Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter! It's Easter

Greetings, Friends! It's early Easter morning for you all, but Easter afternoon here. We went late last night for a midnight service at my cousin's church. It was different than what I was used to, but very very cool. They had this pipe organ that made my skin tingle with every note...

Little sister is doing really well with family and friends. She loves everything and I love her muchness. The last post I deleted, and it had a big oops. I wasn't supposed to post her name. It was late, and I did a huge blunder, and it's out there. I ask you to please refer to her from now on as my little sister. I would be really sad to turn away a comment if it contained her name. I'm the one at fault... Please accept my apology....=(

Anyways, India is a place with such culture, such people! I hope to really let you see what I saw through my eyes in the near future...

Thanks so much to you, my readers!

He is risen!


Sarah said...

Happy Easter to you too!

How come you (and other blogs I've read) aren't aloud to put the name of the kid you adopted on here?

SarahO'G said...

I am confused.... you have a cousin in India? Or are you back now????? Ah! Too bad about the name... you know you could have just edited it and taken her name out.... right?

bookworm4god said...

I didn't see that last post, so my lips are sealed, and will always be anyway. :D
Happy Easter/Resurrection Day!! :)
I'm so happy you're having a great time with your family.
When are you going to e-mail me, Miss DoTella?? =D

Hope everything's going well,

~Prism~ said...

@Sarah: Thank you! I hope you had a great one! Okay, I'm not allowed to, and never wanted to because I'm not her, she's her own person, and what if she doesn't want me disclosing that in the future? Also, the internet is a great resource, but we must also use it wisely. Everyone has different standards. Yes, I may be overdoing it on the safety, but I don't want to run the risk of losing my privacy. I greatly recommend talking with parents to know boundaries in that area.

@SarahO'G: Yes, pretty much my whole family lives here, in India, and I am still here so we can visit. I am going home early next week, so things will be back to normal! ( I sure hope so!)
Yes, I know, and I thought of that too, but a lot of people commented (You included, I think, right???) using her name. They were really nice comments, and I didn't want the post to exist and have to delete your comments (It would show up that I deleted them...) It would pretty much be one big mess...

@Bookins: Heyyy! You too!I am having a great time, and I did, missy! =D

I won't have internet access for the rest of my stay here, ya'll. Many apologies. Hope to see you when I get back!!!

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