Friday, October 30, 2009

Randomness Friday!

*The Formalities*

Welcome to Randomness Friday! This recently-made official blog carnival was started by me, and it went on for a while before I decided to make it something everyone can do. If you'd like to see what all of the happenings are about go to this post.

*The Participants*

The following have posted and are doing/going to do RF:

1. Isirian
2. Just a Girl 4 God
3. Libby
4. Eruanna
5. Maggie
6. Emii
7. anna :)

Several others have expressed interest in RF. Just remember I can't add you to the list until you've posted! And if I've missed anyone, please let me know!

Please Welcome to AGoMC...

Elránia Undómiel

Thank you so much for reading, you awesome people! :)


*sigh* I had a perfect post planned out, but it didn't work. Connection problems or something. I'll try to show you next week, I hope!

No horse riding this WHOLE month. I'm sad. Very, very sad.
Yesterday in Tae Kwon Do we practiced falls and rolls. It was super-fun, and I totally had a blast, but my back and neck are killing me! Has anyone else ever been so sore?


It's FRIDAY people! Party!!! I am so, so, so, so happy the weekend is coming. After a long week, nothing helps like a break.


Okay, everyone knows Halloween in Saturday. I'm not going into what I believe about the occasion or anything. What I'd like to ask is... Anyone getting dressed up?

I'm technically too old, so I won't be doing it this year. Something may come up though. I mean, our church usually has this fun fall festival with a walk-through Bible and inflatables and stuff, but construction is going on so we aren't this year. Sadness!


Sorry this post isn't the longest I've ever done. I'm just so frustrated with technology!

But then, again, it rocks...

God Bless,

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