimony and see things though. I should always have hope and I should always go to my Heavenly Father. I see that now. I HAVE to pray. What about you?

3. FACE it. You have to deal with these problems sooner or later. You have to make priorities. You have to own up to your mistakes. You have to face the giants in your life. You will not be alone, right? With these people's wisdom behind you and God's help you will make it through. It may seem like the end of your life, ~Prism~ and everyone, but it is NOT. Plow through it, go God's way.

That's my lesson of the day, and I hope you've learned something from my ways. Dealing with a mountain in your life may be hard, but once you're back in the valley you'll surely see how powerful our GOD is.
I'd appreciate your prayers also.

God Bless,

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I WILL Follow You.

"Let the Waters Rise" by MIKESCHAIR. Such as amazing song...

God Bless,

Monday, February 15, 2010

Awesomeful Tag

This is truly one of the most creative tags I've ever seen. My applause to the person who came up with it!


Are you right-handed or left-handed? Right!

Have you ever had anything removed from your body? Thankfully, no

What is the last heavy item you lifted? My school bag


What is your salad dressing of choice? Thousand Island... At least, I think that's it...

What is your favorite sit-down restaurant? Anything!

What food could you eat for 2 weeks straight and not get sick of it? Sandwiches

What are your pizza toppings of choice? Sausage...Mmmm. Or to the horror of others, mushroom.
What flavor do you add to your drink at Sonic? *cough* Don't go there...


If it were possible, would you want to know the day you were going to die? No! I'd freak out if I knew. God's timing is good for me, even if it's tomorrow. 

If you could change your name, what would you change it to? Jasmine... *laughs* Maybe Prism? JKJK

Would you drink an entire bottle of hot sauce for $1000? YES!!! Where do I sign up?


How many pairs of flip flops do you own? *blank look* clothes? shoes? flip flops? pairs?
Last time you had a run-in with the cops? Never on unfriendly terms
Last person you talked to in person? Artista

Favorite Month? Deciembre


Mood? Tired, but happy

What are you listening to? Some little kids' TV show. Lil' Sis watching, mind you. Not me

Watching? The clock tick OH so slowly...

Worrying about? School...


What’s the last movie you watched? Dude... I don't remember

Do you smile often? Yeah, and I laugh a lot... Annoying, but it's me

Do you always answer your phone? Yeah

If you could change your eye color what would it be? Anything that goes with Indian appearance and looks okay... Which narrows the field by quite a bit. Me in blue eyes...*laughs* Funny, funny thought.

Do you own a digital camera? Yes!

Have you ever had a pet fish? Several. I bet over a hundred in my lifetime

Favorite Christmas song? What Child Is This? and Carol of the Bells

What’s on your wish list for your birthday? Dream list? Laptop or horse. Practical? Music
Can you do push-ups? Dude, yes. 75 every Tuesday and Wednesday. Tae Kwon Do.

Can you do a chin up? Never tried

Do you have any saved texts? I don't text... And yes, I'm a teenager!

Ever been in a car wreck? Thank God, no

Do you have an accent? Not really

What is the last song to make you cry? "Traces of You" Joy Whitlock.I don't usually cry, so it was weird

Plans tonight? Piano and rest

Have you ever felt like you hit rock bottom? Maybe once or twice. God carries me through, though

Name 2 things you bought yesterday: Pepsi and I didn't buy anything else

You ever been given roses? No

Current hate right now? Nothing really...

Met someone who changed your life? No...

What were you doing 12 AM last night? Reading... *guilty look*

What was the first thing you thought of when you woke up? AUUUUGH! I slept in thirty minutes! Alarm is a failure!


How many televisions are in your house? Three. One for Artista's school, one for us girls in the library, and one for the family in the main room.

What color cell phone do you have? White and blue

What does the first text message in your inbox say and who sent it? Don't text...

Who was the last person to call you? Artista!

I tag... whoever comments on this post!

God Bless,

Friday, February 12, 2010

Randomeness Friday: Wanna Be Interviewed? and Other Oddities!

Thank you, Libby!

Please welcome to AGoMC...*drumroll*

Emma Michaels


Karis Brown!

So awesome to have you here, girls!
Okay, so the poll isn't officially closed yet, but I think the people have spoken loud and clear.
Let's interview!
If you'd like to be featured on AGoMC, please comment and send me an e-mail at  
girlofmanycolors (at) gmail (dot) com
Guys, gals, young, old, I'd love to feature you once you meet my criteria.

1. God-honoring blog (Clean, uplifting,ect.)

That's it! E-mail me with the subject "INTERVIEW" and I'll be sure to contact you as soon as possible.

I'll do my best to spread the interviews out so that you still get some of my insane-ness.

The questions will be general, and you reserve the right to add something to the interview or not answer a question. I reserve the right to not post what I see unfit to what I want promoted on AGoMC, but I will probably never do that, and if I do, I won't make it seem as if you're saying something you aren't.

Good, clean, uplifting interviews that help people know what you and your blog are all about.

Muy bien, si?

Ahhh... Valentine's Day. TWO days away! Even if you don't have a special someone in your life, you can still have a blast!

1. Why not have your friends over, gals, and throw a bash with pink and red EVERYWHERE? Forget the store-bought items... Be creative! Have a valentine-making party!

2. Make treats for your pet! Whether it be a horse, dog, or chinchilla, it can be a special day to spend with your adorable critter.

3.Guys or gals, roses for mom. She'll love it.

4.Perhaps you write. Write a poem. It can be humorous and/or appreciative. No need to get all mushy-gushy!

5. Come up with a totally awesome outfit, girls. Take Valentine's Day and make it yours. You might be a total dressy girl...Go all out with the pink and red! Not so much? Go for an outfit where red, not necessarily pink, is there, but it's not the main character

6. Treat your family to an awesome dinner! Cook it, buy it, whatever you feel like!

7. Bake cookies! You can never go wrong! Unless you burn the house down..of course... Or put too much sugar in the cookies...Oh, the horror!

The list goes on and on... You see what I mean? Valentine's Day doesn't have to be romance!

This is really random, by the way, but I recently heard for the first time Valentine's Day called "Single's Awareness Day". *laughs*

TOY STORY 3 is coming out this year, this summer, this June! I am so excited, and in 3D too! It will be my first 3D movie! I can't wait for it to come out!

The winter OLYMPICS start tonight! Gather the family and enjoy the opening ceremonies!

God Bless,

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tonight by TobyMac

Eek! TONIGHT is out!

My faves?
Start Somewhere
Hold On
LoudNClear (TruDog)
Hey Devil

God Bless,

That Can't Be Happening...Can It?

*paces* I've fought it forever now... Digging my heels in the dirt, kicking and screaming all the way... Telling friends that I would never get into it...*growls at self*

Hopeless romanticism? Me? I feel like fainting!
(Bookie-kins, if you're reading this post, I bet you're laughing at me...As you rightly should) 

*cough* Just to clarify, this is a post mocking myself. And no, I am not in love with a person (Dude, too young for that.. I'll be ready for that when I'm, uh... married. How 'bout that? *laughs*)

Romance books... Augh! The horror!

I just read The Apothecary's Daughter by Julie Klassen. It's amazingly well-written, and I recommend it to Austen or Bronte fans... It's not girl falls for guy and they live happily ever after.. It's made to be very complex and keep the reader guessing until the very end. LOVED IT!

I knew I never should have read Pride and Prejudice...

I've also read several books in the "Love Inspired" book category. I believe they are published by Harlequin. I only recommend the Love Inspired series, not the other books they publish.

Klassen's book and the Love Inspired books are both Christian and are very good, and I do recommend them...
But beware... You might fall into the vortex of romance as I just have... Oh, to escape!

I told one of my friends the other day when she caught me reading The Apothecary's Daughter. She thwacked me and said, "Finally, you're getting out of that tomboy phase!"
Tomboy? Me? *blinks innocently*

I suppose I knew it would happen at some time...
Didn't know it would be mere days before Valentine's Day...

Oh, man...
This can't be happening...Can it?

God Bless,

Monday, February 8, 2010

Tim Tebow & Super Bowl Ad

The ads were absolutely AWESOME! It was about the Heisman trophy winner and his mom, who stood strong about not aborting her baby. So sweet, you gotta check it out.

Go here to see!

God Bless,

Fun Quiz

ANIMOLOGY: What Animal Are You?
Your Result: Silver and Red Wolf
*howl* You're a very strong person. You tend to be naive most of the time, but when in love boy do you know how to get around! You prefer to be quite around adults. Your soul mate is the gold falcon. You're in conflict with the maroon panda.
Blue Fox
Teal Cat
Gold Falcon
Red Jaguar
Ocre and Gray Dolphin
Tan Giraffe
Yellow Trout
ANIMOLOGY: What Animal Are You?
Quiz Created on GoToQuiz

Idea from Treble Clef. Awesome blog, you should check it out!

It's fun, but I don't really believe in that compatibility stuff...
*grins* I loves wolvies! (Misspelling on purpose... Inside joke...)

*sigh* After a hard day of school, I believe I will go enjoy some random-filled insanity. The good kind, of course.

God Bless,

Friday, February 5, 2010

Randomness Friday: iPod Hiccups and other Oddities!

Thank you, Libby!

Welcome, welcome one and all... I feel like its been forever since I poured out my mind onto a randomness post. So, I'm going to warn you...

I will talk... a lot...

Please welcome to AGoMC....


It's so awesome to have you both here! I'm honored!!!!

Ever been out of music or book options? This probably won't become a regular thing, but I have a "web of things" to share with you!

If you like Krystal Meyers or Britt Nicole, you may also like...

Melissa Greene: This woman definitely has a gift. Her voice is so cool, and the title track "Next Step", "Too Far", and "You Satisfy" are my favorites. If you like worship songs and slow, emotional songs along with a mix of perky songs, I recommend her. 

Joy Whitlock: A lot of her songs on her album "God and a Girl" have a folk rock feel. Her voice is soulful and beautiful. My favorite on the album is "Not Through With You", though I can't figure out the meaning of the lyrics... She has some great song for alone time with God, in my opinion.

Brooke Barretsmith: Awesome rock songs. This former Idol contestant really put her heart into her self-titled album. I love "Breakthrough" and "Paper Tigers". If you go to her website, you can download her song, "Farewell" free!

Paige Armstrong: She really reminds me of Krystal Meyers before "Make Some Noise". Great rock songs with great lyrics. I love "Episode" and title track "Wake Up" on her CD. Plus, this girl has one awesome testimony.

Jasmine: This girl is so young, but she rocks it with her CD, The Next Me. I'd classify her songs as pop, and my favorite is the title track. My only complaint is that I felt at times as if the music was covering up her wonderful voice!

The Rubyz: This is also for fans of PureNRG. This duet of girls brings out the pop. Personally, I'm not a fan, but I'm sure their style will appeal to fans of Britt Nicole and Krystal Meyer's pop side.

Hope that opened some musical doors!

Whew! This week really was weird. Snow days for half the week, a test right when we came back and two days with no work! It was really strange, but I'm not complaining.
(Of course... I still had school at home)
But I'm glad I'm homeschooled because... guess what?
No snow days, no extending into summer or extra time in the classroom after 3:15!

I love dressing up... Not fairy princess dress and tiara... *nearly faints*
I mean business attire. Like, slacks (I don't really wear skirts... and it is winter. Brrr!) and a dressy blouse? Like, "I'm about to go into an interview" stuff.
I love doing that!
Random, I know, but I did it today and I loved it.
And no, I wasn't going to an interview... Twas for a school event

My iPod has been hiccuping lately...
Shall I explain?
Okay, I'm listening to my favorite Christian music station, and suddenly is pauses and I hear a "hic!" sound...
It really sounded like a hiccup, and it was while the host was talking, so I was like, "huh?"
But it happened again and again during songs, so I had to restart it.
It's fine now, but I was laughing...
My iPod really got the hiccups!

Do you ever make "to do" lists? I sure do... They help like... a lot!

An awesome quote I saw today:
"The best vitamin for making friends? B1!"

L-O-V-E it! And that's not just because I previously did a report on Vitamin B1!

God Bless,

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Review of Revolve 2010

A Biblezine? What is that? These were my thoughts a few weeks ago as I stood in front of a display of teen books at my local Christian store. Little did I know that I would be reviewing a Biblezine soon, Revolve 2010. Filled with shiny, eye-catching pictures and plenty of awesome features for girls, this Bible has the look of a magazine, but it comes across without any celebrity gossip or immoral advice and/or images. It still has the beauty advice, healthy tips, and the sections about boys.

The visual appeal of this Biblezine is pretty awesome. Different sections of the New Testament and brightly arranged in the book with scattered articles. The Biblezine really looks like a magazine, and I believe teen girls will be able to find that they enjoy the book.
Here are some of the cool features:
~Three music downloads from Stellar Kart, Britt Nicole, and Group 1 Crew. (Downloaded them myself. All awesome!)
~Book suggestions for Christian teen girls today. “Revolve Book Club” (I will definitely check out several of the suggestions)
~Blogs from Biblical characters (Awesome, and the templates all look like real blogger templates)
~Sections with interesting statistics and ways we can do good to others “Make Your Day Matter!”
~Sections with interviews with the celebrities that were a part of the “Word of Promise Next Generation” audio Bible.

Though this Biblezine has a lot of cool features, it just seemed a little superficial to me. I felt like I was being fed milk instead of the meat.
~The Revolve 2010 Biblezine includes clothing advice, fitness advice, and beauty advice. These things can often be harmless, but it is easy to get obsessed with these earthly things.
~The text messages from God tidbits here and there made me raise an eyebrow.
For example,
“D Lord l%ks dwn frm heaven & sEz evry pRsN//ps33:13" [p.51]
Being a person who does not text (and yes, I am a teenager), some of the verses took some puzzling out. I sort of felt like the Bible was being heavily toned down for girls, not just the text “msgs” but the Bible portions also. Of course, many others will like this section, rightly saying that it is "relevant". This is just my opinion.
~The book’s articles really didn’t get into the real issues. Some obvious ones like being obsessed over the internet, hiding things from parents, and cheating are mentioned, but I didn’t feel satisfied. I just wasn’t challenged. My eyes weren’t opened.
~There’s a section called “Green Girl” about eco-friendly suggestions. Yes, it’s very important to be stewards of the earth God has given us, but we were made to have dominion over the earth and use it for the glory of God, not be slaves to it! The Biblezine just didn’t address that.
~One section mentions yoga as a good way of excercise. Yes, it is, but the spirituality behind it must be watched for.
~In the first interview with a cast member of the Word of Promise Next Generation audio Bibles, it promises at the bottom a free download of the book of John. I checked it out, and it didn’t work.

In the end, the Biblezine must be taken as it is, a clean magazine for Christian girls. I would recommend it to girls who have just become a Christian or are beginning on the road of sanctification. But for others, this books will seem too shallow. I give this book a three out of five stars.

NOTE: This book was provided to me by Thomas Nelson Publishers. 

God Bless,

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Guest Post!

Hey ya'll! I've had the honor of guest posting on Charity Anne's blog, God's Princess Forever, about compassion for the unsaved.

Please hop on over here to read it!

God Bless,

Monday, February 1, 2010

Healing Rain Music Video

I have to admit I'm not really a fan of Michael W. Smith, but I've always loved "Healing Rain". I never really knew there was a music video until I saw it on Gospel Music Channel. So, without further ado, "Healing Rain"

Healing rain is coming down
It’s coming nearer to this old town
Rich and poor, weak and strong
It’s bringing mercy, it won’t be long
Healing rain is coming down
It’s coming closer to the lost and found
Tears of joy and tears of shame
Are washed forever in Jesus’ name

Healing rain, it comes with fire
So let it fall and take us higher
Healing rain, I’m not afraid
To be washed in Heaven’s rain

Lift your heads, let us return
To the mercy seat where time began
And in your eyes I see the pain
Come soak this dry heart with healing rain
And only You, the Son of man
Can take a leper and let him stand
So lift your hands, they can be held
By someone greater, the Great I Am

Healing rain is falling down
Healing rain is falling down
I’m not afraid
I’m not afraid

God Bless,
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