Friday, July 2, 2010

Randomness Friday: Disney World?!

Wow. How can I even begin to describe my trip to Florida? It was incredible to say in the least. I got to go to Downtown Disney, Epcot, Magic Kingdom in Disney World, and I'll give y'all a look at the theme parks, Prism style.

*cheesy music*
Announcer: It is now time for Prism's timely tips! Presented by, Prism! And now, here's Prism!!!!
*music ends*

Okay, so I pretty much spent a day at each park, and yes, that was the perfect time. I recommend that if you ever go, plan four (or more) days just to visit the theme parks. There is Epcot, Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, and Disney's Hollywood Studios. In addition, you can visit Downtown Disney (shopping and eating area) and the two Disney water parks (Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon). There is also a Sea World and Universal Studios park nearby, so it all depends on how much time, money, energy, and travel abilities you have.

*end of cheesy music*

Anyway, Day One!

Day One:

(Hotel room, morning, three girls talking)

Prism: So, what are we doing today?
Prism's Friend: I dunno...
Prism's Friend 2: Hey, how about Downtown Disney?

*all cheer and head out of the hotel, laughing and singing Prism's Friend 2's praises*

Yes, if you can believe it, day one consisted of nothing but Downtown Disney (actually, not really, but it was the biggie of the day)

So, if you stay at one of Disney's hotels, you get free transportation all around the Disney World area. Of course, being as we took a plane to Florida and didn't have the money to rent a car, we all took advantage of the buses.

It wasn't a long drive to Downtown Disney, if I remember correctly, and we went in the afternoon.

My recommendation? Do Downtown Disney in the night! It's much cooler then (temperature and cool-factor) and there are twinkly lights everywhere! Downtown Disney just seems to come to life!

By the way, be sure to take a group of people with you wherever you go, ESPECIALLY at night. Safety in numbers, better to be safe than sorry, and yes, I know I'm not your mother!

*sniff* But you are loved. Just as if you were my own.

Any-way! Moving on, people, moving on.

So, Downtown Disney. Good for eating, shopping, and entertainment (but you probably will spend a lot of money). Biggest thing: Pictures, pictures, pictures! This place has PLENTY of awesome photo ops.


~Characters in Flight: Get to go up to 400 ft above in a giant tethered balloon. See a magnificent view of the parks! (I didn't get to do this because my none of my friends would join me. I really wish I did, though!!!)

~World of Disney: A HUGE shopping stop for all things Disney World. I had a great time at this store. Seriously, do most (if not all) of your souvenir shopping here.

~Orlando Harley-Davidson: Get some pictures with cool bikes or buy Harley-Davidson stuff!

~Lego Imagination Center: Again, plenty of cool photo ops! See huge Lego sculptures!

~The Art of Disney: See animation in action. Even if you're not buying stuff, you'll still love it.

Stop in as many places as you can if you get to go, especially, if you're a window-shopping type of person. There's plenty of stuff guys, girls, young, and old will enjoy!

Oh, and admission to Downtown Disney is free.

Day Two:

(Girls are in the pool)

Prism: So, any plans?
Prism's Friend 2: Well, we do have two-day passes to the Disney parks...
Prism's Friend: Epcot, Epcot, or Epcot?
Prism: That's a real toughie... But, oh! *nearly splashes out of the pool in a moment of seeming epiphany* I've got it, comrades! Epcot! Why don't we go to Epcot???
Prism's Friend 2: You guys are lucky I hang around you.

Epcot it was! We again took the free bus to Epcot!

Epcot is divided into two areas, Future World and World
Showcase. I recommend going to Future World first, as that is where all of the lines build up.

Now, Disney has invented this amazing thing for rides... It's called a FAST PASS!

What? Why aren't you cheering? Huh? HUH?

Fast pass: A beautiful, free little ticket that pops out of a machine when you swipe your park ticket! You get a special timing, and if you go to the attraction during that time, you get to bypass all of the poor waiting people and get into the ride!

Yeah, BABY! :)

So, we did fast passes for a lot of things, and it works well to plan out things.

Now, for my recommendations!

~Spaceship Earth: Spaceship Earth is a slow ride through Epcot's famous golfball dome. See the earth through time and even yourself... in the future. Okay, y'all. I'll be honest. I hated this ride. For starters, it's slow, dark, and pretty uneventful. It also starts from the beginning of earth, which in the world's eyes, is macroevolution. Big surprise there, I know. But the animatronics is amazing, and you'll get to tell all of your friends that you went into a mega golf ball!

~Epcot Character Spot: Meet characters, duh! ;)

~Turtle Talk With Crush: The little dudes will love this one, but I was pretty amazed too. I mean, CRUSH of FINDING NEMO can actually talk to you! Like, "Hey, Alex, nice blue shell (shirt)." I felt three again... *smiles blissfully* Okay, not really. But it was still cool.

~Soarin': THE must do of Epcot. Feel like you are in a hang glider as you travel from see to shining sea! It's truly like you are there, flying over places. I REALLY recommend it. But a word to the wise, don't wear flip flops! Several people had theirs come off!

~Mission: SPACE: And incredible ride. Experience the feeling of riding in a REAL spacecraft and being in a flight crew aboard it. When the spacecraft "blasts off" you actually feel it. I thought my lungs were going to collapse, but my friends and I were laughing hysterically through the whole thing.

~Test Track: Be a test dummy as you test drive a GM vehicle. Go through bumpy roads, fast turns, and unbelievable speeds! I loved this ride. My friends and I were again laughing hysterically.

That's the end of Future World for the most part, but the World Showcase is really up to you if you decide to go.Sample some of the culture by talking to people really from the countries and eat some good native food!


~United Kingdom

The nighttime is a time of fireworks and lasers. I highly recommend staying for the nightly show. Simply incredible.

Day Three:

(Girls are sleeping in their room)

Prism: *bolts upright in bed* I know where I want to go today.
Prism's Friend: *sleepily* Where?
Prism: Disney's Magic Kingdom!
Prism's Friend 2: *grin* Now you're talking!

Off to the blue castle!

Definitely plan to spend a whole day here. Yep, from opening to closing, this park has a LOT to offer.


~Pirates of the Caribbean: Go through this ride to the world of pirates galore! See if you can spot Jack Sparrow along the way.

~Splash Mountain: Ride through an adventure with Brer Rabbit until you plunge FIVE stories. I was screaming my head off, y'all.

~Big Thunder Mountain Railroad: Board a runaway train! This was probably my favorite ride in Disney World. Fast, fast, fast, and fast!

~Haunted Mansion: It could be scary for the little ones, but I was more amazed at all of the technological wonders! (Yes, alas, my nerd side has come out)

~Mickey's PhilharMagic: A 3D movie that'll make you feel like you're really there with the characters! Incredible-ness!

~Mad Tea Party: Not for those with motion sickness! Whirl around and around in teacups!

~Space Mountain: An indoor roller coaster- in the dark! You never know which was the roller coaster will turn, but, be sure to hang onto your belongings!

DEFINITELY take pictures with whatever characters you run into.

I had a blast there, and I hope those of you who have not yet had the opportunity to go will go soon!

Incredible! Awesome! Sah-weet!

So that was my trip. Hope I didn't bore you...

God Bless,


♥Bleah♥Briann♥ said...

Hey! Glad you had fun... I love going to Florida. I usually go to Daytona which is about an hour from Orlando.
Can you follow this blog?
Tell her I sent you please. I'm trying to win a contest.

Music chica said...

I love the "not your mama,but love you like my own"!
SO cute!
Great post and if I ever go I'll have to check out some of those.
That international thing really caught my eye,I love this festival that goes on every year.It's an international festival and they have a bunch of food stands all sorts of activities and entertainment.It's really cool.

Memzie said...

Sounds like an adventure! I am glad you had a great time.

The Golden Eagle said...

Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun there! :)

Rachel.T said...

Another tip--don't go in the Summer. The weather is thundering all the time. I should know, I had to witness it. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey you almost have 100 followers, and you've almost posted 100 things this year! CONGRATS

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