Monday, August 31, 2009

Official Blog Carnival!

Randomness Friday is now an official blog carnival!

Who It's For: Those Who Just LOVE being random. I mean, everyone needs a dose from time to time. No need to follow my blog. I just require that you give me your blog link so I can put it in a list. Your blog will be added onto the list when you post a RF.

When: You don't need to do it every week as I do. Maybe one RF a month if you have time constraints. BUT you have more of a chance of being featured on GoMC if you post every week.

Randomness Friday MUST be somewhere in the title.

I'd greatly appreciate if those of you who want to do RF would link it back to me. I'm not demanding it, but again, it would be much appreciated. Once in a while I'll highlight some especially good RFs (funny, deep, just plain random, and ect.)Maybe with each post just put "This blog carnival was created by Prism" =

I do have some very strict rules about RF

1. Appropriate
2. Uplifting
3. Random!

These are just some general rules, right? Don't post anything you wouldn't want your family or maybe a seven year old seeing. Honor God with your words.

Have fun, and be sure to comment if you are interested!!!

Oh, and those of you good an computer images, if you come up with a banner for Randomness Friday and I'll give you credit in every RF post I do.

God Bless,


justagirl4god said...

YAY! I'm so excited... I'd love to create a button for it... I'm going to get onto it right away... :)
So, add me to the list!

♥Libby♥ said...

Hi Prism!!
This is great!!! I'm gonna put randomness friday on my "just a random public blog" blog :D it's -- which you can visit :))
this is such a great idea, and I'm gonna give you the credit when I do my first random friday post!!

Eruanna said...

What is GoMC? I am joining! I will try to do it every other week! here is my blog address:

~Prism~ said...

@justagirl4god: Thanks! As soon as your first RF is posted, it'll be sure to be up there! =D

@Libby: Thank you!

@Eruanna: GoMC is "Girl of Many Colors", my blog name. You'll be definitely added when you first do an RF!

God Bless,


Isirian said...

I made one and put it on my blog!See if you like it!

Eruanna said...

Ok so I posted about telling everyone I was doing it! I gave you credit!

Eruanna said...

A tag is awaiting at my blog for you!(fancy way of saying I tagged you!)

Elizabeth J. said...

Interesting blog ideas.=^)

Anonymous said...

That would be interesting! But I think that for now I'll stand by and watch what RF is about.^^

Tippie said...

This is a really cool idea, DoT! Of course I would absolutely love to do it! I'll make a banner today and post my very first Randomness Friday!

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