Friday, August 20, 2010

Randomness Friday: Music MixUp!

(Thanks Libby!)

Welcome one and all to Randomness Friday! And aren't we ALL glad it's here?

I for one, am. I am so swamped right now. TONS of school and TONS of book reviews! Dudes and dudettes, we have a lot going on. So, I'll have more posts in the future, but until then...

(Welcome to the part of the show when Prism comes out and shows you, her favorite songs)

Veggietales, anyone?

I have several playlists on my very musical listening device. It is very diverse. You may like some of my music, you may detest others, and some you may call me absolutely crazy awesomeful for liking.

But my very frequently-played playlist is Luvin'It (yes, I name my playlists. Is that a problem?)

Without further ado, my playlist in the form of youtube videos. None of these videos are mine. I merely chose them for the song.



or I will send my ninjas to lecture you on the importance of Prism's music.
PK <-- That is one of them. 
Do not be alarmed, they will do my bidding. And for now, I have commanded them to be nice. (If you don't see it, tilt your head to the side. The "P" is the head and the "K" is the body and limbs * winks*)

Okay, okay, I'm cool with it if you don't like my music. We're all different, and I love that about us.

No more delaying.

Music... It is all Christian (played on Christian radios or by Christian artists)


(Absolutely LOVE his song)



Sierra said...

Britt Nicole,Becca Shae, Kerrie Roberts,Press Play, Mercy Me's I all love!
I am back BTW.
Got a DS game for my DSI Style savvy.Very fun.

Araken said...

Group 1 Crew!

Abigail Prudence said...

Hi Prism! You have been awarded/tagged! Check out my blog for more details.

God Bless,

Anonymous said...

I love all those songs.

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