Friday, November 27, 2009

Randomness Friday: Leftovers and Love

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Yes, Prism is aware that she skipped post on *gasp* Thanksgiving!

She was having a great day with her family and newfound friends (technically of my parents, but hey, I had a great time)

Memories of family, friends, food, and football fill our minds, but, especially if you're with family and friends, you remember the love. I had a great time laughing, playing the piano, and keeping up with the hyper Lil' Sis with our great hosts, who cooked an awesome meal. Might I also add that this was our family's first traditional American-style Thanksgiving. And I've lived here all my life!

So, as you eat leftovers, think of the many blessings you have. You are loved.


Call me somewhat of a grinch, but I have a hard time usually starting the Christmas season. I have to admit I was grumpy as we went shopping for Black Friday deals (not at the crack of dawn or before that, mind you) The stores were crowded, but we still saw Plasma TVs and such still available. Christmas music beginning to play on the radio, we just put up the Christmas tree... Oh, and the ornaments will be brung by my sister.

I skipped a trip up to the attic just to post for you. *grins*

Anyway, I'll eventually get into it, you'll see. I have no clue why I just have trouble getting into the spirit.

However, this will be Lil' Sis first Christmas with us, in America. Woo!

Okay, so two days ago, I let my dog into the backyard. Yeah, I know, not a big deal.

But I didn't know that our neighbor's son had come into our backyard to jump on our antique trampoline. (Not really antique. Just almost as old as I am) He has some problems, so we usually forgive him. He left out back gate open.

So my mom opens the door to our backyard and calls for my dog, but she doesn't come. She eventually goes through the backyard to see that the gate is wide open.


Belle (our dog) is tiny, blonde, and looks like a fuzzy rabbit in snow or tall grass. She's be an easy target for cars, and the big foresty area behind our subdivision does contain coyotes and deer. No place for a pomeranian/papillion to be.

So my mom shouted for Artista and I to start looking. Well, I was listening to my iPod, but I love my dog so much that when I heard, I jumped up and flung it, still on.

I ran, barefooted, through the dry mud to the front of our house and started yelling her name. I looked up the street and down the street. My mom started heading back to the backyard to see if she was hiding somewhere or was in the house all along, but I kept on going around our house.

And, guess what?

The silly thing was sitting on our front porch, and she hadn't come when we called her. I am so glad she didn't run away and didn't move. It was amazing, because she had run several times before and we had to run and catch her.

Oh, and my iPod, Dave, was fine. He had landed on top of a chair cushion, and was still playing Newsboys when I returned.


Just to let you know, I am eagerly awaiting the series of stories starting Monday. I hope you enjoy!

God Bless,


Emii said...

Ooh, I'm glad you had a fun Thanksgiving:)

I got into the Christmas spirit a month early LOL, because I discovered Taylor Swift's Christmas album... :P

I'm glad you found your dog -- I hate it when we can't find our cat. Thankfully, he never runs away... I think he's scared of the road :D


Sarah said...

Ha ha, I love "Dave"'s name :P And I'm very glad you found your dog :)

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