Friday, February 18, 2011

Randomness Friday: Never Say Never... Oops, I Just Did... Twice

Okay, okay, people. This is not going to be a Beiber rant or rave. I know there are many strong feelings about him, so I'm not going to dive into the fray. I just found the title of movie ironic... but that was likely the point.

So, two random commercials I've seen recently and think are funny:

(Thanks to MaidenofEmmanuel for posting "The Force" on her blog!)


Tiredness. It seems to love me as much as paper hates me...

I have gotten so many paper cuts in the past couple of days, I am not kidding you.

Paper. Hates. Prism.

The feeling is mutual... Except when there's something good on it.

Like books! Or a good grade! Or an acceptance letter into a program I spent hours applying to!

Okay, nevermind. God made trees. Trees and some other stuff God created make paper. Paper... is okay. (deep breath) Okay, it's very okay! :)

I've noticed I've been reading many, many books on my digital device. No, it's not because I've decided to abandon paper, but I seem to have more time to read books digitally. Many publishers also only offer review copies as electronic copies, too. Oh, and my library has an e-media program with e-books, and since I almost never have the time to go to the library anymore, so I go digital.

Ahhhh! Prism has joined the dark side!!!!

Note: This is not my image!

Okay, couldn't resist. Funny though, I actually have never seen Star Wars... 

Please, do not throw the rotten produce!

It's really not like betraying the book world. Yes, in ways it is more expensive, but I find myself reading books on my computer too. I can still highlight my favorite parts, keep bookmarks, and I don't have to carry heavy books with me!

Oh, and I don't have people asking me what the book is about!!!

Okay, that just has always annoyed me a teensy bit because I so get into the story. Interruptions that aren't from parents or super important totally frustrate me. I don't go ballistic or anything, but I just sigh, set aside my book and give the person a whole review of my book, because that's what I do.

What? Prism is like this in her real life?!?!?! 

Surprisingly, yes. The only difference between this and my real life is that I am more academic in real life. School is my life. Well, maybe 70% of the time, but I work a lot. I sort of like it too, but I know I never talk about it on here. But I'm pretty much like this with my closest friends. 

Maybe I'm cooler on here, I dunno.

I mean, I want to be a doctor... and I'm not so sure you'd appreciate me blabbering on about the differences between the types of leukocytes, right??? 

(By the way, leukocytes are white blood cells... Same thing. They're pretty tough little... things... (what do I say? dudes?! they're cells!) )

That's all for this edition of Randomness Friday. "See" you all soon!


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