Friday, August 6, 2010

Randomness Friday: Cow Head?!

(Thanks Libby!)

Welcome one and all to Randomness Friday! This is my first RF post ever in AUGUST *2010* !!!!


Wait.... why aren't you cheering with me?
Is it perhaps because August is the dreaded end-of-summer-as-far-as-school-goes? *knowing smile*

So, yes, I have already jumped on the wagon and begun my school. It isn't bad, to tell you the truth. This year I'm taking pretty basic classes at home and super duper advanced and accelerated courses at the technology center I go to in the afternoons. Granted, the technology center classes haven't started yet so I haven't begun the torture classes yet. But this week was good, very good. I think I'm going to learn a lot.

About cow heads!!!!

Please note: This image is NOT mine! :)

No, not that kind of cow head...

Believe it or not, in my history class we have just discussed the explorer Cabeza de Vaca, who discovered and explored southern Texas and parts of New Mexico and Arizona between the years 1528 and 1536. 

Sounds ordinary enough, right? But his name translated to Spanish means- guess what?

"Head of Cow" or Cow Head

Whoa. Interestingly enough, my textbook said nothing of his interesting name. With my previous Espanol clases I saw it right away. 
Can you imagine being called Cow Head these days? I would just die!

Bully: Hey, Cow Head.... Moo!
Prism (as Cow Head): That's the name. Don't wear it out. *poses like Elvis but epically fails*

Anyway, that tidbit of history struck me as interesting

Speaking of Spanish, you know where "Dora" from the beloved children's show came from? Explorador(a)!
I know, it's such a shock to mankind. Prism has finally found the meaning of life.

Hold the applause, please.
Photo editing, button making, background creating- these are all stuff I'm super interested in but haven't found out much about it.

Many of you, my awesome readers, are very much blessed when it comes to knowledge of the computer arts.

Would any of you care to share what programs you use?

I'd like to tell you about this cool website my family found the other day. It's a great resource for homeschool parents and homeschool students.
(Seriously, I'm talking 'bout PSAT advice- free!)

Go to


Do it.

So. speakin' of free stuffs.....

Ever heard of swagbucks?

You search, you win! It's simple.

Shall I explain? Swagbucks is based around a search engine. The more you search things on that search engine, the higher chance you have of winning "swagbucks" which are like virtual money. You can also vote on daily polls and fill out surveys to get swagbucks.

What do you do with these swagbucks? You get free prizes, but of course. There are things from $5 amazon giftcards (I have personally gotten one) to cool electronics. You get points (swagbucks) then you can "buy" these prizes.
Note: The bigger the prize, the more outrageous the cost in swagbucks.

It's free to sign up and pretty safe, in my opinion. They do ask for some info. about you, so I'd recommend talking to a parent first.

You can join by clicking here or on the button:
(clicking on the link takes you straight to the website, clicking on the button takes you through my referral. That would mean I would also benefit from the points you earn. Personally, I don't mind if you don't want to use me as a referral. :) It's up to you!)

Search & Win

So, my plans for the weekend? I'm glad you asked.

Horses, horses, schoolwork, schoolwork, reviewing books, reading books, and spending time with the family :)

Have a blessed weekend everyone!


Music chica said...

Sounds fun (your plan)!
I love the Dora thing so unique!
Baptized on the 15th...RIKES!
I might be a little nervous can you tell?
I have been reading an old copy of REVOLVE (2005 ed.) it is really cool!Have you heard of it?
In mine(libraries actually) it's the new testament with little side stuff like quizzes,devotionals,beauty tips,Q + A,and more!
It is really cool.
I am thinking about buying 2011's.

Maggie said...

You do know that Libby is back in the blogging world...right? I was thrilled when she lefta comment on my blog!

Still loving the randomness of this meme! It always gives me my weekly fill of well, what else but random!

I can't wait to read more of your reviews!


Memzie said...

Interesting...Cow Head?
Once I heard of twin girls names being Yellowjello and Orangejello. Weird, huh?

~Prism~ said...

@Sierra: DUDE! Congratulations on the baptism, sister. That is totally amazing! I'll be praying for you.

I actually have read one of the magazines. Revolve 2010. My review should be somewhere around here on AGoMC...

@Maggie: Yes! I was super excited when I found out too. It's also why I've put the credit back into my RF posts. Libby made my blog button AND RF button. She's one awesome gal.

Thank you so much, and a review of Latte Daze is set to be published on Monday! :)

@Memzie: How unique! I've never heard that one before, to be sure!


Shelley said...

Wow! Cow Head huh? I think that wins first prize for Weirdest Name! lol! :)

MahinaMK said...

Prism...seriously, your posts always make me LOL...hard!

I'm thinking about doing the swagbucks thing, sounds like a good idea.

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