Wednesday, March 18, 2009

This Time Next Week...

I'll be off! Okay, perhaps I should have titled this as one of my adopting status posts, but I thought that this deserved something different...

On the 25th of March, my family and I will be on a plane to the opposite side of the world. Incredible, yeah?

I just can't wait!!!

We will be meeting my little sister on the 30th or 31st of April.

And.....going to the Taj Mahal!

A lot of happiness there, but there's one sad side to the story.

I'll be having very limited, if not none, internet access.

For a whole month!

I mean, we'll be as busy as a hive of bees on caffeine.

I will miss blogging, like, so much!!!!

And I know you'll be missing my insane, random, and weird posts. ;)

So while I'm gone, here are some awesome blogs to check out.

Presenting my Blog Spotlights of this month and the next!


These are some amazing blogs, ya'll!

And another amazing blog????


She's holding this awesome contest for bloggers. It's like a scavenger hunt, without the tromping in the woods at camp to find something written on a list, like some clover or a twig the color of a lime.

It's really fun! And there's still time to join in for some awesome prizes! The button for her scavenger hunt in on my sidebar.

I'll miss ya'll so much!

God Bless,


Sarah said...

OMG! COOL! I want to go to another country sooo badly!! Take a LOT of pictures, kay!? Just incase you didn't hear me good enough, I'll repeat myself: TAKE A BUNCH OF PICTURES, ALRIGHT!?!?

What is your new little sisters name? How many hours of flying time is there? Are you going to more than one country? Oh my, this is all so exciting! Can I come? :D don't worry, I'll pack light! And I don't talk TOO much!! :D

~Prism~ said...

LOL! I sure will. Promise! And I'll do my best to post them on here, but it may take a while...Still figuring out how exactly to post picatures...

More than 24 hours, I believe. A VERY looooooong trip! We'll be stopping in Germany, but all I will see is the airport. (But I can still say I've been to Germany =D)

Sure, if you happen to have $1600 on you. *winks*

God Bless,


Anonymous said...

Suilon, mellon-nin! (Hello, my friend!) I am honored, thank you so much!!
You are fortunate - the Taj Mahal is beautiful!
I like to listen to the artist Taj Mahal, too. :)
Well, Noro go hul, bado go Eru!
(Run with the wind, go with God)!
Namarie! (farewell!)

Tippie said...

You have tons of fun, okay? *hugs* I want to hear all about it when you get back! :D
I'll miss you this month, but I know you'll be having a blast! *more hugs*

SarahO'G said...

Hope ya have a fab time! I'll miss the awesomeness of your incredible blog!!!!!! Going to another country must be fascinating!!!! Watch out for runaway band wagons!!!!

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