Friday, February 20, 2009

Randomness Friday

Prism is ashamed of herself. Though she hasn't abandoned her blog, she has put it lower on her priorities list this week. Why? School, sicknesses, and sleepiness. Okay, not really the third one, but I needed another "s"!

I'm also cutting down on posting for now because the BOOKINATOR ( bookworm4god), and I are shooting for getting to our hundreth post together. It'll be a very special post. We're still figuring out all of the details, though. And if you are about to reach 100? Comment on this post and we can all reach 100 together! This is actually post 99 for me...

But do not fear. Book reviews, hot topics, our long awaited mascot, and more and yet to come this coming week. So don't be alarmed if I have 2+ posts per day after reaching 100! *cough* hurry, bookie! *cough*

I've read some pretty good books lately! I just love going to the library. The quiet shelves lined with books- what a glorious sight! I am so grateful to my local library for carrying for carrying so many good books. Not many libraries have Christian books, and I am so privileged.

Some books that I have read recently are:

The Wormling Series by Jerry B. Jenkins and Chris Fabry
Phantom Stallion Wild Horse Island #10 Faraway Filly by Terri Farley
Phantom Stallion #1 Wild One also by Terri Farley
The Door Within Series by Wayne Thomas Batson
Isle of Fire also by Wayne Thomas Batson


Do you like Christian Music? I have two awesome stations for you! I've been listening to them both for years, but only recently have I had the opportunity to listen online.

The stations are:


They vary slightly. K-Love is more targeted for the family, and Air1 is more alternative. They are sister stations, and both are great stations to listen to that stream online. You can even see if they play on the radio in your area! There's a lot of things on the site such as weather and news.
A great resource all in all! The morning shows are great, appropriate and are great ways to start a day off with a big bang!

I prefer to listen to Air1 because I'm more into the music that they play. They tend to play music from arists like Disciple, Superchick, Krystal Meyers, and Pillar.

The other members of my family love listening to KLOVE. They play more of MercyMe, Chris Tomlin, Matthew Redman, and Bebo Norman.

And, as you can imagine, we always have a friendly fight over which station we should listen to...=D

So, you think Prism is in love with new and crazy words that she either makes up or finds? Well, she just found a pretty interesting article online with words such as

Batrachomyomachy - Making a mountain out of a molehill.
Folderol - Nonsense.
Formication - The sense of ants crawling on your skin.
Gobemouche - A highly gullible person.

The words above are just four off of the 100 funniest words in English.

For all of the words and the article, go here

God Bless,

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Fiction Fix: Cloudlyre

Yes, I am guilty... Unfortunately, Prism has not had any time to write this month due to her very annoying cold. The Regular fiction fix will return soon, though. Promise. Next month.

But, in the meantime, I proudly present to you a story that Tippie (an amazing gal I met from the DioM forum) and I have been writing together! I'll post it in addition to my regular fiction fix.
So I am posting the prolougue and the first chapter, but you can go to the DioM forum under "Co-Authored Stories" and look up Cloudlyre to read more

So, with further ado, Here it is!



Welcome to the land of Cloudlyre with creatures such as merfolk, elves, humarks (human sharks), Gwendolfs and many others. These people have been brainwashed by the evil one they call Manipulator.
Manipulator is much taller, and he has normal hair on his head. He also has red eyes, and is very strong. He wears a lot of armor. His armor is always crimson red with a black serpent on it. He has a voice that can make walls tremble in fear. He always carries a whip as long as he is tall that is poisoned with the venom of the screeant, comparable to earth's scorpion, except it is much bigger and can also bit with it's two razor sharp teeth.
Meanwhile, four teenagers visit two of their grandfather's house, and discover a book called, Cloudlyre. They read about the lands glorious past. They discover that their grandfather has a special connection to Cloudlyre.
They go to the spot where Grandfather Mark remembers first entering our world, an old house with red vines surrounding it. They are transported into Cloudlyre and discover that the creatures have forgotten their glorious past. This story will mostly be from the creatures of Cloudlyre. We call this concept "Narnia Reverse"


Chapter One

“Quiet!” someone shouted.

The noise dimmed down. A small band of creatures circled around a tree stump were holding a meeting. A meeting, they hoped, would reformtheir world.

“Unless you want us to be heard and caught, then we have to keep quiet!” a voice called. It came from a mermaid sitting on a craggy rock in a lake near the clearing. She splashed her tail in the water, annoyed. Everyone knew that this mermaid, Corinna, was not to be crossed.

Another beautiful mermaid-like creature chimed in, “Graem, we must be able to fend for ourselves! I say we gather an army together to defeat Manipulator once and for all!”

The two mermaids dove back into the cool water to resume their duty as the meeting's lookouts.

Graem shook his small head. “We Gwendorfs pick fights easily, unless we know there is no way to win. Should we all perish in Manipulator's victory?”

“We won't have to!” an elf shouted passionately.

He sat on a log, fingering the dagger he held in his hand as if he would be ready to use it at any time, without fear. If the few remaining citizens who remembered and were loyal to the one true King staged a rebellion, this would be a big move for the people of Cloudlyre.

The days where every creature in Cloudlyre rejoiced under the rule of their King were long gone. When life wasn't tough. The time before the King's youngest son took over the throne. When the King and his oldest son died without a warning, a new world was born. The laws changed, slaves were made and people lost happiness. The youngest son of their previous King was given a new name. The rule of Manipulator was born.

The people gradually forgot of the old days. They lived in turmoil to serve their new and merciless ruler every day.

Manipulator thought he had everything going perfectly. No one would dare overthrow him and his armies of new creatures. The ones he created with his own hands.

He was wrong. A few lived to remember the old times. Those people longed to be back and living in those them. In this new world, their lives were becoming shorter and shorter. Without happiness and pure joy, their life was being sucked away fast.

Tonight, these people were secretly gathered. They were planning something they hoped dearly would come true. A decision was going to have to be made.

“What happens if we lose?” Graem asked.

Everyone fell quiet.

“Who will be the new King if we win?” a new voice asked.

Every head turned. A petite figure walked from the trees, her golden hair flowing in the small breeze that kicked up around her. She was clearly from a race known only as Heigle's.

These people ran generally six-feet tall on average. They had crisp blue eyes and either red or golden hair; that came down in wavy locks on the women. Their ears slightly pointed, six fingers instead of the normal five and beautiful tan colored skin were some of their distinct features. The strangest thing about them was their ability to collect light particles. The light drew to them, sticking on their skin and lighting them up some. They could push the light away though, which helped in certain circumstances.

This Heigle was one of the two who believed in the old days. She was a warrior. People called her Yeila.

“Yeila, I was wondering if you would ever come,” Drake commented.

She snapped her gaze to the elf who sat on the log. He had put his dagger away and was staring up at her.

“You would do well to hold your tongue, Drake.” She sat down on the grass near the water. “I was late only because I ran into trouble.”

“What kind of trouble might I ask?”

“Tiffon scouts. They were circling a path I was taking to get here.”

Graem growled. “Will they find us?”

“If they wake up, the headaches they will have from me knocking them unconscious will be too much for them to bare.” She smiled. “Tiffon's have to be the stupidest of all the creatures Manipulator made. Those white-skinned bony-headed buffoons do no good in fighting.”

The mermaids had resurfaced to give their update and had heard what Yeila had said.

“I think there is something lethal to them,” Xylina, the mermaid, said. “I just can't put my finger on it.”

“Can we possibly veer back to our previous conversation?” Graem asked."If only Xyant were here. He'd keep you on subject."

Xyant was one of the small group's leaders, a noble elf, but he had mysteriously dissapeared. Many suspected it was the Manipulator's work.

Everyone nodded their heads. As Graem filled Yeila in on what was going on, his gray beard bobbed on his chest.

Small creatures the Gwendolf's were, but they had large egos. They were stubborn little things and they looked remarkably like Dwarfs, though they denied that they look anything like them. Everyone think of Dwarfs as mining people, so they say the same of Gwendolf's. Gwendolf's don't mine. They are known for their speed and swordsmanship, and though they look too fat to handle a sword,they can master one like a seasoned warrior.

“I think we should gather an army together,” Yeila concluded.

Graem's face grew fiery red. It looked like they were going to be gathering an army and fighting anyways.

“If we are to gather an army, when should we do it?”

“Another good question,” Drake said, “would be what if we can't find anybody who knows how to fight well?”

“There are many people out there who know intense combat skills, Drake.” Yeila glared at him.

“Fine, then who will be the leader of our army?” he asked.

Everyone looked at one another. Who would be good as a leader? Certainly not Drake, he had too much of a bad attitude and was more likely to slip a bad move.

“How about Yeila?” Xylina suggested.

Yeila cocked her head. She was a woman. Who would want her to lead them? Sure, maybe she was good at planning the right moves, but she didn't think she could do it.

“I don't think I'm worthy enough for that—“

“Then, obviously, you don’t have to be. I think a Gwendorf should lead our army. We are dependable and true, noble and magnificent-” Yes, Gwendorfs had their pride.

Drake chucked and pointed his dagger unthreateningly at the small creature. “By ‘A Gwendorf’ you mean yourself, right?”

“Well, now that you suggest it-”

“Enough!” A voice shouted commandingly.

Everyone looked at Corinna.

“Obviously, we will not reach a decision by the end of this very ‘productive’ meeting,” she said sarcastically.

“I still think Yeila should lead us,” Xylina said softly.

Yeila had a far away look. “I think we shall be sent a leader soon.”

Corinna nodded and combed her fingers through her bright red hair. “I think so too. We shall just have to wait and have faith.”

God Bless,

Don't Worry! It's Still Me!

Don't worry, my friends! You can't get rid of me very easily!

So I have changed my blogging name from GoMC to Prism.


Well, I'd really like to have a profound or deep reason for changing it to "Prism", but I don't...

I just though it really went along well with Girl of Many Colors.

Prism...I think I like it.

What do you think?

Friday, February 13, 2009

Randomness Friday

Yes! It's GoMC's favorite day of the week! Sorta....

I am very glad at the moment for my cold is gone, but very annoyed at my head for giving me a headache. Maybe I should start eating healthier and exercising more, so my body doesn't try to get revenge on me...
It doesn't help at all that Valentine's Day is tomorrow, and I just got a lot of chocolate from a church party...

Yes, I'm a total chocoholic...

Of course, staring at the computer screen for about three hours now probably didn't help my head...

But I was doing quizzes for my online classes...

Blame it on that, I suppose *grins*


About my promise to reveal my mascot, I'm sorry but it will have to wait for next week. I didn't have the time to take a picture of it for the blog, most probably since we don't have an batteries that work at the moment.

Yes, I've gotten desperate. I took out every AA battery that I could find in our house and put them in one by one.

And the result?

The screen switched on, only to say, "Batteries exhausted!" and switched off.

After running around the house for several minutes looking for a battery, I was the one who was exhausted. I just know those batteries could have held out. I mean, doesn't it take power to display the "Batteries exhausted!" message???


*points above* Don't those look like horse hoofprints? To me, everything relates to horses nowadays. I have been told that I cannot ride horses, for now.

Remember that wild ride I had last year?

Well, reflecting on what happened that day, my parents have decided that horse riding is just too dangerous from me because clumsy me might get myself thrown off and get a brain injury or break my fool neck.

Well, they worded it a much nicer way...

They have decided to wait until we get back from India to see if I'm worthy of being an equestrian.

I do know the risks and dangers of horses, but there are benefits, yeah? A sense of freedom! The patience and endurance required? It's an education experience, right???

I'll just have to wait....


Another strange thing...I was informed that I talk in my sleep the other day...

Of course, I'm not sure if the person who said it wasn't dreaming...

But if it's true? I may have to start getting duct tape for me mouth...

*blinks* I can't believe it. Sleeptalk? Me?


Well, I hope that's random enough for Random Friday!

God Bless,

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Happy, happy birthday to two very special people today!

Did you know that it is Lincoln's 200th birthday today? He was truly an amazing man! His speech, the "Gettysburg Address", is memorized by many children in schools, he had many biographies written about him, he was an amazing husband to his wife, and he was an amazing leader!

And the second birthday! A very very happy birthday to one of my coolest friends!
I first "met" her online at the Dragons in Our Midst forum, and since then, we've become great buddies! I mean, there's not many people who I can be sarcastic with and they won't get mad at me! She is an amazing writer and blogger, and an even greater friend! Here's to my bookie on her special day! May God Bless you, girlie!!! Be sure to visit her blog and wish her a very special birthday!!!

God Bless,

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Please Pray

Terrible tornadoes struck Oklahoma yesterday, killing 8 people. It's so very sad. There are plenty of homes, businesses, and cars damaged. Please pray for the people affected by this situation, both directly and indirectly. And praise God for keeping many safe and sound in their homes! Last night the news anchors were saying that there were no major injuries, but a new day dawned and the horrors of the previous night were revealed. My heart and prayers go out to anyone affected by this. I ask all of my readers to join me in praying.

Thank You and God Bless,

Too Cute!

^^^(Clicky for bigger view)

Nineteen-day-old male ox Heart, born with a heart-shaped marking on his forehead, relaxes at Yamakun Farm in Fujisawa, near Tokyo, Japan on Sunday, Feb. 8, 2009. Farm owner Kazunori Yamazaki, 51, said, "Good timing for Valentine."
(Itsuo Inouye/AP Photo)


Isn't he just ADORABLE??????? ♥♥♥♥

God Bless,

P.S. GoMC has found a mascot for her blog! This has been pretty behind-the-scenes, but all shall be revealed in a post coming soon! Stay tuned to meet the mascot!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Twin for God Is Having a Contest on Her Blog!

Well that pretty much sums it all up, huh?

(Okay, I'm sorry, but this will be a really short post. GoMC is a little under the weather with a nasty cold, so she wants to get some rest...I would really appreciate it if you would pray for me. I have many things to get done this week!)

Back on subject...

Twin is having a "Blogger Scavenger Hunt" and I think it's awesomeful!!! Plus, it'll give me and many others, I'm sure, some cool new posts to do!!!

Go here to read all about it!

God Bless,

Monday, February 9, 2009

Awesome Photo Site!

I have just discovered one of the best free photo editing websites today! I learned of this awesome website from Twin4God's Blog. It's called Picnik.

The photo on the left is a test photo that I did today. I'm not too familiar with the site and everything, so it definitely could have turned out better. It really softened the look and I loved the text that I could add! I'm sure I'll use this site more often!

Best of all, it's FREE! I didn't even have to register to edit this photo! I just love finding new cool sites!!!

God Bless,

Friday, February 6, 2009


This is going to be a really random post....


Because I'm bored and don't really have something special to blog about at the moment. *grins*

Y'know what? From now on, Friday will be known on GoMC's blog as "Randomness Day." Feel free to post appropriate random things as comments on my random posts!

This should be fun......

*evil laugh* MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! *coughs* Hehe, sorry....A little bit hyper today....

So yesterday I was sort of sad because a special silver cross necklace that I had received a few years ago had become tarnished. It went from a pretty, shiny silver to a dull bronze-ish color. In fact, it looked a little bit rusted. Anyways, I didn't have a clue as to how to fix it, and I asked my mother.

She said to use toothpaste.


Yep. Toothpaste. I went into the bathroom and got out the tooth of gunky stuff. I started rubbing and scrubbing it in, and sure enough, it brightened!

I am happy to say that my necklace is as good as new!!!

Do you have any tarnished items? There are two things that you must be sure that this little chemistry activity works properly.

1. The item to be cleaned MUST be silver
2. The toothpaste MUST be white.

Very interesting, huh?

Here's another one. Have a penny that's not quite shiny? Get lemon juice or a lemon and rub it in the penny. It should be looking like new!


So in violin I moved up so now I'm learning new songs. I take two classes. One is for solo violin. It's just a private lesson where my teacher teaches me songs that I can play by myself for performances and stuff. (though I KNOW I'm in no way ready for that kind of stuff!) I also take an strings orchestra class, and that's really fun at the moment. I just love the way that the sounds can blend so harmoniously together! The deep rumble of the basses and cellos and the beautiful notes from the violin and violas that can be both cheery and haunting at the same time-It's just so beautiful! When I'm playing I feel so small! I'm just one musician in a whole array. Yet, a small mistake can be picked out by the trained ear of someone such as the conductor. It's truly amazing!

When people ask me about the violin and piano and which one I like more, I really cannot answer. They are both different and alike in some ways, and there are good and bad things about them. One thing is that a piano doesn't need to be tuned, but a violin does. And what a pain it is! The tuning pegs on my violin never stay when I try to tune it! A plus about the violin is that it can be transported easily. Sure, a keyboard can be carried around, but it usually doesn't have all the keys of a piano...


Here's another thing I've learned recently. Did you wonder how I got the symbols like the ace above and the hearts? On most computers, press "Alt" and then press some numbers on the number keypad. Release the "Alt" button, and the symbols shoulder appear. It even works for multiple numbers! Hold the "Alt" down and press some number. Release the "Alt".




Things to come:
Hot Topic of the month
Fiction Fix
Book Reviews
And More Randomness Fridays!!!!

God Bless,

Monday, February 2, 2009

Football and February

Ah, a new month!!!! I can't wait!!!!
So many things to do! And I'm so happy!
This month includes Lincoln's birthday, Valentines Day, Presidents Day, and Washington's Birthday?
Oh, you know we girls love Valentines Day! (Well not this girl, and many other girls I know, but-) Okay, Let's try women. Women (for the most part) love Valentines Day and all the candy and roses that come along with it.

Oh, and need I mention the Super Bowl yesterday?

Talk about cool and fun!
I spent the time reading, listening to music, watching a movie, and eating pizza!
*dodges rotten tomatoes*

Okay, I'll admit, I'm not the biggest football fan. Frankly, my mom knows more about football that I do.
She can predict the penalties that the umpires dish out!!! I just sit around and cheer when there's a touchdown. I understand that the football players do their best to get to the yellow line pictured on the football field to get a 1st down, but I just don't really get it. Especially the penalties. Like excessive celebrating? C'mon! Don't they have a right to???? Okay, I can see the reason there, but still!
Don't get me wrong, though. I do like football! Especially when we play it in P.E. (but it's not the tackling kind...fortunately) Well, I sort of like it...Like when I'm an innocent spectator...*grins*

Let's imagine GoMC attempting to play football...This will be some of what has happened to me for real, plus a little of my storyteller jazzing up of it.

GoMC tries to run, all the while screaming (well, not really) for the quarterback to pass it to her.
Bad idea.
GoMC bangs into another person and they both get a mouthful of lush green grass. GoMC suddenly wonders why cows and horses love the stuff.
She also wonders if she'll go broke paying for the other kid's injuries...
Several individuals remind her that it's not tackle football. She smiles weakly.

One again GoMC runs around like a beheaded chicken. She serves this way and that, trying to keep open.
"Throw it to meeeee!"
The pass is given to someone else.
GoMC wonders why they never pass the ball to girls.
She's about to find out.

GoMC is open. She waves her hands around. The quarterback's eyes meet hers.
GoMC's heart races.
She's about to get the ball! She can already hear the dramatic music, the cheers roaring from the sidelines, (though no one sits at the bleachers. They probably don't want to watch her mutilating the honor of football) and triumphant tears as she holds up a shiny gold trophy!
Her hands take shape, the ball is coming!
But alas! It slams into her face, and GoMC is knocked down.
She recovers.
Oh, bother, she thinks.
She also starts wondering if there's any way she'll be able to cover up the shiner that's sure to come.

GoMC is pumped up. Her team is leading (unfortunately, no thanks to her) and they have the ball.
"I'm open!" she shouts. "I'm so totally open!"
She alerts her teammates of her whereabouts, but she also alerts people on the other team. Oh, and maybe some people in China....

It's almost the end of the game, and GoMC's team is in the end zone! Other people keep a good distance from her, knowing what a klutz she is. But GoMC is determined. She gets positioned for a touchdown. The quarterback sees her. The ball arcs up...
It is caught!
GoMC has made a touchdown!!!
She grins, accepting the congratulations and the demands for her insurance company's number...
And she rides off into the sunset on a horse that has miraculously appeared.
"I wonder if there's a need for any new players on the basketball team," she muses.
Her horse neighs loudly.
"All right! All right. I'll stick to Tae Kwon Do," she mutters.

God Bless,

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