Monday, March 23, 2009

Hot Topics: Modest is Hottest

Myth. Modest isn't hottest.

Okay, okay. Before I start getting the angry e-mails, let me clarify myself.

Modesty is not hot in the world's eyes. It's foreign, and therefore strange. Wearing revealing clothes is just the norm.

We see immodesty every day, don't we? TV commercials, magazines, even just going for a walk in our our neighborhood.

Just because it is all around us, doesn't mean that it has to be our thing. I know how hard it is to go against the grain, sort of stick out like a purple blade of grass on a perfectly mowed lawn.

Think about it... What does the world tell us that immodesty can do for us?

1. Get the attention of the opposite gender
2. Fit in

Sure you may attract the opposite gender more than someone who dresses immodestly. But the question is, what kind of person? It's not very likely that person will be an upright guy/girl seeking his/her Savior day by day.

They're trapped by the world's thinking.

Fitting in is an okay thing. I'm not against it. But again, what kind of people will you fit in with???

Usually people think that immodesty can affect only the other gender, but I've heard recently that it can also affect the same gender.

Let me give you an example.

I was walking with my dad through Walmart one day and we stopped to as a question to some of the employees. One was clothed in a full photo lab jacket, the other was wearing an immodest shirt. I was disgusted and looked away, wondering why she would do that to herself.

Wearing immodest clothes can influence others...

I remember being six or seven and going to a pool party with my friends. I was the only one who didn't have a two piece swim suit. I was so embarrassed and told my friends, "I sooooo want one!"

Of course, since then, my thinking has changed and I've become more rooted in my beliefs and thinking.

That's the key.

Determine that you will stay modest before any situation confronts you. Then you won't be caught off guard and have to make the decision in a split second. You'll also have more of a chance to make the right decision, instead of the wrong one.

Shouldn't we be pointing to God by the way we act and dress? We are to be set apart.

The clothing we wear can be not only a stumbling block/addiction for us, it can be something to stand in our brother's/sister's way.

Guys, feel free to chime in and give your opinion on all of this.

Many people think immodesty is just a girl thing. Guy can wear what they want, because, after all, they are guys and who cares?


The way you dress can be a big stumbling block to a girl!

Guys, some things that girls consider immodest can include:

1. Low riding pants. (Now THAT's a biggie. Girls don't want to know how much bagginess you can handle before you start looking like your swimming in the things! We also DEFINITELY don't need to see any underwear!)

2. Shirts with text that are just repulsive. (Anything about "girlfriends" "kissing" "being hot" is a no-no. That's just plain gross. It can also make you look like something you don't want to be. Seriously, do you want to be thought of as a walking, talking MTV show? Also, shirts with skulls and crossbones and other kinds of designs may attract girls looking for "bad boys" but think about this, those girls you are "attracting", will they be on the straight and narrow???)

3. Tight clothing

4. Going around without a shirt on. (Now, I'm not too sure about the other girls (if this is not the case with you, feel free to chime in!) , but it's definitely something I don't like. I'm just not used to being around guys, so when that happens, I freak out.)

5. Short shorts. (Now this is a bigger issue with us girls, but I've seen guys with short shorts. It ain't very pretty.)

Now there are many other things. The list could go on and on. Just look at yourself when you throw on some clothes, and think of the person you look up to (whether it be a teacher, pastor, father, historical figure, Bible character, or even Jesus!) Would they approve of your clothes???

Now, girls, it's your turn!!!

1. Low shirts. (Layer, and that problem can be fixed VERY easily! It's probably #1 on the list of girl immodesty. It's not a game! We don't need to know how low we can go!)

2. Spaghetti straps and tank tops. (Those tend to be pretty thin.)

3. Tight pants (Eek! Not only are they uncomfortable, but they will draw unneeded attention!)

4. Short pants/skirt

5. Heavy, heavy makeup. (Since when do we think we need to start looking like circus clowns? That's something that makes me sooooo sad. I see eleven and twelve year olds walking in the mall looking like barbie dolls with the way-too-read lips, pink blush, and dark blue eyeshadow. There's a big difference between natural and unnatural beauty. No matter what you think, God made you the way you are for a reason!)

Same thing with you. When you coordinate those outfits, examine yourself in the mirror. What would your mom say? I know in some families immodesty isn't a big issue, so if you don't have a family member to go to, go to a friend you can trust! Have an outfit coordinating party! Find a friend who you can have a support group with on the issue of modesty and have a "modesty check" when you wait for the bus! Don't have anyone in that area either? GO to a trusted adult! Or find a good online community. Be careful on the internet, though!

I'll be on the lookout for some good resources to look at on the topic of modesty. Until then, post as many comments as you want on the issue of modesty! We're here to help each other!

God Bless,


SarahO'G said...

Totally agree with you (as usual) Prism! It can be extremely rough being one out of very few who take modestly VERY seriously! I go to a Christian school, but some of the girls can be pretty - well - guy crazy. Ergo, they wear tight, low weird clothes! Honestly, it bugs ME! I'm known for being pretty modest and not "exposing" myself and my modivation is really only two two things:
1. Helping guys 'asue I love all of 'em as bro's
2. It's just uncomfortable!
What really gets me is how other people try to put it all on girls, so thank for throwing that tidbit for guys in there!!!!!

bookworm4god said...

Hey, great post! I'll miss you.

Bookie :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, really great post!
Yes, I try to be modest. :)
And short shorts on guys are disgusting (hilarious, but disgusting). :)

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