Friday, February 11, 2011

Randomness Friday: Hey, No More Books!!!!

                                                                                               (Thanks Libby!)

Okay, just kidding! But, people, I am completely running out of space on my bookshelf! I've actually had to pick favorites (oh, the HORROR!) and hide away some books just to keep my shelves orderly... Okay, somewhat orderly.

I'm not particular about many things, but, dude, ruin my books and you'll unleash my wrath!

Again, just kidding. I do get pretty upset when, say, spaghetti sauce gets all over my favorite book or the cover is torn off (may it NEVER be!!!!) but I suffer inwardly... that is, most of the time.

But now I digress.

Any of you have solutions for my lack-of-space woes?

Should I buy a new bookshelf? 
Toss some of them into the banishment of perpetual closet-dom?
Move over some other stuff to make room?
Move to Siberia and carve myself a bookshelf out of stone?
Move to Siberia to ponder the reason why I feel it is necessary to even have more books?
Move to Siberia and feed my books to the tigers?
Quit thinking about Siberia and just deal with it?

I dunno.... I just don't like not having enough room.

*looks back at what she just wrote* Now, THAT, my friends was the weirdest thing ever...

So, that's it for this edition of Randomness Friday. Short, and um, well, short. (What do you want me to say, sweet? Ha.)



Rachael said...

or you could have a give away?
or lend them to your friends....

just some ideas

Rachael said...

oh ya, I love the part where move to siberia and feed them to the

Sierra said...

I'm having the same problem!I have 3 shelves on a shelf to put them on and I still have 2 stacks in the closet.It is just terrible.My dream room is a room with a closed bunk bed with computer and desk underneath and the rest of the be book shelves!With a slide ladder and a window plus window seat.Sierra

Shelley said...

Haha, funny post and very random! Especially the Siberia part! I'd say buy a new bookshelf so all of them can stay out in your room! :)

Buttercup said...

oh, Prism! How I LOVE the way you write, girl! lol.

Jazmine~ said...

Quick question Prism,
the books you get from booksneeze, do you get to keep them? I just came to the conclusion that they might only rent them out to you.
i was considering joining.

~Prism~ said...

Yes, books from booksneeze are yours to keep!


~Prism~ said...

Thanks for the suggestions, everyone!

I am now debating whether to get another bookshelf or to move to Siberia...

But because I seriously doubt they have wifi, chocolate milshakes, or convenience stores, I'm leaning towards the former.


MaidenOfEmmanuel said...

I found more time for books so now I'm reading!!!!!

By the way, Siberia sounds awesome; go contemplate there.

I would not put books in the closet but by a new bookshelf. I know that sounds like money and space being thrown out to others, but to me, I have to have my books around, sorry.
Anyway, love your posts, chica!


Dragonslove3 said...

My problem exactly. I have no room for more bookshelves so I Stack books in front of book, put books in boxes (fits more) and Put boxes of books in (overloaded) garage. My shelves are still overloading. Do all that and maybe read books digitally, that is until you use all your memory then I have nothing! Ah the reader's problem! :D

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