Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Tallest House of Cards!

Isn't this just awesome? That stacks of cards could become a work of art???

This is the tallest card house!

From wikipedia:

Bryan Berg has been know to have broken "seven or eight" world records for cardstacking. He currently holds the world record for tallest house of cards, a 25 foot 9 7/16 inch tall "skyscraper" completed at the State Fair of Texas on October 14, 2007. He also holds the record for the largest house of cards, a category Guinness invented for the event, for a replica of Cinderella's Castle at Walt Disney World.

here is the link

And this is the first of my evidence of Twin4God's contest: the Blogger Scavenger Hunt.

I've mentioned it before in my previous posts, and it's a totally cool contest. Check it out in the button on my sidebar!

God Bless,


Megan said...

Hey How do you get the Playlists on your blog?? I couldn't figure it out!!

~Prism~ said...

Go to and click on the Sign up link. You'll go through the registration process, then your free to make play lists! If you have any problems, just tell me, and I'll do my best to help.

God Bless,


Anonymous said...

Crazy cool!

SarahO'G said...

I gave up on the scavenger humt being fairly new to the whole concept! But that is the coolest house of cards ever!!! We had to make one for a competition at one of my church's retreats..... it didn't go well. Again, we gave up. Oh, now I sound like a quitter..... BUT I'M NOT! Oh, I give up. Ya'll don't believe me... (that's a joke)

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