Friday, July 30, 2010

Randomness Friday: You Didn't See Anything! *Frantically Hides Post*

(Thanks Libby!)

Okay, y'all. You never saw a post entitled "Review of Katy's New World". You never saw my review of the Katy Lambright series. *Waves hands around like the penguins in "Madagascar"* You didn't see anything....


*sigh* Who am I kidding? You, my friend, saw into the future files of A Girl of Many Colors.

It was blogger's fault, I tell you! It leaked my post before its appointed time!!!!

Okay, okay, it was probably my fault. When I write reviews, I space them out so that AGoMC will have some balance of random posts, video posts, book posts, ect.

What probably happened is that I put the wrong date at the bottom of the post which will again make an appearance on...



 Now, of course, not all of my posts are prewritten. Take this one, for example. It seems to be that all of my written-in-the-moment posts seem to be the most crazy-random....

Me? Crazy?! Random?!

I know.... It's a shock to humankind.

Now that you have seen what you were not supposed to until the future, I might as well let you know what's coming up as for book reviews...

Sounds good? =)

So for the past couple of days I've had this big sinking feeling. Like I'm forgetting something or there's something really sad in my life I'm forgetting. I have no clue, but it's bugging me like anything.

Has anyone else felt like this???

Anyone have any cool weekend plans?

I cannot believe summer is ending so fast! I mean, this weekend my family is going school shopping- which is our biggest shopping event of the year. Granted, we don't go far out with spending and unnecessary stuff, but it 's still fun!
Annnnnd! :) I get to go horseback riding!
I can't even begin to explain how free it makes me feel. An unexplainable joy- endless as the sky above us.
Way too cool.

But, I try to explain it like this:

Man + Dog = Friendship
Girl + Horse = Bliss




Music chica said...

LOl on the horse=girl=Bliss.
I hadn't realized Erynn Mangum had a new one.I want to read some of hers sometime.
I have already read Starlighter and I really liked it.It had a different feeling then his Dragons in Our Midst books.
I had also been wondering how those Katie books were.
What is it with adult writer and the Amish anyway?
Btw,I have so felt like that before.

☪Dreamstar said...

I know I never comment. But I feel the same way about horse back riding. <3

I take lessons every Sunday, and jsut for summer vaycay, Monday too. :) It's wonderful. X3

Memzie said...

Ooo, I am excited about the Starlighter book review! I have been wanting to read it and would love to read your thoughts on it.

Horse back riding rocks!

MahinaMK said...

I love horseback riding! It is blissful to be on a horse! :D

Looking forward to the Kim Vogel Sawyer reviews!

Anonymous said...

The Starlighter book looks scary. Is it like Twilight?

~Prism~ said...

Thanks everyone! :)

Annie, no its not at all like twilight. :) It is a Christian fiction book with dragons and humans. Jason Masters and his friends journey into another world to free the human slaves kept by the dragons in the world of Starlighter.


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