Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Door Within Review

The Door Within by Wayne Thomas Batson is the exciting beginning of a fantasy-filled trilogy. Mystery, intrigue, and adventure fill the pages of this very good book. Meet Aidan Thomas, your regular teen guy. Not too popular, and if he ever was it was due to the fact that he was best friends with one of the coolest guys on the block, Robby. However, everything changes. Aidan and his family must move from everything Aidan knows to care for Aidan's ill grandfather.

There, Aidan discovers mysterious scrolls and a door to another world.

He must learn how to become a knight, the twelfth knight of a special company, to be exact. He must join the other eleven knights in a quest to win a city for the King of Alleble, and war against the forces of Paragor.

A mortiwraith. Glimpses. Mitheguard. Scrolls. Stilling. It is the perfect mixture for a wonderful story.

My favorite scene would probably be when Aidan pulls everything he learned on his trip together in a super-creative way to trick the enemy's forces. It involves sacrifice, bravery, and lantern spiders.

Some scenes seemed a little awkward, which is understandable since this series was written before Isle of Fire and Isle of Swords. Also, the whole idea of the story seemed very familiar. The idea of twins in another realm reminded me a little bit of the Circle series by Ted Dekker and it really reminded me of the Wormling series by Jerry B. Jenkins and Chris Fabry. The ideas and the setting seemed very, very similar, though, of course the stories had their own flair.

With its Christian messages, action, and fun, I would recommend this book to readers ages ten and up.

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Elizabeth J. said...

I had previously heard of this book but never read a review of it.=^)

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