Friday, July 31, 2009

Randomness Friday

Okay, so I'm thinking about making a blog button. You know, a picture that links to a blog. The thing is, I'm not sure whether or not I can make one, and then there's the issue of getting an actual picture. I'm putting up a poll asking you whether or not I should make one, so please vote! If it's approved, I'll start posting pictures I've found and asking for sites/pictures that I can find the perfect one.


Speaking of polls, the results are in for "What do YOU want to see on GoMC?"
Oh, I just noticed it rhymed! *laughs*

Anyways, Part One:

Randomness 4 (23%)
Videos/ Music 3 (17%)
Serious Stuff 1 (5%)
About Prism 1 (5%)
All of the Above 8 (47%)

Part Two:

Video/Music 1 (7%)
Horse Tales 4 (28%)
Stories 2 (14%)
Art 2 (14%)
All of the Above 5 (35%)

So, I see more randomness and horse tales in the future along with a sprinkling of the other posts in the future. Ah, looks pretty bright!


Many of you may be wondering just exactly why I haven't been posting about my horse adventures AT ALL. The reason?

I haven't ridden since the 4th of July. *nods at the collective gasp*

It's sad, yeah? But the owner of the horse I ride is out of town, and I have to say I don't feel to comfortable riding without a horse person supervising. I had to give myself a reality check.

Hello, Prism? You've only been riding for less than two months!!!

I can't say I'm enjoying my time away from horses, but I'm not going to pout about it. *grins* I watched a TON of movies this week.


~Prince Caspian: Okay. Didn't stick too much to the book, though. Understandable, but why the kiss?! I mean, they're never going to see each other again!

~Wall-E: I just love that movie. Enough said. *grins*

~Oliver and Co.: Okay, an old Disney movie that I had to watch with my younger sisters. It was okay, but I personally didn't like it.


School starts in less than two weeks for me. Okay.... *starts hyperventilating*

Where did thou go, summer?

Ya'll who start around the 20th, be grateful. *winks*

Okay, okay. I don't hate school that much. Actually, my favorite subjects are history, english, and Bible. I'm not doing as much electives as I had to last year (boy, was that hectic) so it's all good.

I'll miss P.E., though...

And there's just a feeling deep, deep inside of me that's telling me that this year of school is going to be so fun!


God Bless!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Tag!

Tagged by Elizabeth J. from Footprints in the Sand. This certainly isn't a normal tag, but different is good, right?

What two qualities do you want most in your future husband (besides being a Christian)?
Loyalty and Love

Is there a fictional character you see as a model for your future husband?
Not really... I'm not a huge fan of romance books =D

Where do you want your wedding?
In a church, most probably

What are your views on courtship?
*shrugs* Not sure exactly what the definition of "courtship" is defined in this question, but if it's more godly that today's "dating", then I'm okay with it.

What are your views on your first kiss?
Saving it for my wedding day, if that happens

Do you have or want a purity ring/locket?
I have a purity ring. It's just a reminder of my commitment. Sure, I've never been in any situation where I've needed it, but it's still nice to have. I keep it as a reminder to keep my thoughts pure, not just about guys but in general.

Do you have or want a hope chest?
A what?

Will you wear a veil at your wedding?

What kind of wedding dress do you want?
White, and not too many ruffles.

What flowers do you want in your bouquet?
Red roses

What do you want to name one of your daughters?

What do you want to name one of your sons?
Lucas (Funny that I'd name characters in my books after what I would name my kids... or is it vice versa?)

Do you believe in the 'knight-in-shining-armor' view of courtship?

What music do you want to play at your wedding?
I have no clue!

Are you a hopeless romantic?
I don't think so... *laughs* Probably the total opposite!

I tag anyone who has a summer or fall birthday, and be sure to tell me if you did it!

God Bless,

Monday, July 27, 2009

Gorgeous Piece of Artwork!

I absolutely LOVE this painting!!! 'Tis called "The Accolade" by Edmund Blair. What do ya'll think? Doesn't it just make you want to crack open a book about medieval times?

Friday, July 24, 2009

Bloggin' Advice!!!

You may be wondering, “What about Randomness Friday?” Well, I’ve decided to leave it for a week for a post ya’ll may be interested in.

So why am I, Prism, writing this post? I don’t have 200+ readers, but I do know what I look for in blogs. Keep in mind that a blog is mainly for you, but I mean, it is nice to know that you’re not speaking to a crowd of zero. Here is a list of some things I like and don’t like seeing, and what others may like too.

1. Make your blog look appealing.
I often go for the blogs that look well-kept and fresh, as a blog’s appearance is what a reader’s first impression is. Go for designs that match YOU or your blog’s title/topic.
Remove or delete sidebars icons and others things that are too old, like contest buttons or promotional advertisements. Don’t keep an old poll on your blog for a long time, unless it’s for a reason. Mix in new things from time to time.
Make it pleasant for your eyes, and then see what your audience will think. After all, it is your blog. For the gals, try avoiding being waaay too girly if you’re going for the all-audience blog.

2. Don’t make your blog too busy.
There are several blogs that I have trouble navigating. There are way too much icons, polls, awards, and it seems that the meat of the whole blog, the posts, are buried.
Remember, awards, polls, and icons are nice, but the main point of the blog is your posts. I also don’t recommend putting a music playlist on your blog. I usually listen to the radio or my mp3 player while on the computer, so I don’t want sounds to collide. If you want your music on your blog, put it under a setting where the reader can turn it on, not automatic.
Don’t make it seem as if your blog exists just for awards or advertisement.

3. One blog only.
This rule varies, and when I mean one blog only, I mean one blog that belongs only to you. It’s hard going to a person’s profile page and seeing a whole list of blogs, and not knowing where to go. If you have topical blogs, like one devoted to your pet parakeet, one about your photography, and one about your music, be sure that it is made known. In your bio I suggest pointing your reader to various places so they won’t be confused as to which is your main blog. (By main, I mean the one you post in the most. An idle blog isn’t very fun!) I really prefer a variety of posts in one blog, and that is why I am saying, “One blog only!”

4. Go visit others!
A good thing to do is go visit blogs, and tell them what you think. Obviously, don’t say stuff like, “You call this writing?!”, “Stick to a diary!”, or “This stinks!”.
If you like a blog, tell the author so! They’ll really appreciate it, and most times they’ll come see your blog to discover what kind of people are reading. If you leave comments on huge blogs (be sure it’s for the right reasons) you’ll be more apt to gain readers. If the blog has regular readers, they might go, “Hmmm. They’re new. Wonder what kind of blog they own!”

5. Good post titles!
Alrighty. You’ve got the look, and a person in now following your blog. They’ll have your blog in a list of other blogs they are following, so you have to be sure your titles stand out. Instead of “What I Did at School Today” try “You’ll Never Guess What Happened!” or “I Hope I Never Dissect a Frog Again!”. Go for unique.

6. Variety Rocks!
I LOVE seeing blogs with a ton of different stuff. I mean, the blogger talks about bumpy roads one moment, then they’re chatting away about their soccer team flubs. Unless you blog is topical, be sure it has as much variety as you can handle.

7. Short is good!
Okay, so you’re writing on a computer, not in a book. (Well, duh) Readers are bound to see things differently. Some may not have much time to spend on the computer due to time constraints or rules.
As I said in my last rule, use variety. Long posts once in a while are cool, but it might be better to use compact, to the point posts. This is a rule that I struggle with. I adore writing, so a lot of my posts end up being long. (Like, ironically, this one!)
If it’s long, summarize each paragraph by one single sentence or saying, so it’ll be okay for a reader to skim through to decide whether or not they want to read.
Use the “Enter” key a lot when writing fiction or recounting something, so your post won’t look like a word-blur.

8. Be your own person.
Though this post is about having success in getting a popular blog, please don’t take this as an encouragement to go after popularity. It’s nice to be admired and loved by “followers” or “readers”, but be sure it’s because of you, not a fake person. The funny thing about blogging, is that it often brings out another side of the author. I’m pretty bubbly in real life, but I can’t talk as well as I write and I’m sort of shy. (Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. Prism? Shy? That doesn’t seem right…)
Don’t be something your not, because the reason people will follow your blog is because they like you, or the message you’re trying to get out.

9. Safety First!
There is a limit in being yourself. I recommend not giving out ANY personal info. to people you have just met on the internet. Don’t post pictures, names, or places without parental permission if you are a minor. Older than that? Think things through. It’s like going to a huge bulletin board in New York City and tacking up all your info. Anyone could see it.

10. Have a B-L-A-S-T!
Write about what you would want to read. Don’t feel obligated to write all of the time! It’s you site, and it’s not school, where you have to have assignments and turn them in on time. Blogging is a great way to discipline yourself, but I think it was created to express yourself.

In conclusion, unless you’re getting paid to write, or it’s a requirement of someone/something, just have fun!

God Bless,

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I have been tagged by Emily from My World because I just happen to have five dollars with me at the moment... Creative way of tagging, by the way! =D

Do you have an email address? Yep... Who on the internet doesn't?

How many followers do you have? 23

Who was the last person you talked to on the phone with? Dad!

Are you happy right now? Totally!

What book are you reading now? Cracking the PSAT and Red by Ted Dekker

What is the most advanced book you read? Hmmmm... Probably all of these PSAT books, the Bible, and some info. books on vocabulary and Creation vs. evolution...

Do you like your blog? *cough* I do, but as for anyone else? *shrugs* =D

How long have you been on blogger for? A year and a couple of months

Is your profile name your real name? Guess... *winks*

What is your favorite movie? (Choose ONE and ONLY one)I don't watch very much movies... Okay, I'd pick Amazing Grace

Have you seen the new Star Trek? No.

Who is your favorite fictional character? (Yes, you may say more than one for this :)) Lucy Rooney from the Lucy Novels (Nancy Rue), Jake Ely from Phantom Stallion (Terri Farley), Anne Ross from Isle of Swords (Wayne Thomas Batson), and Anne (Anne of Green Gables and rest of series)

I tag anyone with PURPLE on their blog

God Bless,

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Is Time Running Out?

Feel like summer is suddenly disappearing before your very eyes? It’s back to school shopping either now or soon, and you feel like you’re summer has been a flop. Are your days filled with, “I should have done that!”, “Why didn’t I think of that?”, and the ever-popular, “Someone save me from the inevitable!”

Here are some ideas to make your last weeks of summer worthwhile:

Into reading? Go through all of the books that are in your personal library. If you’re like me, you buy books and read ‘em once, then forget all about them. Challenge yourself to read them all, and you’re bound to discover some new friends, or rekindle a friendship with old ones. You can also challenge yourself to read a book of the Bible in a certain amount of time, and you’ll be glad you did.

Play an instrument? Strive to get better at whatever you play. Finish a song you’ve been working in for ages, or at least get where you want to be. Learn or perfect some scales (yes, I know. I don’t really like them either), brush up on some technique, or work on your sight reading. It’ll pay off.

Been inside all summer? Good for people like me who have sat in front of a computer for most of their break. Get a lawn chair and just sit in your backyard for some time, preferably at sunrise or sunset. It’ll be a way of getting a perfect time slot outside, when you’re usually inside watching TV or getting ready for bed. I did it yesterday, and trust me, I L-O-V-E-D it!

Love writing? You have these amazing plots and ideas in your head for an awesome story, but you’ve never really thought of writing it down, or at least hesitate to. This is your chance! Get out some notebooks or create a new document on your computer for some creative fun. Set a word limit (can be flexible, of course) and do your best to reach it before school starts. You can also start a journal or blog if you haven’t already. Diaries aren’t girly, peoples! They are good for remembering all of the awesome stuff in your life because, trust me, you’ll forget or the memories will dim. There are always a TON of competitions going on, and you can still get into one this late into the summer.

Haven’t spent enough time with family? Take a day off for a family outing. It can even be on a weekend or any day that suits you and your relatives. Good places are the zoo, lake, beach, park, or even a picnic in your backyard. I love doing a cookout with just me and the family. Don’t want to go that far? Challenge your siblings or parents to your favorite games. Whether its charades, Monopoly, or football, have a ball!

Love animals? Find a way to volunteer at an animal shelter. Read lots of books, both information and fiction, on that animal. Spend some time with your pet instead of letting him/her laze around all day. Chase your puppy around! Get a toy that interests your cat and spend the afternoon together! Observe your pet or someone else’s (with their permission, of course) and see what quirky habits they have. You’ll have a lot of laughs, and I can guarantee you’ll feel happier after spending time with your pet.

Nervous about school? Okay, no one is probably ecstatic about going back to lockers, teachers, and grades, but we all have to. Get everything ready ahead of time! Get that shopping done, those who hate shopping (like me)! Brush up on those subjects that aren’t your favorite, so you won’t be mystified by your teacher’s first sentence.

These are just a few things that I have come up with, and I hope they help you feel that your summer’s been more worthwhile!

God Bless,

Friday, July 17, 2009

This is a picture I drew a while back when I was crazy about everything dog. It’s supposed to be a fox, but it sort of turned out looking like a wolf


This week has been mostly relaxing. I wasn’t feeling too well this week, so that was totally fine with me. I’ve had tons of fun with my sisters, though. This morning, Lil’ Sis made me out of these huge legos. It wasn’t too shabby, in my opinion. Although she made my neck freakishly long, and I looked sort of box-y. =D


If ya’ll have read any books lately, feel free to tell me. I’ve been rereading books I own, and it’s awesome. I love to find new reads all the time, though.
I’ve been reading the Lucy novels by Nancy Rue. (They ROCK for girls age 10 and up, in my opinion. Technically, I’m too old for the series, but I love reading books for tweens…)


God Bless,

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Meerkat's Message

Our zoo trip on Saturday was totally F-U-N. We started out early, but not too early, since it was a Saturday and all and what tween or teen in their right mind wouldn’t take advantage of a beautiful morning by snoozing it away? Anyway, I got up at around eight (VERY early for me when it comes to Saturday mornings, by the way) and we packed up and headed out. It didn’t take too long to get there, but the zoo was in our neighboring city.
The first thing I thought when we entered was, “’Kay, get ready for a long day.”
We went to see the elephants first, since Lil’ Sis had been so excited by our telling her that we were going to see some. But, unfortunately, they weren’t at the zoo at the time. I mean, what a way to start it off. She did get to see one, though. That is, a metal statue that kids can sit on and take picatures (yes, I purposely spelled that word that way)
The animals we saw were many and so different, which sort of reminded me of people. I mean, from rock stars to high school janitors… From living constant cold to braving the desert… That’s just so cool that a Creator made us all from the funny platypus to graceful swan to us, the silly bipeds.
I’d have to say that my favorite part was seeing the meerkats. I remember watching a little bit of a show about them on Animal Planet a while back, but I never really was into it. But these guys (and girls, I suppose) were absolutely ADORABLE! I mean, they were basically:

1. Scamper (to where they wanted to go)
2. Stop (Do I hear something…?)
3. Stay Still (Hmmm…..)
4. Watch (Where’s the eagle? Where’s the eagle???)

My dad said that it’s basically what they do. These cute creatures have to constantly watch for predators along with eating and all. That got me thinking… (and you know that means trouble… Just kidding.)
We should always be watching for Jesus. It’s what we’re here for, along with reaching others with the Gospel and all our activities. It’s so hard for me, at times, to just stop, be still, and read my Bible or pray. I mean, we have LIFE! So many things to do…
But it wasn’t until recently that I really thought about the fact that these things that I engage myself in now- reading, writing, school, and yes, even horse riding- are just temporal. They won’t last long for me. It’s either Jesus comes or I die when my time comes, and compared to eternity, my life is nothing. I really just need to let God be my number one.
I’m with most of you. It’s really HARD to do that. I can just sit in this chair and preach all the things I want and you could go, “Hel-lo! You must not be real. That is impossible for me!”
I am totally real, and I hope you’ll join me as I try to let go, and let God. I hope to write more on how I’m doing with my little summer challenge.

God Bless,

Friday, July 10, 2009

Randomness Friday

This is a picture I drew a week or so ago. I call it "Field of Dreams". I'm not that into art and drawing and such, but I do love it once I get the time and will to force myself to keep still *laughs*.
In this one, I did my best to work with shadowing and making it look more human-like, since I'm pretty awful at drawing people. It took me several hours on each leg, and the worst were the hands. I could get her left one just right, but hopefully it doesn't look disastrous. The easier things were definitely the butterflies. Near her head you can see a little indent, which is the cause of using water-sensitive paper and a scanner that does have a "penciled drawing" setting. Every week I'll try posting something I've drawn either new or old, to kind of mix things up a bit.


Lil' Sis (who we adopted from India several months ago) is doing splendidly. It's amazing how fast little ones can pick up other languages, and communicate in such cute and/or creative ways. I spend about an hour every day teaching her new stuff. Like most kids, she has her good days and not-so-good days, but I'd say that my love never ever wavers. It's pretty hard to stay angry at her, that's for sure.

She calls Artista and me by our names with the added respectful title for "older sister" in my mother tongue language. She speaks a whole other language than the one my family speaks, but our mom is kind of the bridge, because she understands a lot of Lil' Sis's language and can talk with her.


This summer has been one of my most memorable yet. I mean, horse riding (most memorable, the parade in my last post), writing galore, entering tons of contests, and now I'm going to go to the zoo tomorrow! Forget the fact that it's going to be in the hundreds tomorrow and there's a primate at the zoo with my real name... I haven't gone in YEARS, so this will be amazingful. Even if it means skipping this week's horse riding. I mean, this isn't exactly a one-time oppurtunity, but this sort of outing is pretty rare for my family.


We're coming near the end of my piano lessons breaks, and just beginning my violin lesson's. Even though I practiced this week, it's like there's no pressure, which is totally new to me. It'll be exciting to jump back into music when my piano teacher calls us.

Tae Kwon Do was totally fun this week, and not just because our main teachers are out of town. I've learned that a good attitude and willing, teachable spirit can totally change your day. Think on the positive!

Ah, life is just perfect this week...

God Bless,

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Chronic Equinitis

It's official.... I have Chronic Equinitis... You can tell even without a doctor.

I'm horse-struck.

*laughs* I love medical terminology (mainly because it involves so much Latin), and I often make up imaginary medical conditions based on how I feel.

Chronic: An illness that lasts for a very, very long time, often until a person's death.
Equin-: "Equus" in Latin means horse, and "Equine" is its scientific name.
-itis: Inflammation. My heart is getting bigger when it comes to horses.

There you go. Has anyone else experienced this condition???


This fourth of July was the best yet. Nope, no fireworks. No big cookout or major pigging out.

A parade! My first time seeing a live parade, and, I got to be in it, riding Mist! Talk about major fun!

So, as I've said in previous posts, I am pretty nervous when it comes to reining and riding out a jog (trot, for English riders) In Western, you have to manage BOTH reins in ONE hand. That's a challenge for me, since I'm used to two hands working together for one thing, such as piano, violin, and tae kwon do.

It seems as if the whole ordeal on Saturday cured me from all of my fears.

Shall I start from the beginning?

I woke up VERY early on Independence Day. About four o'clock, but I stayed in bed until six. The excitement was getting to me. After I got my getup ready and all the things I needed (saddle mainly. I actually got one, only for $125!) my dad and I hopped in our van, and drove for fifteen minutes to get there. When we arrived, we found everything in full swing. The owner of all the horses was getting his horse ready, and another lady was there. We all brushed down our horses, saddled them up (I bought this beautiful saddle pad from the lady. It's a cool mixture of purple, blue, and black), and then we rode for a mile or so to get where all of the other horse people were. It was sort of weird, having people gawk at us as we rode by. Some said, "Oh look, horses!" and other comments similar to that. Parents pointed us out to their children and a group of teenagers we passed just stared.

It didn't take long for me to figure out that I was wearing very casual clothes. It was my usual riding outfit: jeans, boots, a t-shirt. The only difference was that I was wearing a nicer-looking shirt that I usually did, and it had patriotic designs. However, there was a group of trail riding ladies, and they were all decked out. Their horses looked like storybook animals with sequins and flowers everywhere. There was a huge group of boys who looked all the same, with red shirts, jeans, and cowboy hats. I felt a teensy bit out of place, but I didn’t have much time to think about it. Mist was acting really weird. She was back up a lot, throwing her head around, and doing all kinds of things to make me feel nervous and like a new rider, which I totally am. I did the best I could, patting her neck, talking to her, and using hand and leg signals to tell her not to back up. We got really close to this new-looking pickup truck.
Due to her behavior, I didn’t get to mix around and talk with the riding ladies as much as I wished I did, but that was okay. Several people got to ask me questions such as: “What type of horse is she?”, “What’s her name?”, and “Is she yours?” There were also some comments. “You look like a perfect match for each other!”, “A mustang, huh?”, and “You’re pretty daring to be riding a mustang!”
After I while, I was beginning to really think that. Mist was being berserk, especially when her owner went somewhere else. Perhaps she was antsy to get moving, was wondering what was going on, or being annoyed with the things her silly little rider was unknowingly telling her to do.
Eventually, we were told to get in the parade line. There was a horse wagon in front of us and behind us. Mist freaked out and backed up into the nose of the horse behind us. She bunny-hopped forward and I nearly lost my balance.
The rest was a blur. I rode next to the woman who had been at Mist’s owner’s house, and waved randomly at people. I was pretty surprised that I saw some people that I recognized. Mist responded like a dream. She moved forward when told to, sped up and slowed down at my command, and had no trouble making turns.
Amazingly, I was able to see my family in the crowd, and we have a pretty good picture of Mist high-stepping her way through the streets with me grinning like a fool on her back, having the time of my life. Let me pause here and tell ya’ll that horse in incredibly photogenic. Any picture you take while a person is riding her turns out amazingly good.
Anyway, it was fun watching the little kid’s reaction to horses. They did such things as “I want that horse! No, I want THAT horse!”, “That’s MY horse!”, “Oh, look at the black one!”, “Look at her pretty saddle-thing!” (in reference to Mist’s saddle pad).
I picked out random people in the parade (primarily girls my age, young families, and little kids), and waved. It was funny, when I waved at one person, all of the people around them waved. I didn’t really worry about the uncomfortable-ness of the trot, or the positioning of my hands on the reins. When you don’t really think about it, it just doesn’t matter.
Eventually we just pulled out of the parade. It was still going, but the owner deciding it was time to head back. That was Mist acting weird time again. She plowed into a tree with low branches, and it was a miracle that I didn’t come out looking like a giraffe that had just eaten. My sunglasses, that were perched on my head, fell off and a very kind man (he probably had no clue how much I was thankful for him being there) picked them up for me. I managed a breathless thank you.
We stopped by a 7-11 to get the owner a drink, and the building was in front of the parade (which was ending). We naturally acquired a ton of attention. Girls asking to pet Mist and the other horse. There was a boy (maybe eight or so) who looked like a boy scout, and I could practically see hearts in his eyes when he looked at Mist or the other horse. He told me about how he wanted to ride so bad, and I had to hold my tongue. He had such longing in his voice, and I couldn’t do a thing to help his dreams come true. Whoever he is, I hope he finds an awesome place to ride. Several young families came, and I found myself warning a lot of people to keep away from her rear end.
For those of you who would like to someday start riding or be around horses, be sure a horse knows when you’re walking behind it. Either talk to it softly or make sure it sees you. He/She may spook and kick. If you are near a horse, the closer you are to it, the better. You see, when a horse kicks, he has a lot of momentum going, so you get the full impact. When you are closer, the hooves won’t reach, and you won’t get as harmed as you could by standing away. Also, be confident. Horses can really pick up on nervousness or anger, and understand that in ways you don’t want (i.e. bullying you, ignoring you, and freaking out)
So I rode on back to the owner’s house, unsaddled her (with the help of the lady.), brushed her down, and took her back to the pasture. The weird thing was, she bit at the bark of a nearby tree when I was brushing her! That just stuck me as odd, but I had myself a laugh when she reached up to get some leaves from a tree. It was so comical. Her lips stretched out and wiggled as she tried to get some of that good green stuff.
I stood at the fence under trees, watching her, two other horses, and a foal for some time. After the owner came back from giving some kids rides on his mount, he encourage me to go inside the pasture and see if the foal would come to me. His Momma and him didn’t, so I had to run after them, but the owner eventually came and caught her. That baby I the cutest in the world. A light red, with white on his face. THE softest coat and mane ever. The goofy thing was like a puppy. He started sniffing my shirt and jeans, and licking me. I even put my hand in his mouth and felt his little teeth that were coming in. Baby animals are the best.
I got a curry comb and brushed Mist again (she had rolled in dust), and then it was time to go. I was tired, but satisfied. What better way to spend my fourth of July???

God Bless,

Friday, July 3, 2009

Randomness Friday: Giveaway and Tagged!!!

No, I'm not giving away a book myself, but, author Scott Appleton is giving away two copies of his book Sword of Six! Go here to enter!!!


Elizabeth of Mena has tagged me!!!

Cat or Dog?
Dogs... Big, adoring eyes. Happy, wagging tail. Big, Loving heart...

Horse or 4-wheeler?
D'you know me??? Definitely horse.

Zebra or Mule?
Zebra... Even if I've heard that they can be pretty fierce.

Penguin or Pelican?
Penguins! Definitely.

Polar bear or Black bear?
Polar Bears. There's somthing so cool (no pun intended) and mysterious about them.

Chicken or Duck?


I got to see a newborn colt last week! It was so cute, with way-too long legs and a cute little face. Baby animals are the best...


Some of you may have noticed, that I took of my playlist. Personally, I like listening to a radio station or my music while I'm on the computer, and I usually have to turn off or mute the playlist player. It got too annoying, and I realized, if I don't like it, will my readers??? So it's gone, for now. If any of ya'll want it back, just let me know.


Have a great 4th of July, and I'll "see" ya'll on Monday!!!

God Bless,

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