Friday, July 23, 2010

Randomness Friday: Prism Interviews Herself...

(Thanks Libby!)

PRISM: Welcome everyone to this very... unique Randomness Friday. You see, I'm going to interview myself. Let's hope it's not disastrous.

PRISM: Get on with it, already. I don't got all day. 

PRISM: Okay, Prism, how are you?

PRISM: Uh, I'm okay, I guess.

PRISM: Just...okay?

PRISM: *squirms* Yeah...

PRISM: Uh-huh... *squints* You sure about that?

PRISM: OF COURSE I AM!!! *pants* Now, please continue with the interview.

PRISM: Okay, let's start with question numero uno. Favorite color?

PRISM: Easy. Purple. Oh, and green, and blue, and yellow... Then there's black and white and...

PRISM: Okay, then! Next question. Last book you read?

PRISM: Always Watching by Brandilyn and Amberly Collins. Oh, it was so good. Suspenseful, intriguing, enthralling... You see, it's about-

PRISM: Please, Prism. Simple question, simple answer.

PRISM: Oops, sorry. *smiles* But it is a good book.

PRISM: I know. So, what have you been up to?

PRISM: Looking at scholarships, applying for scholarships, getting headaches over scholarships, crying over lost scholarships, wishing I won certain scholarships, and planning for future scholarships.

PRISM: So... scholarships?

PRISM: Yup. Pretty much.

PRISM: How do you feel about college?

PRISM: NO! DON'T SAY THE "C" WORD! In all honesty, it scares me like anything! But, *deep breath* God's in control and I'm working hard. We'll see where He leads me.

PRISM: Good attitude. Keep it up.

PRISM: I'm doing my best.

PRISM: So, what are you doing right now?

PRISM: Well, I'm interviewing myself. I'm also listening to TobyMac (LOVE HIS MUSIC!!!), trying not to watch the movie my sister's watching, and wishing I had some watermelon.

PRISM: Watermelon?

PRISM: Yeah, it's my love in life. But it can't just be any watermelon. The good kind is super crunchy with a sweet flavor, but it can't be too sweet. In fact, I'll be right back. I'm going to go get some.

PRISM: Nope.

PRISM: What? WHY?!

PRISM: You only get it once you finish this.

PRISM: Are you blackmailing me?

PRISM: No. Because, technically, you can't blackmail yourself.

PRISM: True. So any other questions?

PRISM: Yeah. Who was the last person who made you smile?

PRISM: Another easy one. The kids at my Tae Kwon Do class. They get distracted so easily and lose interest fast, but they are the sweetest children EVER.

PRISM: Tae Kwon Do. You like it?

PRISM: Yeah, though I could fool you sometimes. It's a love-hate relationship, but it pays the bills.

PRISM: You don't pay any bills. Your awesome parents do.

PRISM: Well, it pays for the needs of Prism. Happy?

PRISM: No. I think you meant "wants of Prism".

PRISM: *sigh* Fine. Is this an interrogation or what?

PRISM: No, because you can't interrogate yourself.

PRISM: But you can interview yourself?

PRISM: Next question! How's your author life?

PRISM: Ha! It's nonexistent. I haven't written in a long while, and I've been racking my brain for more ideas. I'm laying off the book idea for now, and I'm concentrating on short stories. The whole scholarship thing again.

PRISM: Sorry.

PRISM: *sigh* I know. I just hope I'll get some ideas soon.

PRISM: So, if you had a good voice, who would you sound like?

PRISM: You mean, who I lip sync the most? There's a lot of people. Some days I wish I sounded like Joy Williams, others the BarlowGirl sisters, some Audrey Assad, others the lead singer of Superchick... You get the idea.

PRISM: You really wish you could sing, huh?

PRISM: You bet I do! I'd give almost anything for the vocal capacity to sing MercyMe's songs. That lead singer, he got some pipes!

PRISM: You poor soul.

PRISM: We can't all be amazing singers. Or, singers. Period.

PRISM: Well, I guess I've dragged this interview long enough.

PRISM: Can I have my watermelon now?

PRISM: Not Yet. We must bid our guests goodbye.

PRISM: See ya later, folks.

PRISM: Thanks for reading!



Buttercup said...

haha! I LOVED THAT POST, GIRL! you are so hilarious! :D So, looking at scholarships? I thought you were closer to my age, and if you are you are lookin' pretty far ahead. lol. ttyl!

The Golden Eagle said...

LOL, I love that post! :)

Becca and Zippy said...

Awesome post! I was cracking up the entire time I was reading it!

-Becca c(-8

Music chica said...

That was sooo funny!!!!!!!!
I loved it!!!!!!!!!!
I know right?!??!?Collage is so scary!
Keep up the good posting(funny as well!)!

MahinaMK said...

No way, it was so not disastrous! Lol Prism, you are so funny, had me laughing through the whole post! And now I want some watermelon. :P


Memzie said...

That was a great post!!! It cracked me up!

Anonymous said...

This is funny! I love to laugh.

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