Friday, March 20, 2009

Randomness Friday

Today is the first official day of spring! And am I so happy!


Because it's random Friday!

Okay, so yesterday at Tae Kwon Do, we actually did it outside. Yes! We went out the door, into cars, to a local high school soccer field. And we did Tae Kwon Do there! I have to admit, I liked it, but there was one bad thing.

It wasn't exactly spread around our class, and it came as a surprise to us. My sister and I walked in, ready for a normal class. In our flip-flops.

And what made it even worse?

I was wearing high heeled flip-flops.


Of course, I told them it was okay and all...I mean, I have run in them before ( chasing my dog all around the neighborhood)

Plus there's the saying "Girls can do everything boys can do, but we can do it in high heels..."
(Yeah, I know that's not really true in most cases ;D )

But I survived without a broken bone!

It was pretty amazing. The light, cool spring breeze blew through my hair and the setting sun turned the sky into an array of colors like pink, orange, and purple. I was having terrible allergies. The grass was still recovering from winter, though, and since I had to go barefoot when we ran hard, it sort of hurt...

BUT! I still liked it...*smiles* Twas something different and it really got the creative juices flowing for inspirations in writing...

I hope there's going to be more days like that...


And now a original Prism moment...

*sighs* This was really embarrassing at the time, but now I can laugh over it...sorta

Several weeks ago, the music teacher association in my area decided to have a piano recital for teachers to present their students.

My teacher picks two students to represent her every different year. This year, I was chosen along with another girl.

I was VERY nervous because I had just finished memorizing my pieces. (For those curious, it was "Scenes From Childhood" by Robert Schumann. Specifically, "Of Strange Lands and People" "Reverie" "Important Event" and "Knight of the Rocking Horse")

I remember it being EXTREMELY cold that day, and cold is never a good thing for me. You see, when the weather is cold, my fingers and toes seem to think that they should adapt to the weather by matching it. Actually, my fingers are always cold, but the cold weather makes it even worse. It also adds stiffness- a pianist's worst nightmare. It was also a high allergy day, and being one blesses with allergies, I was sniffling the whole day.

So I was taken to the front of a beautiful music hall and seated with all of the other students playing. One thing I forgot to take with me were tissues...

Yeah...You can probably imagine what happened next.

It was eventually my turn, and sat at the piano bench and began my piece. Halfway into the first song, my allergies acted up. I had to sneeze! I needed a tissue!

It was terrible. I could hardly concentrate on what I was playing, and I had to focus my attention on sniffing the sneeze back!

I finished the first song, and looked into the crowd.

A few people clapped, because they didn't know what was happening. I smiled awkwardly and motioned to my mom that I needed a tissue. She gave the pack of tissues to my piano teacher, who was sitting closest to me, and she ran up and gave me the tissues.

I don't remember now exactly (too busy dying of embarrassment ) but I think there were a few laughs.

Hey, I can say I was entertaining!

So I finished the rest of my songs without too much trouble, I grabbed the pack, and hurried off the stage. I can imagine the conversations that followed the recital...

"Hey, Bill"
"Remember that girl who stopped in the middle of her performance?"
"What was her name again?"
"I'm not sure...Oh yeah, it was Tissue Girl!"

Um, I can say that my performance was memorable?


This will be my last Randomness Friday for a whole month, but I have a request...

I'd like to make an icon of some sort for my random posts. Maybe a banner saying Randomness Friday or something.

Does anyone know a program that I can make it on, and how to use it? I've been wanting to make something for a long time, and if someone could point my in the right direction, that would be awesome....

God Bless,


Anonymous said...

My blog is now at :)

SarahO'G said...

No idea what so ever on the program, but the piano thing is hilarious!!!! Question, why would you wear high-heeled flip-flops to Twea Qwan Do (spelling wrong, sorry.....) in the 1st place??????

~Prism~ said...

@Earwen: Thanks for the head's up! I've changed everything so now it links to your blog.

@ Sarah: We do Tae Kwon Do barefoot. It's not usually outside. Usually, we're in an air-conditioned room with padded carpet, so there is not really a need for shoes. There are Tae Kwon Do shoes, but I have a teensy problem with the muscles in my foot so that if I bend it or strain it, it feels like my toe has come out of its socket. Not a comfortable thing AT ALL!

God Bless,


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