Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy SAD Day!

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Love day, Heart day, Valentines Day, SAD day, it's all the same to me.

To be honest, I have never gotten into the whole romance, kissy kissy scene...


Although, this was said of me:

~Prism~: I LOVE action movies!
Mom: Yeah, kissy, kissy action.

Okay, no. This was said jokingly, and it is not true. Yuck.

Yes, I like Pride and Prejudice, but... but... That is beside the point!

Oh, by the way, do you know what SAD day is? It's Valentines Day's alter ego: Singles Awareness Day. Funny how SAD is the acronym for it, but I am telling you, single people are happy people. Until they get married to the person God decided could put up with them, and then they become super-happy people...But that is beside the point!

I am proud to be unattached, single, and a TEEN! So, uh, there! I plan to remain so for a long time.

I am unabashedly in love with all things chocolate, though. No, its not an obsession, and I don't each chocolate every day. I'm not allowed. Anyways, M&Ms and chocolate frozen delights are my absolutely favorite. However, in my book, the chocolate must be the lone element for me to truly enjoy it (with few exceptions). Forget the nuts, caramel, and other stuff. Skip the valentine, just gimme chocolate!

Okay, I know you wanna know the exceptions... Here they are: Chocolate syrup, whipped cream, and ice cream.

I barely have these things, though. Yes, I have some self-control! I also have a limited wallet and parents.

...Which brings us to the next thing I absolutely love... My family! I (most of the time) think they are absolutely the best thing after chocolate, so I thank God for them.

Above all things, my Heavenly Father. Wow... Love... Now His is the ultimate!!!!!!!!



Sierra said...

Happy valentines Day! Sierra

Camellia Day said...

You sound JUST like me. xD

Hate kissy, kissy/ sappy things and love anything packed full of sugar. ;]

I love action movies with a passion, especially when they actually have a GOOD romance. See, I don't mind romance, as long as it's not sappy or pathetic.

Never watch 'The Notebook' unless you want to gag on your popcorn. xD

The Golden Eagle said...

Happy Valentine's Day! :)

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