Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Crazy Eights- A Tag!

I was tagged by the wonderful Rachel T. to do this crazy eights post!

8 Books I've Read recently...
1, The Apothecary's Daughter by Julie Klassen (rereading)
2. Goodness Gracious Green (reading and review to come soon) 
3. Masters and Slayers by Bryan Davis (just read and reviewed)
4. Final Touch by Brandilyn Collins and Amberly Collins (read and review to come soon)
5. Starlighter (read and reviewed)
6. Love, Charleston (read and reviewed)
7. A Proper Pursuit by Lynn Austin (read)
8. Critical Care by Candace Calvert (read)

8 Songs or Albums I listen to all the time...
I'll do albums and songs:

1. Tonight- tobymac
2. Portable Sounds- tobymac
3. Love & War- BarlowGirl
4. "Causin' A Commotion"- Greg Sczebel
5. The Lost Get Found- Britt Nicole
6. Blue- Manic Drive
7. NY2LA- Press Play (Just came out!)
8. "Life" Beckah Shae

8 Things I love...

1. GOD!
2. Being busy
3. Horses!
4. Family
5. Friends
6. My dog
7. A good book
8. My computadora (computer). He is named Derek. And yes, I named by computer

8 Things I've Learned this Year...

1. What amphoteric means
2. How to really ride a horse
3. How to build an electric fence
4. How to have a blast at Disney World
5. How to find scholarships
6. How to study for big tests
7. How to learn Mozart song by myself
8. How to survive a day without chocolate (It was brutal, but I did it)

8 New Recipes I want to Try and Make by the end of the Year...

1. Something that is not poisonous
2. Something that will not ruin the cooking-ware
3. Something that will not burn the house down
4. Something other than a lunchmeat sandwich.
5. Something that is actually edible
6. Something I could serve without people taking one whiff and going "Ew."
7. Something that will not be so hard it can break teeth
8. You can tell I can't cook, eh? ;)

8 Favorite Online Hangouts...

1. Yahoo
2. Blogger
3. Gmail
4. youtube
5. BookSneeze
6. Tyndale
7. NavPress
8. Zondervan

8 Projects I need to Work on...

1. Schoolwork... I probably should be doing that now, huh?
2. More post-writing
3. Writing my book(s)
4. Organizing my music on iTunes
5. Organizing my clothes
6. Practicing piano
7. Getting ready for my 2nd degree black belt test
8. Learning how to speak whale (Just checking if you're awake. Heehee!)

8 People I think should do this...
1. Anyone
2. Who
4. On
5. My
6. Masters and Slayers
7. Review
8. Post!

God Bless,


anna :) said...

fun! :) i love tonight & portable sounds by tobymac, as well as the lost get found by britt nicole :D looks like we a lot of the same music! coolios ;)

Anonymous said...

I loved reading these things about you! :)very fun!

Sierra said...

I love Toby Mac and Britt Nicole and a bunch of the books you said I knew.And music.I commented but I already did it.
Rachel also gave it me.
Thank you for following me =)

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