Friday, February 4, 2011

New Design?

I've had this current design since maybe 2009, so, I was thinking about maybe giving AGoMC a facelift? Well, I guess it would be a template-lift. I'm not sure- I may not even go through with this. Do y'all know of any good websites or blog designers that does blog templates for free?

I'd love to do a header, or maybe just redesign the whole thing. Of course, I'd still be the same, random me.



Sananora said...

There's a nice site called Shabby Blogs:

Rachel said...

a new header would be cool

Emii said... -- have you been there? Lena, I think her name is, has a whole bunch of awesome freebie template's. The downside of these ones are that they're really popular, so while blogging you might find someone with the same blog as you:P

Shelley said...

Even though I like your current blog design, a new one would be nice as well. What ever you decide! :) And unforunately I don't happen to know of any people who design for free, sorry! :)

Guinevere said...

Brianna makes lovely free designs at

Also, Bethany @ designs really cute makeovers for free!

Sorry....I think this might be my first comment ever, and I've been following since...summer of 2010? I assure you, though, that I read every post!

hayley said...

Go find a cute vintage (if that's your style) from Shabby Blogs and I would find a cute header too! :)

Buttercup said...

Hey Prism! I love your current design, but I know what it's like to want to change! I can't think of any except, and But I just wanted to warn you that if you change your template to the new blogger styles (dashboard - design - template designer) that you probably can't change it back! I learned that the hard way! lol. So don't do that until your absolutely sure. Emii ( fixed Anna's, so there has to be some way, I just don't know how. lol.

In Christ alone,

Camellia Day said...

This is where I got mine from! They're sort of complicated to put on but I love how they look! :]


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