Monday, August 9, 2010

Review of Latte Daze!

Latte Daze is the second book in the Maya Davis series by Erynn Mangum. Maya Davis has a pretty cool, albeit, crazy, life. She has a great church family, a job at a coffee shop (hel-lo, free coffee!), and a great potential-boyfriend who calls her Nutsy. 
 But things get a little more weird when she finds out:

1. She's about to enter the world of aunt-hood
2. Her best friend Jen is getting married to her ex-boyfriend
3. Her best friend's very opinionated mother is staying at Jen and Maya's house to stop the wedding
4. Is he (Jack Domingez, her best guy-friend) the one????
5. Jack's leaving the coffee shop for the zoo! (As a zookeeper, mind you)

Wow. Talk about needing some coffee! 

I absolutely loved this lighthearted story of Maya Davis. Latte Daze is such a sweet story of a girl waiting for God to show her the right guy. There's plenty of laughs and good moments along the way with Maya, Jen, Jack and Maya's beagle, Calvin. I love the idea of a coffee-loving gal working at a coffee shop and her insanely crazy-but-awesome life. Erynn Mangum has such a unique writing style that lets readers really delve into the world of the characters so that they seem like they're your next door neighbor, yet she makes them so unique that a reader never gets bored.

Fans of Erynn Mangum's first series, the Lauren Holbrook series, will not be disappointed. Maya's world is different, but readers will still fall in love with her unique adventures.

I give this book five stars out of five stars.

NOTE: This book was provided freely to me by Navpress. I am not obligated to write a positive review- only an honest one.



Sierra said...

I am so wanting to read all of her books now!

Anonymous said...

What a pretty book cover! You and I have something in common, we love to blog. It's encouraging knowing that I'm not the only blogger that's a book worm. HAHA

Do you get payd for doing book reviews?

~Prism~ said...

@Sierra: Erynn Mangum is definitely one of my favorite authors. Her writing is a breath of fresh air in my opinion. Nothing objectionable at all! :)

@Annie: I am definitely a book-lovin' bookworm. Thanks for all of your comments, Annie. It's such an encouragement!

I am never paid to do book reviews. The publishers send books to me, and I review them. Instead of monetary payment, I get "paid" by getting to keep the book I review. :)Pretty cool, huh?


Shelley said...

I really like your blog, and your book reviews! Sounds like a really good book! :)

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