Thursday, October 8, 2009

Isle of Fire Review

It only gets better than the last book, Isle of Swords.
Wayne Thomas Batson’s Christian adventure/fantasy book, Isle of Fire, picks up where its predecessor left off in a way that will inspire and amaze readers.
Cat, who lost his memory in the last book, is slowly regaining memories- memories that could haunt him for the rest of his life and change his life forever.
Anne Ross, the spunky, courageous, and redheaded daughter of Declan Ross, grows in her faith in God and also has her dreams come true in the most unlikely way.
Declan and Commodore Brandon Blake embark on an adventure (separated for the majority of the book) that will tie up loose ends and inspire all.
Let’s not forget Hopper. A quick-thinking, resourceful young man who captures the hearts of readers.
And finally, Bartholomew Thorne and a new villain, the Merchant. Thorne is dead, or is he? The reader also finds out how dangerous the Merchant really is as the story builds up to a huge battle that will determine all.

With a beautiful beginning, great building up of the story with the development of many characters, and the epic climax involving fire rain, I highly recommend this book.

Now one small problem I had with this book was a flurry of action. It was a little bit hard to follow here and there, and I felt that at times it was very fast-paced, perhaps too much so. The settings and point-of-views varied quite a bit, but it wasn’t too much a big deal. I just had to go back a reread now and then to let what I was reading soak in.

A friend commented that she didn’t like all of the constant battles in this story, but in my opinion, the battles are what make this story shine. She was also thrown off by the cover, with the skull and axes. I replied that the cover builds intrigue and mystery, so that the reader will want to delve into the pages and find out why the air seems to be alive with fire, why the city in the background is burning, what’s with the raven on the cover, ect. So, these are just two comments I got, and my responses.

If any of you have any comments to share, about what you thought about the book, if you want to read it, what you think about the cover, ect. Feel free to comment!

God Bless,


Tippie said...

Ahhh, yes, I agree with you on about everything you said! I LOVED this book, though I did have a small problem with the constant changing characters, etc. I think he had too many characters to switch back and forth from ?

But all in all it was really, really good!

R.P.H said...

I LOVE your blog it's beautiful! Thanks for the great review... unfortunately I haven't read Wayne Thomas Batson's, Isle of Fire and Isle of Swords... they sound so good :) I LOVED his Door Within Trilogy and his is one of my favorite writers.

Emii said...

Awesome review, Prism! I haven't read it, but if I happen to see it -- I'll give it a go! :)


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