Friday, October 2, 2009

Randomness Friday: Decision Time!

Welcome to the day where all entries in my official RF banner contest will be chosen! The winner will get her banner named the official RF banner, and I will give her credit by linking back to her in every post I do.

Btw, ya'll don't need to feel sad if you don't win. None of you will be losers. I am going to put all submitted RF banners into my sidebar and give credit to you amazing people when the winner is decided.

Any questions, any comments, feel free to voice!


*The Formalities*

Welcome to Randomness Friday! This recently-made official blog carnival was started by me, and it went on for a while before I decided to make it something everyone can do. If you'd like to see what all of the happenings are about go to this post.

*The Participants*

The following have posted and are doing/going to do RF:

1. Isirian
2. Just a Girl 4 God
3. Libby
4. Eruanna
5. Maggie
6. Emii

Several others have expressed interest in RF. Just remember I can't add you to the list until you've posted! And if I've missed anyone, please let me know!

Bring on the banners! In no particular order:

This super-cool banner was made by none other than the amazing Eruanna! BANNER 1

Randomness Friday

This amazing banner was made by none other than Emii. Doesn't it just rock?

a href="">
This wonderful banner was created by Libby.

This amazingly creative banner was made by Isirian!

I think I got everyone. If I missed you, let me know right away!!!

God Bless,


Anonymous said...

What great is going to be hard to find the winner of the contest.

♥Libby♥ said...

Prism, sorry but that was just a button for one week. I made a new one when I could ACTUALLY make buttons. Get the code at

♥Libby♥ said...

You missed just a girl for god button.

~Prism~ said...

@Maggie: Definitely! *nods*

@Libby: Fixed, and I couldn't put it up because the link listed on the button was incorrect. It was missing an "a". But if she has fixed the button or will, I will post the new one :)

God Bless,


justagirl4god said...

Heya Prism!

I'm voting for Emii's button - sorry that I haven't had a chance to fix the one I did up - life has been SO crazy! I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do much randomness friday, but i'll defs stop by and read yours!

God bless!

~Prism~ said...

@justagirl4god: That's totally fine, but I'm going to miss your awesomeful design! I loved the mixture of colors.

Anyway, I know how life can be *shakes head* I'll be praying for you!

God Bless,


♥Libby♥ said...

Id like to vote on just a girl 4 gods button, but I guess i cant anymore. anyways, dont worry, I'll choose another one!

Anonymous said...

Prism, I was going to change my button ages and AGES ago, but I never got to it, and when I was going to do it, Emii did her button and than... she made her button the exact same as what I was going to do!!! Its too late to change my button, isnt it?
i hate that button I did cause it was one of the first ones i did, and its horrible lol

Tippie said...

Oh, my, you have some amazing graphic makers for followers! :D
I'z gonna have a hard time choosing. You all did REALLY good!

As always, love your posts Prism. :D
((*Is feeling like a failure 'cause she hasn't sent back an email to you in awhile* Bad Tippie. :P *is now going to send one back* ))

Eruanna said...

Wow those are so nice!

Isirian said...

I tagged you!
Cool banners everyone!

~Prism~ said...

@Libby: I know. Her banner rocked, but there's also other AMAZING banners to chose from, you can vote for your cool-filled one too, if you want! =D

@Lydia: Welcome! I don't think we've met before. Due to the nature of this competition, I will accept a late entry. Be sure you let me know before the end of this week!

@Tippie: Definitely! And don't feel bad, Tipster! I know how life is for me right now. Utter craziness. As long as we still communicate through our blogs, I'm happy! =D

@Eruanna: You got that right!

@Isirian: Thanks! I already did the tag, and it's scheduled to be posted this week.

God Bless,


P.S. I'm just LOVING all of these comments! :)

B. D. Eastman said...

Check out the contest and win the prizes on my blog!

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