Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

When you visit a pumpkin patch, you usually think about pumpkins...

(Well, duh, Prism)

What about gourds? White pumpkins? Pumpkins that look like they have a bad case of zits?

That's what I saw on my recent trip there. A group of gals from my youth group got together to paint pumpkins. Today, I'll post some picatures (yes, I spelled it that way on purpose :D) of a white pumpkin that I painted. It may not be a pumpkin, I think I heard it was a hybrid between a gourd and a pumpkin, but I don't really know. A future post will feature a very interesting gourd. (No, not someone from Veggietales...)

BTW, this was what I planned to post on Friday for RF... Hope it works!

Of course a horse is going to be on my pumpkin... *grins*

Hmm..... A horse, teddy bear, balloons, a pumpkin, and a smiley face. Can you guess what my theme was?

Tada! =-D

God Bless,

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Isirian said...

Nice pumpin,
I have a contest on my blog!

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