Monday, November 9, 2009


Okay, so I've gotten some questions in the past that I left unanswered, and there's also a lot of new people coming to visit GoMC weekly, so I thought I'd create a Frequently Asked Question page to help.

1. What is your real name/ where are you from/ how old are you?
Sorry! I don't want to give that info. out. No, I am not a criminal hiding from the law, but I've learned that, when it comes to the internet, you sometimes don't exactly want everyone to know every single thing about your life. I am not against putting stuff about yourself up with parental permission. Anyways, I'm perfectly fine with you calling me Prism, though its not my real name. Not even close *laughs*.
What can I say? I'm short, I'm Indian, I adore blogging, and I live in the awesome U S of A! :D

2. Why don't you post any pictures of yourself?

Ah, this is probably the most asked question I get. The reason is the same as above. I just don't feel comfortable with it. You can, however, see pictures of my awesome dog, flowers, fish, and my shadow. (I actually had my shadow as my profile picture for some time) *grins*

3. Wanna be friends of facebook?/ Wanna follow me on twitter?

I'm so sorry, but I do not have an account on those websites! My busy school and life schedule also don't allow me to take on any more social networking sites.

4. Who is this "Lil' Sis"/ "Artista"?
Ah, you must be new. *winks*
I do not refer to my family members by their first name, with the exception of my precious pooch.

Arista- my very artistic younger sister
Lil' Sis- the youngest sister. We adopted her from India in the spring of '09.
Belle- my fluffy blond pride and joy.
And, of course, me! Prism!

5. How did you come up with Girl of Many Colors?
Alas, I wish I had a smart, deep answer for you. One day a friend (MaidenofEmmanuel) suggested I start this blogging business and I just thought of this name. Perhaps it stemmed from my frustration for people judging each other by skin color (yes, it still happens), my interest in a variety of things, or the fact that I want to have a colorful personality. No, it was not after a horse from the Wizard of Oz or from Joseph's coat of many colors.

6. How did you come up with Prism?
I was actually called GoMC for some time. (It can be pronounced as spelling it out or smooshing the sounds together. However, when you pronounce it like a word, it sort of sounds like a frog's croak. Yeah, I know you're trying it. :D) Anyways, I got a little tired of that (who wants their name to sound like a frog?) and I changed it to Prism. It matched the whole colorful thing.

7. I awarded you, and you aren't putting it up on your blog!

Okay, for one I do not hate awards, actually its quite encouraging and humbling when one of you amazing people award me. However, I've found the whole ordeal to be a bit messy for me. My poor old pile of electronics (my computer) is terrible at getting pictures and loading them online. Also, people can get offended if they are not awarded.

8. I don't get your abbreviations! *sob*
Alright, starting out. When I use * * it means I'm "doing it". Like *grin* or *smile* or *giggle* or the ever-popular *rolls eyes at self*. I sometimes those things in real life, but I mainly do it to let readers how I feel about a comment I've made or to clarify any confusion on how I mean by certain words.

BTW- By the way
RF- Randomness Friday
coolies- cooler than cool
randomness- It means random, but I thought it sounded so cool
TKD- Tae Kwon Do

9. Do you do tags?

Yes! And I absolutely L-O-V-E them!

10. Hi, my name is ____. Will you follow my blog?
Yes, I will. Of course, I always check blogs for appropriateness.

11. You used to follow my blog. Do you hate me now?
No! Nothing like that. Sometimes I stop following a blog if there's no activity for more than two months. Just tell me you're back, and I'll press the "follow" button in a heartbeat.

12. What is Randomness Friday (RF)?
RF is a blog carnival that happens every Friday, started by me. It's a time for bloggers to cut loose and be their awesome, random selves. For more info., go to this post.
If you decide to join, please grab the RF banner on my sidebar, created by the amazing Libby!

13. Can I find you anywhere else?
I'm not really active in any other account, but I used to be Daughter of Thigocia on the Dragons in our Midst forum and I am ~Prism~ in The Underground

I hope this answers any questions you might have. If you have any questions not mentioned above, or can think of some questions people who are new to GoMC come, please comment and let me know! You people are amazing!

God Bless,


♥Libby♥ said...

Hey Prism,
That was a great post :) Answering all my questions I didn't even ask, lol

MaidenOfEmmanuel said...

Hey! This post was awesome (THOUGH, check out number 8, chica :)). I'm thinking about answering questions like this myself.

Anyway, I hope you're doing great. You haven't emailed me in a while and I was wondering if you're still alive-- but apparently you are. :D Glad to see that!

Hope we're still internet-besties. <3


Buttercup said...

great post girl! I just started following your blog!!! hey, just wanted to tell you some things that have to do with these questions...

q. 1-3: ME TOO!

q. 9: I just did a tag on my blog. you can do it too if you want!!! :D

q. 10: could you??? please??? Hehehe.

q. 12: I was going to do it. but I am busy on Fridays, I still might though! How do I get the button on? I tried a few weeks ago, and couldn't get it on. :(

Okay, yeah, I'm wierd, but! that's ok! :D

Love in Christ,

Buttercup said...

oh wow, i'm dumb. i just saw the randomness friday button with the grab box! LOL

~Prism~ said...

@Libby: LOL. That's good. I know that many people have a lot of questions about me, so I thought this might help.

@MOE: Thanks so much, chica! I so didn't notice that, but know I wrote something before *shakes head* argh. Anyways, you still my bestie!

@Buttercup: Don't worry about the grab code. :) I do that sort of thing all of the time! Oh, and I'm now a follower of your coolies blog. *grins*

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