Monday, August 23, 2010

Review of Love, Charleston

Love, Charleston by Beth Webb Hart is the story of three women, a preacher, and one Holy City. Anne Brumley is a woman who has been longing for love, but she believes that God wants her to stay in Charleston to find her true love. Widower Roy Summerhall soon arrives in Charleston with his daughter to preach at a huge Charleston Episcopal church. He doesn't know why God sent him to Charleston, but he will soon find out. Anne's sister, Alisha, has her world shattered with the birth of her newest baby when things go wrong. Anne's cousin Della also has a run-in with some trouble when her former fiance returns, and Della begins wondering if marrying her currently unemployed husband was a good idea.

All of the characters in Love, Charleston could very well be real people. Their stories are believable, and the author uses each character as a voice in different chapters. I admire Anne for her sweet spirit and willingness to wait on God for the right man for her. Della also has some trouble with serious sin, but she stops before its too late and repents. All in all, the story is a tale of family and faith.

I had several problems with the book. This is a book written for adults, and though I have read several adult Christian fiction lately, I have to admit I didn't like this one. The book briefly talks about what is reserved for a man and woman in marriage, the characters do drink alcoholic beverages (but they are adults and drink in moderation), a woman goes through severe depression, and there is adultery. This book might be suitable for older adults to read, but I do not recommend this book for young adults. When Anne falls in love, it's very abrupt, and the writing style doesn't lead the reader up to it. I felt like it was very sudden and very mutual.
I don't think this book can really be classified as a romance- it just seemed like a book about the lives of several people.

I was also misled by the description into thinking that this was a book just between Anne Brumley and Roy Summerall. Anne is just one of many characters, so this book doesn't really live up to the description. I would have liked to read more about Anne, her wait, and the eventual falling in love.

I rate this book one out of five stars.

Note: This book was freely provided to me by Thomas Nelson Publishers. I am not obligated to write a positive review- only a honest one. 


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