Friday, March 6, 2009

Randomness Friday

Ahhh, Random Friday! My favorite day of the week for so many reasons!

Especially this Friday!!!

The weather is so amazing, the grass is beginning to reawaken, little animals and other creatures seem to suddenly reappear, baby animals galore, and blossoming trees! There always an earthy aroma. Not quite humid, but close, and much more pleasant. I can feel the soft petals, the sticky grass, and the cool, refreshing water. The sun decides to stay out longer and stop withholding its life-giving warmth. I can just feel the rays caressing my skin, making it tingle.


I just love spring!

So we were driving on one of the roads nearby us. (We live about 3 or 5 minutes away from the city) And I saw these adorable baby calves! They were so small and gorgeous! You see, there are several farms around our house, with plenty of horses, cows, and even a donkey or two! So you can probably tell I just go crazy whenever I see an animal other than a cat, dog, or fish since I love farm animals.


I mean, every Sunday on the way to church I see horses.

My first reaction?


My second reaction?


How mature, huh?
Also, that's my same reaction every time. We've probably gone that way more than a thousand times. Probably many more times than that.
I keep telling myself, that sure horses are cool and all, but they CAN be dangerous and cleanup can sometimes be REALLY unpleasant. I've really encountered the dangerous part last year, and I hope that it never happens again, but I have never had to do any cleanup. Namely, mucking out the horse stalls.
But, y'know what? I think I still love them.

God Bless,

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I know!! Me too!!
I always *sigh* when I see a horse :)
BTW, the blogger party is tomorrow...

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