Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Interview: The Golden Eagle!

This week I have the honor of interviewing The Golden Eagle! TGE is the awesomeful blogger from The Eagle's Aerial Perspective.

Well? What are you waiting for? Go! Oh, but first read the interview! =)

Prism: What are some of your interests?
The Golden Eagle: I've got a lot of them. But I love reading, writing, math, science, collecting rocks, and, of course, blogging.

Prism: State your blog's purpose?
The Golden Eagle: To present my views and beliefs and to have fun. :)

Prism: Favorite color?
The Golden Eagle: Green or blue. It depends.

Prism: Favorite subject in school?
The Golden Eagle: Science!

Prism: Camera or journal?
The Golden Eagle: Seeing as I don't have a camera *laments camera-less state* I suppose a journal, though I can never seem to fill them up. I always get distracted.

P: Chocolate or vanilla?
TGE: Vanilla! I'm not a big fan of chocolate.

P: Favorite place to go for fun?
TGE: Hmmm. Nature, maybe. :)

P: If you owned your own company, what would be manufactured there?
TGE: Solar cells and other green technology products, like energy-efficient light bulbs and recyclable plastic; practical things that people could use around the house AND keep Earth cleaner.

P: Any pet peeves?
TGE: Not really, or at least ones that I can think of right now . . .

P: If you had one wish, what would it be for? (and no wishing more more wishes)
TGE: World peace. Almost completely unattainable of course, but certainly something we should all hope for.

P: Thank you so much, The Golden Eagle!!!
Would you like to be interviewed by me?

1. E-mail me at girlofmanycolors *at* gmail *dot* com
with the subject line "INTERVIEW" simply tell me a little about yourself and give me a link to your wonderful blog! I mean, all you really have to put is your name/blog name and a link to your blog.

2. I e-mail you back within a week or so (after reviewing your blog and coming up with questions for you) with instructions. All of the questions I ask are questions I would be comfortable with asking. I WILL NOT ask you your real name, age, location, ect. I promise. If you are uncomfortable or uninterested in answering a question at any time, then you always have the option of skipping that question and getting another one from me.

3. You fill out the "form" I send you with all of your wonderful answers and e-mail it back to me!

4. I pick a Wednesday, add some more stuff about you (blog button, short info section about what your blog is about), and you're good to go!

If it sounds good to you, feel free to start the process! I promise it's fun!



The Golden Eagle said...

Thanks for interviewing me, Prism! :)

Memzie said...

Awesome interview! Love the answers Golden Eagle!

Maggie said...

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