Friday, October 16, 2009

Randomness Friday: Winners!

Congratulations Libby!

I know how contests can be sometimes- but I want to assure everyone who entered this contest- you are all winners in my book! I loved each and every design you submitted and I am so thankful you took the time to do this for me and RF! You gals rock!


*The Formalities*

Welcome to Randomness Friday! This recently-made official blog carnival was started by me, and it went on for a while before I decided to make it something everyone can do. If you'd like to see what all of the happenings are about go to this post.

*The Participants*

The following have posted and are doing/going to do RF:

1. Isirian
2. Just a Girl 4 God
3. Libby
4. Eruanna
5. Maggie
6. Emii
7. anna :)

Several others have expressed interest in RF. Just remember I can't add you to the list until you've posted! And if I've missed anyone, please let me know!

Please welcome to GoMC... tinydancer



Le Promeneur!

I hope I got all of the new followers- I've missed posting them for the last two weeks, so I'm not sure. Anyways, please give these fine followers a warm welcome!


I LOVE the fact that it's fall break.

Reasons Why:

1. FALL! I love fall. The trees start revealing their fall fashions, and I just love raking up the leaves.

2. BREAK! I really needed this. Life can get so hectic sometimes, and it's just good to stop and smell the roses, er- fall leaves once in a while, right?


Okay, so I've said before, my littlest sister (who I've affectionately dubbed, Lil' Sis, on GoMC. I know, right? I am so creative) loves watching Dora the Explorer. What little girl doesn't. Anyways, when I'm babysitting her or something we always watch it together, and since I've been amping up my knowledge of Spanish lately, I realized that I understood a lot (I'm a just a beginner. Yes, I know that's not much to be proud of...)

And I was wondering about Dora's name. I remembered that in Spanish, the word for "explorer" is "explorador". Now, explorador is masculine, and if it was to be made into a feminine noun, you'd add an "a" making it "exploradora". Then, I realized that's what was in the theme song... My discovery suddenly seemed very insignificant.

Oh, my gosh, Prism, you are soooooo observant *rolls eyes*


Okay, shoot me now, but I haven't ridden a horse ALL MONTH! I feel so, very sad.


I've been reading some books lately, and I'm LUVIN' it! :)

Right now I'm reading The Door Within by Wayne Thomas Batson, and I hope to do a review of that soon.

I'm also reading Better. It's for school, but it's basically by a surgeon about what he does, proper procedure, ect. It's interesting, that's for sure.

I'm going to get Green by Ted Dekker on Saturday also from my local library. I've read a lot of the books in the Circle (I read the lost books and black, red, and white.) But I am so excited to see everything tie in. Remember from some previous reviews that I had some problems here and there with the books, but you know I like them since I want to read Book Zero.

God Bless,


Buttercup said...

Hi Prism, I'm Buttercup. I found you through Libby. Do you mind if I do Randomness Friday also? I would love to get to meet you! :D

~Buttercup :)~

Eruanna said...

I think I can count this post for the contest right?

Emii said...

Congrats, Libby! Your blinkie's awesome :)


Eruanna said...

it's fine!!

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