Monday, November 30, 2009

Saving the Silent: Background

Welcome to GoMC's Winter Story Fest! For the next couple of weeks, I'll be posting some of my writings, stopping only on weekends and Fridays for my blog carnival, Randomness Friday.

The next couple of posts will focus on my most recent "short" story, Saving the Silent. It was originally written for a contest centered around horse-related fiction, but I didn't win, which is cool. It means I can share it with you all!

It's about a girl named Dawn who discovers that there is a farm nearby her house that is abusing animals, and she decides to stop at nothing to save them. Now, this story was written for an open competition, so it wasn't originally supposed to be Christian, which all but this composition I have ever written are. So this was a bit of a challenge for me, to write a story with morals, but no mention of God/Christ/church/ect...

I have been interested in horses for a long time, but only recently did I really come to learn more about animal abuse, selling off wild horses, capturing wild horses, and the like. My first response was, "What should Christians think about it?"
Here's my take. God created all things on earth, and man is to use the resources given him in an appropriate manner. Animals, especially horses, were given to man by God for uses, such as riding them and using them to do labor (pulling things and the like). I personally do not think it is right to sell perfectly healthy horses for slaughter. I also believe God's creatures shouldn't suffer the painful death many animals sent to the slaughter experience. I do not believe abusing animals is right, as you can see in my story.
 Yet we should be careful not equate horses with man. Horses, although great, cannot think as high as we can and therefore do not experience all of the emotions we do. Wild horses are great and should be preserved to some extent and be treated with respect, but they're lives can be better outside of the range. Of course, the angencies involved do need much reform, I am not denying it. The horses must be kept properly and numbers must be maintained to preserve the species, but I believe we should be careful not to become overly active and put the horse's needs above our own.

Anyway, those are my opinions. I could be very wrong, but I thought that I would clear up my views before I got started. Feel free to comment, and I hope you enjoy my story!

God Bless,

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