Friday, February 4, 2011

What's to Come!

Okay, I just couldn't resist. I am way, super-duper, extra, totally excited about the book reviews to come. So below you'll find the book covers of the reviews I, Lord willing, will post as soon as I can.

AAAAAAHHHHHHHH! I am so excited!



Emily Shae said...

Well, I for one, CANNOT WAIT!! I love reading your book reviews. They are very well written and precise.

BTW: How do you get all these books to review?

Emily <3

~Prism~ said...

Thanks so much!!!

If I find a publisher I like, I usually search if they have a blogger review program. Thomas Nelson, Waterbrook Multanomah, Tyndale, Bethany House, and Navpress have some good programs. If you scroll down on my sidebar, you'll see some sites I review for. Click on the images and you'll be taken to the sites. There are a TON of books.
Some publishers, however, don't have public review programs. I usually try e-mailing them to see if they do have a blogger book review program. For publishers who don't have a public program, the answer is often no.

Hope that helped! :)

Emii said...

Wooo! I love your book reviews. I don't usually read fantasy, but I'm reviewing the new one by Bryan Davis, too. :D
Oh, Hollywood Nobody is a GREAT book! And I can't wait for the ones I've never heard of because they look really good!

Hope said...

Oh my gosh! My sister read "Do Hard Things"!

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