Friday, March 27, 2009

Greetings from India!

Hey ya'll! Howdy from hot, humid India!!!

Not much to report, but two more days until we get my sister!

Here's an entry from my e-journal:

The flight here was pretty uneventful. Nothing exciting like lost baggage, delayed flights, or cancelled flights. We first flew out to Washington D.C., and a little thing I discovered was that a lot of the people living near the area where we touched down had a pool and/or tennis court. It was pretty interesting. And the rivers and streams looked like a rainbow with the sun shining down on them. I wonder if L. M. Montgomery saw that in her mind when describing the “Lake of Shining Waters” in Anne of Green Gables…The airport was like a mall. I mean, they were selling things such as books, toys, and Rosetta Stone software (software for people to learn new languages). I can understand the motive, but who can learn a language in such a short amount of time?

We then took a seven hour plane trip to Germany, which was interesting for me to hear the new language and all. The Germany airport summed up in one word would be “efficient”. Nothing too fancy or anything, but we people we did come into come into contact with were really helpful. The flight to Germany, however, was pretty crowded and not too enjoyable, but I got to talk with two ladies headed to Italy who were seated on either side of me.

The crowding of the flight to Germany was nothing like the flight to Chennai, though! I get my own row! (Okay, it’s only two seats, but still! In a row of four, my dad only has to share with one other person, and my mom and sister have their own row!) My seat is a window seat, and I got to eat lunch (or dinner, never sure which!) over the Alps! Can’t do that every day! It’s was so cool to see the view of the snow-capped mountains, Unfortunately, I only mostly see clouds, clouds, and more blindingly white clouds. I’m still trying to get over the fact that I fell asleep and missed our takeoff from Germany. *sigh* I mean, one minute I’m awake, but struggling to stay awake, and the next I’m out!

Maybe on the way back…

As for where we are now, I have no clue whatsoever. Maybe somewhere over Saudi Arabia or the Indian Ocean. The airline we are on has good food, pretty good service, but virtually no entertainment. (Seriously, this is all I have for entertainment. Oh, and a pack of cards I was given by one of the flight attendants for being a child…Whoohoo) But I wouldn’t have missed this experience, and I would do it again. (Actually I have to…We bought a round trip ticket…)

Aha! We just passed another jet…Random, I know. But it’s better than more clouds…

I’m so excited to see family again and reconnect!


So now we're here, and I'm hanging out with two of my amazing cousins! I think I'll have good internet access while here, so expect updates from me!

God Bless,


Araken said...

Awesome! I wish I was in India; America needs some help.

Bryce said...

That's so amazing!! I can't wait for another update. I know you must be so excited!!!

Tippie said...

Oh! Flying can be fun + boring! That is so cool about flying over the Alps! You are so lucky! :D
I like your 'I got cards because I was a child...Woohoo'!! Hehe.

You have a good time! I'll be looking forward to those updates! *hugs* Miss you already!

Sarah said...

That is soooooooooooooooo cool!!!!! you are soooo lucky to be flying around those awesome places!! AND you get a little sister!!! SOOO lucky!!!!!!!!!!

I thought we had a deal that I could come as long as i hid in your suitcase.. oh well. maybe next time :P (i was jking FYI)

~Prism~ said...

@Araken: Trust me, India has it's own share of problems! Some serious, some not so serious. Like its SO humid and hot!

@Bryce: Totally! We called the orphanage today and we're set to meet her! Yippee!

@Tippie: Haha, yeah. It's not my fault I'm a minor and look younger than I really am!!! *sigh* I mean, I bought an adult ticket!!!

Thanks! I will update!

@Sarah: Definitely. I'll be sure to tell you as soon as we plan to go. =D

SarahO'G said...

Hope you are having a fantastic time! It's cool that you have internet so you can occasionally post! LOL, sort of...... Miss ya!

Hope said...

hey idk u, but my friend Megan does, and i think my friend Leah might know u. Anywho, awesome blog!

~Prism~ said...

@SarahO'G: Yep! From now on I won't have any internet access, but I will be posting a LOT when i get back!!! I miss you, and every single reader a lot too!!!

@Hope: Welcome! Glad you stopped by! Thanks so much! Great meeting you!!!

God Bless,


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