Thursday, March 12, 2009

Prism has ACTUALLY finished a whole, entire book!

And the geeky English freak has just been redundant! =D

So, you can probably tell that since I love writing, I love the English language, but that's not I'm here to talk about today. *cough* Though I L-O-V-E talking about English *cough*

*begins speaking in story teller tone* On November 15, 2007, (Yes, I actually recorded it!) I began penning the tale of a young maiden named Elisabeth and her mission to find her family. It took a lot of writer's blocks, advice from dear friends, and endless cups of steaming chocolate milk to complete the task. And it was completed on March 9th, 2009! The final word count was 126,109 words. Of course, I still have to do the three full edits. (Oh, joy...) It may go up or come down, depending on the edits.

As for publishing, I'm not very sure on how good my work is and how popular it will be. I actually have no clue where to start! So, if you have any advice on getting a Christian fantasy book published, please tell me! I'm sort of laid back at the moment, and I'm totally ready for rejection. I've sort of doing this writing as a way to challenge myself and prove to myself that I could write something that speaks the message I want any reader to hear (or read...=D).

So I'd really appreciate any help or advice!

God Bless,

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Tippie said...

Congratz, Prism! *glomps you* I am so happy that you finished it! It must be SO exciting! I haven't even finished a book yet.

I think I might have some info from another site about publishing. If you want me to grab the info, I can e-mail you. :D

~Prism~ said...

Thank you so much, Tipster! Actually, it's not as exciting as I imagined it to be. There was no parade in my honor, no big announcement on the radio, and I definitely didn't get any celebration cake. LOL. JKJK.

It's all a bit out there. I don't think I fully realize it yet that it's done.

I'd really appreciate that! Thank you Tippie!

God Bless,
Prizzle =D

SarahO'G said...

WOW! That's so great! Congrats! I've always wanted to write a whole book, but never did. Have fun with the edits! If you do get it published, you can believe that this girl will be buying her copy!

Bryce said...

That is so amazing! I'm not sure I even knew you were a big writer. That is so so so cool! I would love to know more about your story. :)

Paris said...

Wow, you could be my role model! I'm bad at finishing my short stories, much less a whole book!

~Prism~ said...

@SarahO'G: Thank you so much for your sweet vote of confidence! It means so much to me! *cyber hug* Y'know, I think I'll repost chapter 1. The first chapter is all edited, so yeah....=D

@Bryce: Hey, twin! I wouldn't say I was a big writer, actually. I just like doing it for fun and would really love to do it more. Thank you so much!

@Paris: Role model??? WOW...
I'm not too good of a role model in the aspect of writing, but if ya ever need some lessons in clumsiness, I'm your gal! =D It took a VERY long time and perseverance. Try challenging yourself. Tell yourself, if you finish this story/book, you'll let yourself have a certain thing. (Such as pudding or chocolate milk in my case ;)) I forced myself to write 1,000 words a day or a page. In the first stage of writing, it was a page a day because I hadn't discovered that my word processor had a wordcount.

God Bless ya'll!


SarahO'G said...

Ever awesome!!!!!!

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