Monday, August 31, 2009

Official Blog Carnival!

Randomness Friday is now an official blog carnival!

Who It's For: Those Who Just LOVE being random. I mean, everyone needs a dose from time to time. No need to follow my blog. I just require that you give me your blog link so I can put it in a list. Your blog will be added onto the list when you post a RF.

When: You don't need to do it every week as I do. Maybe one RF a month if you have time constraints. BUT you have more of a chance of being featured on GoMC if you post every week.

Randomness Friday MUST be somewhere in the title.

I'd greatly appreciate if those of you who want to do RF would link it back to me. I'm not demanding it, but again, it would be much appreciated. Once in a while I'll highlight some especially good RFs (funny, deep, just plain random, and ect.)Maybe with each post just put "This blog carnival was created by Prism" =

I do have some very strict rules about RF

1. Appropriate
2. Uplifting
3. Random!

These are just some general rules, right? Don't post anything you wouldn't want your family or maybe a seven year old seeing. Honor God with your words.

Have fun, and be sure to comment if you are interested!!!

Oh, and those of you good an computer images, if you come up with a banner for Randomness Friday and I'll give you credit in every RF post I do.

God Bless,

Friday, August 28, 2009

Randomness Friday: 30 Things...A tag

Alrighty, so I'll start with the highlight of my week. Riding, of course! (Remember, peoples, if you get bored of my horse-related ramblings, you are more than welcome to tell me to cut it out. Well, as long as it isn't too mean ;) )

Okay, so I got my first experience with bucking. Not major, mind you, but enough to make this green rider want to get off. It's something else, I'll tell you. Such a strange motion!

Here's what happened:

I'd given the horse a nice, cool bath and had let her laze around for a while while my dad brought back my saddle and blanket (it's my fault- I left it in the back of our car and totally forgot it when I made a beeline for the mare...)

So I rode a little bareback, not by myself, but with another person leading me. It definitely took balance, but again, interesting feeling. It's more like being one with the horse motion-wise....
But then again, I had SO MUCH horse hair and horse soap on my clothes that day... My biggest problem bareback or with the saddle is turning. I'm terrible at reining, and my poor horse must be confused because I'm not assertive enough...

Working on that...

Anyway, when I started riding by myself, my dear mount decided she HATED me... (Perhaps I got some water in her eyes unintentionally or something.) Anyway, she didn't want to obey. We sort of battled for a while, because she wanted to go into an area where I was sure to get scratches all over myself, or, you know, get my eyes poked out by some low branch...
She finally had enough and stopped.

Okay, I thought, she's decided to impersonate a mule... Stubborn, non-moving, whoopee....

But, no! She started bunny-hopping or something, because I was clinging like a baby money to the saddle. Was considering, for a fleeting moment, resorting to one of those carousel horses...

But it was all good. Her little fit only lasted a few seconds (seemed like a few days to me) and I rode her out a little more to prove that she wasn't getting the best of me, and then everything was okay once I starting riding with someone else.

But, what an experience, no?


I've been tagged by Joraiem to list 30 things about myself...

1. I've done the Cha Cha Slide... In Tae Kwon Do...
2. I'm a 1st degree black belt now...
3. I have an adorable dog named Belle
4. I'm semi-homeschooled
5. I've been to the Taj Mahal.
6. I'm in need of some good reading material... (not for school or anything, just for me...)
7. I'm pretty exhausted after my first FULL week of school
8. I found out today that the residue on fingers left by Cheetos has a name- cheetle (or something like that)
9. I've really gotten to know laptops recently.
10. Microsoft Word is times...
11. I don't talk to myself very often... (I just talk to my characters.)
12. I've written a book (Not published though. It's my dream to have it published)
13. I LOVE competitions and contests.
14. Technology rocks
15. I've never touched a Mac
16. I get up at 5:50 every weekday
17. I've put my writing on hold for school...
18. I adore reading
19. I love little kids
20. I enjoy exercising
21. I've never owned a cell phone
22. I do like fiddling with cell phones, though...
23. I love purple
24. I wish I could play the guitar
25. I love lasagna
26. I've made lasagna once before
27. I love thumb drives
28. i love tobymac's music
29. I love doing this- blogging!
30. And I'm all done!

I tag anyone who comments on this post!

God Bless,

Monday, August 24, 2009


Okay, just to give you a quick update....

School was great! I loved today. Science rocks, especially the classroom setting. I actually got to ASK my teacher a question instead of rewinding a tape. Mind you, video/online learning is GREAT! I've really improved due to it, but it just feels amazing to be able to interact. All the students WANt to be there like me, and I'm luvin' it! Of course, everything just starting and everyone's getting to know each other, but what I've seen so far I like.

I'm pretty sugar high at the moment.... In case any of you are wondering. I mean, the title wasn't too obvious. But I feel SO hyper. You see, I got home for the first time in two weeks without being sleepy and sad, but today was a different story.

And to make it better, I got sprite! Oh, YEAH! I almost never get soda, so I was pretty happy. You may think I'm crazy, but I assure you... I, well, might be SOMETIMES but I'm a pretty sane person... right?

*mutters to self* I think I'm sane...

ANYWAY! I want to welcome two new readers who joined during the weekend...

joelle (Love your name!!! I know how a new language is...but you can do it!)


Alec Kindred! (Hel-lo! Flying? Awesomeness!)

After I post this, well, post, I'll be sure to update I did a while back that lists all of my followers.

BTW, I've said this before, and will continue to say it... You people ROCK!

God Bless,

Friday, August 21, 2009

Randomness Friday: School's In!

Wow. This week has been something else. I've been homeschooled for over four years, and getting back to a public school setting- even if for half a day- is very interesting and challenging. I've never been so exhausted in my life as I've been these past three days. I'm looking forward to getting into some work, but at the same time, extremely nervous. Thank you so much all who prayed.

The funny this is, I was SO down yesterday. Utter hopelessness... confusion... a bit of sadness...
My mom could obviously see this, and she pushed me into my room with a, "Rest, and spend some time with God."

So I did...

And it gave me so much peace! I did my devos, prayed, and just closed my eyes for a while. It was incredible. I mean, really.

But I feel like I've no time! How to you public schoolers and private schoolers do anything???

Before, for me, it's homeschool/ get homework done (sounds like an oxymoron...).... relax...go to my regular evening activity... come back and chill with the family...bed

But, now???? Homeschool.... homework from that... school.... homework from that...evening activity...maybe some more homework...bed...

Then there's the effort of making friends. It's hasn't been too hard, but when everyone knows each other from their high school... I've been privileged to have some people include me. They rock... It'll probably take some time to get into it, I guess. The cliques or friend groups are already forming, and I don't ever want to intrude... *sigh* But it's not a total culture shock...
Yet, I'm starting to think that I'm missing the extremely focused atmosphere I have at this desk. (I do all of my courses online, so this is basically my schoolroom)


So for most of you, this is your first school day, so just know that I'm praying for you, whether or not I know your name.

God Bless,

Monday, August 17, 2009

Fictional Fave Tag!

I have been tagged by Araken of Writer's Passion! Thanks, because, I seriously have been wanting to do this tag.

Who is your favorite male fictional character, and whence comes he?

Jake, from Phantom Stallion by Terri Farley. Hands down. No question about it.

Who is your favorite female fictional character, and whence comes she?

Wow... I have to pick two...

Anne Ross from Isle of Swords and Isle of Fire by Wayne Thomas Batson

Lucy Rooney from the Lucy Novels by none other than Nancy Rue

Who is your favorite author and what is your favorite work of theirs?

Hmmm.... There are way to many, but I shall name my current number one

Nancy Rue- the Lucy Novels

If you are writing a book, answer this question: Who is your favorite character in the book/series you are writing?

Braedrun... A talking horse with the biggest heart. Though Lucas comes at a close second.... *cough* He made me say it...

If you are not writing a book answer this question: Who is you favorite character in a book you know someone else is writing?

I'm technically taking a writing break, so....
Gal from the wonderful story by my friend, Tippie

Any other favorites you want to mention?

How about my fav. Bible story? For me, 'tis Esther.

I tag...

and Horseluver

I know how much I wanted to be tagged, so in addition to the names listed, anyone who is a follower or reader of this blog may consider thyself tagged!

God Bless,

Friday, August 14, 2009

Randomness Friday

First week of school- done! Wow… this week has been hectic. Figuring out schedules, getting work done, and planning for next week where I start going to another place in the afternoons. (This time next week I’ll be there…) It’ll definitely be interesting going back to a public school-like environment. I don’t think I’ll EVER say that life isn’t an adventure. Thank you all so much for praying for me.


Okay, so last Saturday I did what (for me) was the unthinkable- I loped for the first time! That’s right, me, on Mist, loping. It was definitely different from trotting. I have to work on balance, I must admit. My saddle started moving to the side when I put too much weight on my left leg. Oh, and talk about fast! The book I read on horseback riding described the feel as a “rocking horse” motion. When I think of rocking horse, I think of a swing-like motion or one of those teeter-totter things.
Well, this wasn’t exactly it.
When I got off of her, the first thing I breathlessly said was, “Rabid rocking horse.”

But seriously, it was exhilarating. I can’t wait to do it again.


My family has just been in the movie mood lately. I mean, we NEVER watch movies unless they are being shown on TV. Now we’re getting them from the library, on demand, and such. Anyways, several years ago, my dad bought Lord of the Rings, and he was determined to watch it at least once every year. It’s that time of the year.

No objections here, obviously. The movies are cool, and I just love creepy. Not until recently, mind you. If you had seen me watching it for the first time *shakes head*
You’d think I was there with the characters, screaming my head off at least once in every scene (Orcs, you know. Oh, and Gollum, the Uruk-hai, and then the ultra- creepy spider in the last one *side note: she has a name, but I forgot it. Haven’t seen three yet this year! Anyone know it?*).
Oh, and then there’s the thing kids do when they don’t want to see something, but still sorta do. Ever seen it?
They’ll cover their eyes, but in like two seconds they’ll peep through their fingers.
Yep, that was me.

But not now! I really enjoyed watching 1 and 2, and I’m REALLY looking forward to possibly watching number three tonight. It may involve some begging *winks*

Now those of you who know me really well might be wondering where Lil’ Sis goes when we watch PG-13 movies, which is one once a year when we watch LoTR. This is her first year with us, so our family had to make adjustments to go from teens to teens and a toddler.

She watches Veggie tales. Oh, yeah! I love those movies too and we collected as many as we could for her. I mean, hel-lo! Cute AND good lessons! Plus there’s a Veggie tale play on Lord of the Rings. Really cute.

But, being as those movies generally only last thirty minutes as opposed to, what, two hours?, I have to run over there every so often when she yells, “*Prism*!!! Me done!”

And that’s loads of fun, obviously…


God Bless,

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Climbing a Mountain...

School has started, and I’m really into it. New beginnings call for zeal and perseverance, and I feel like this is what I need to do- hit the ground running. It feels like I'm climbing up Mt. Everest!

So I won’t be posting as often as I’d love to, but rest assured I won’t forget you all!

Today man sees all his hopes and aspirations crumbling before him. He is perplexed and knows not whither he is drifting. But he must realize that the Bible is his refuge, and the rallying point for all humanity. It is here man will find the solution of his present difficulties and guidance for his future action, and unless he accepts with clear conscience the Bible and its great message, he cannot hope for salvation. For my part, I glory in the Bible.
- Haile Selassie I (1891- 1975)
Emperor of Ethiopia

I found this powerful quote today, and I feel like it’s INCREDIBLY true. This week I’ve started doing my own devotions- just me and God. It’s a lot different that our family devos, and, though I like our time as a family and God very much, there’s just something special about alone time with my Heavenly Father. I’d like to encourage you all to find a great teen devotional to do every day. I can’t even begin to describe how much it’s already helped me get through the stress that’s been heavily attacking me.

These next three weeks will be pretty rough on me, so I’d greatly appreciate your prayers. I’m a real person who struggles with new things, and starting another school next week will be no easy feat.

Onward, to climb and conquer more mountains!

God Bless,

Friday, August 7, 2009

Randomness Friday: I'm in Middle School???!!!

Apparently, I’m still in middle school…

First off, let me start with some facts about myself for you who are newcomers or don’t know much about me…

  1. I’m pretty tiny (Asian people usually are)
  2. I don’t wear makeup
  3. I skipped a grade (1st, so no big deal…)

Today we went school shopping at Wal-Mart. No brainer, right? Low prices and a convenient location. So we were there about an hour, and when we went to check out, there was a woman in her twenties at the register.

Seeing all of our school supplies, she asked, “Ready to go back to school?”

“Yes,” I said, smiling politely, trying to ignore Lil’ Sis’s bellowed version of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”.

She was a little surprised and asked, “Seriously? You want summer to end?”

My mom said, “She’s been bored.”

Well, in truth I sorta do want summer to be over, so I said, “Yeah. I’ve been so bored all summer!”

She then commented on how good that was for my mom and all…

After ringing up a few more items, she turned to me again. “So what grade are you going to? Seventh?”

“Um…no… I’m in the middle of high school.”

She seemed a little embarrassed. “Oh…Well… You’re just so…skinny!”

I think she meant small…

Of course, I was a teensy bit uncomfortable and didn’t know what to say. “Oh, um, thank you- I mean, that’s okay…”

Then she said that I’ll be able to pass for someone younger a lot when I’m a lot older, and how much I’ll love it. Which, I suppose I will, in a way. I’m enjoying it quite a bit nowadays… I love shocking people with my real age.

While we were on our way out, my mom and sister (Artista) tried to find reasons why she might have thought I was still in middle school. Might as well mention Lil’ Sis was still singing…

My mom thought it was because of the fact that I don’t really like glopping heavy makeup on my face. (Glopping… ha! New word, ya’ll!)

Artista thought it might’ve been the fact that I was wearing clothes from the girls section of a store instead of juniors… (Okay, hel-lo! It was the only section I could find fitting clothes until VERY recently!)

*shrugs* Who knows? But we got a laugh out of it.

It’s funny, actually… A LOT of people have taken me for a little kid. Even other girls my age! Like at the library, we signed up for the summer reading program, and the teen girls thought I was still in elementary school.

Wowzers. This is just too funny.

But you know what? I’ve learned that my smallness is God-planned. I may hate it at times (especially when trying to play basketball… *sigh*)

But guess what? I’m like a PRO at hide-and-go-seek (can fit into a washing machine ya’ll!) and I think being small is a good thing for riding horses, which I adore.

I used to hate my height and build, but now.... *sings McDonalds song* badadadaDA! I’m lovin’ it!

God Bless,

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Blogger Spolight

Remember when I used to choose a blog each month to promote for its great elements? Well, business and life got in the way, and I just forgot about it. Well, not really, but it just wasn't a main thing.

So, I'd like to make up for all of that by putting up and honoring my followers! And, to tell you the truth, "followers" just sounds strange.

How about "Awesome people who are nice enough to listen to the ramblings of little ol' Prism"?

In no particular order,

Camellia Dayla
Wild Rose
Eldarwen Failariel
Missionary for Christ!
Libby xox
Elizabeth Kauffman
Jacob R Parker
Ashleys Twin
God's Soldier

There ya go! 38 in all. If I couldn't link you, it's because I simply couldn't find one. I appreciate you all more than I can say, so YOU are my blog spotlight of this month and many to come!

Want to be an "Awesome person who is nice enough to listen to the ramblings of little ol' Prism"? Just click "Join" on the sidebar gadget with other people's icons.

Want you blog to be linked on here? go here

God Bless You Awesomeful People,

Monday, August 3, 2009

Reading Adventure

So, I, Prism am getting ready for school. Though I haven't had the chance to go supply shopping, I've been reading and getting into learning-mode.

I bought some books from a resale shop on Saturday, so I'm reading those. Robin Hood, an unabridged book (just means it's as it was when the author wrote it) and it's an educators version so I don't get too tripped up, but it's definitely an interesting read. So many words I cannot understand, but I've gotten some new sayings including "cracked crown" (getting bopped over the head and of course, being wounded) "clap the leaves" (closing a book). I just started it an hour ago, and I'm loving it.

Anne of Green Gables. Yes, I've read it before, but I got an abridged version with pictures. I like getting different editions of Anne. I just love it. Highly recommended.

Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm. It's an okay book. Reminded me of Anne, but it didn't have much conflict such as in Anne, like Anne and Gilbert. There was aunt Miranda, but somehow I just couldn't understand her. And what's with Mr. Ladd?
A teensy bit too happy for my liking.

Have any of ya'll read these books? If so, feel free to comment. Even if you don't agree with my conclusions!

God Bless,

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