Monday, March 2, 2009

100th Post!

This is my 100th post, and I cannot believe it! Just a little less than a year ago, I started up this blog site and I'm amazed at all that I've learned!

So as a very special 100th post, I will post 100 things about myself. I got the idea from Araken's blog, Writer's Passion.

It's also a very special day for my good buddy Bookworm4god. It's her 100th post too! Be sure to visit her blog!

Annnnd! I'm excited to say that it's Twin4God's 100th post too!

Congrats to you both!

Without further ado...

1. I am the owner of this blog...
(Haha. Just to clear up any confusion...100 things is a lot!)

2. I am a Christian and not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ.

3. My favorite colors are green and purple

4. My room is green and purple.
(Sorta obvious)

5. I ♥ horses and tigers

6. Writing is a favorite hobby of mine

7. I am Asian

8. I have one adorable pomeranian/papillion mix named Belle

9. I am only allowed to have one dog.

10. I absolutely ♥ tobymac's music

11. I've only been to three concerts in my life
(2 Winter Jams and 1 Katinas concert)

12. My boyfriend's name is David.
(Long story short, he's an Mp3 player. And he's not the original Dave. He's actually David the Third...or is it Fourth?)

13. Singing and dancing are NOT my fortes

14. I teach a Sunday school class three and four yr. olds every Sunday.

15. I play piano

16. I play violin

17. I ♥ Mexican, Italian, and American food.

18. I'm a black belt in Tae Kwon Do.

19. I wish unicorns were real.
(And dragons, and mermaids, and fairies, and...)

20. I've never broken a bone

21. I love a good read

22. Never tried a MAC computer

23. Never owned an i-Pod
(Let alone hold one for more than 5 minutes)

24. I really wish I could ride a horse.

25. I think basketballs and soccerballs are evil

26. I enjoy taking pictures of random things

27. I am homeschooled

28. I used to play soccer

29. I used to do Junior Bible Quiz

30. I am a Stars Club graduate

31. I am a friends Club graduate

32. I ♥ Church summer camps and outreaches

33. Romance novels are not my thing

34. I ♥ the library

35. I wish I had a laptop
(Instant writer's workshop! I love writing at odd hours)

36. I am taking Latin

37. I just don't get sentence diagramming

38. My dream vacation would be to go to Europe and stay there.
(Passed through, but never saw anything but the airport)

39. I want to someday start collecting horse stuff

40. I have 2 sisters

41. I cannot swim

42. I almost drowned once

43. I love watching birds

44. I love watching fire

45. Fast ceiling fans terrify me

46. I dream of someday learning how to play the guitar

47. I ♥ lilies

48. I'm a big fan of mechanical pencils

49. I'm not that into video games.
(I do like Guitar Hero, though. Only played it once, though)

50. George Muller is one of my heroes.

51. Amazing Grace is my fav. movie.

52. I like playing Nancy Drew computer games.
(The ones that aren't creepy, anyway)

53. Notebooks are my friends.

54. I ♥ going to the beach

55. I have been to Singapore, Malaysia, and India

56. I have never seen a panda in real life

57. I do keep a diary

58. I ♥ running

59. I ♥ science

60. I have never fainted

61. I'm pretty short

62. I ♥ ice cream

63. I'm a chocoholic
(Not too much, though)

64. I've petted some kind of ray.
(Not sure what kind of ray. Maybe a manta ray)

65. I ♥ everything from Beethoven to Skillet

66. I'm not the biggest fan of pink

67. I'm allergic to cats
(On top of so many otehr things!)

68. I ♥ my backyard
(Even though its really small)

69. My favorite number is the number 7

70. My numbers in soccer were 7 for four years and 10 for one year

71. I don't have myspace or facebook

72. I do not have a cell phone

73. I ♥ my calender

74. I have some pet fish.

75. I have never tasted coffee

76. I don't enjoy heavy metal or country music

77. I've never had stitches

78. If I ever get my own car, I want to get a personalized one

79. I've never kissed a monkey

80. I've never even laid a hand on a monkey, actually

81. I skipped a grade

82. I went to private school for 3 yrs.

83. I love the girl name Elisabeth

84. I like the guy names Lucas, Jake, David, or Philip.

85. I love gypsy vanner horses

86. I pretty much love all horse

87. I've never held a toad

89. Insects creep my out

90. I'm pretty loud when ya get to know me

91. I ♥ P.E.

92. I think regular pencils are overrated

93. I think the term "geeky jock" is not a contradiction.

94. I ♥ Christian music

95. I am pretty opinionated.
(That can be a good or bad thing, I suppose)

96. Pudding! Yum!

97. I have, like, six different e-mail accounts.
(Eek! And no, I don't really keep track of 'em all. Just two.)

98. I have never worn or touched a converse sneaker

99. I love painting my fingernails weird colors.
(I don't do it very often, though...)

100. This is my 100th post. Thanks to everyone who has stopped by over the last 100 post. Thank you ever so much for everything!

God Bless,


bookworm4god said...


Anonymous said...

WAY TO GO!!! I've only had my blog for about 6 months :)
Check out the changes! Do you like them?

Zoe said...

I did Stars for several years, but never completed it. I also did jJunior Bible quiz.

~Prism~ said...

@bookie: you go girlie! 100! Who would've thought???

@M. Elin N.: LOL. Thank you! I do love the changes! I love the header picture especially!

@Zoe: Cool! I went there when I was younger, but we moved to another church. I still go there on Wednesdays, though, as a Friends Club assistant for the teachers. There are a LOT of girls!

God bless you all,


SarahO'G said...

Girl, I knew I loved you for some reason! We have so much in common! I run cross country, love the Nancy Drew computer games, and have done the whole Stars thing (hated it 'cause my teacher was a jerk, but learned.... a little).

~Prism~ said...

@SarahO'G: Wow! That's awesomeful! I've never really done track, but I do love running. I spent a lot of my summer "getting in shape". I don't think it did much, but at least I fell asleep much quicker in the night!
My fav. was Phantom of Venice. I haven't finished it, though. :( Maybe one day I'll puzzle out the rest!
I'm sorry about that. :( There were only two girls when I was doing it, and one was the teacher's daughter, so we were a pretty close knit group.

God Bless,

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