Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Interview: Emii!

This week I have the honor to interview the owner of a blog I have followed for quite some time- Emii! Emii is the blogkeeper of Girlz 4 God, which I highly recommend checking out!

What are you waiting for? Go check it out!

Oh, but after reading the interview, you remember. ;)

Prism: What would you say is your favorite food?
Emii: This question stumps me all the time...I'm going to say

Prism: Haha, good asnwer! Have you ever laughed so hard that you couldn't stop? Why?
Emii: YES. On school camp last year, me and one of my friends, Kayley, were sitting on her bed -- laughing. I don't know what about, but we were laughing our heads off. Almost literally. Nothing was funny. It was just funny.

Prism: What is your favorite/ life verse?
Emii: Psalm 62:8 -- "Trust in him at all times, O People. Pour out your hearts to him, for God is your refuge." As silly as it may look, it hangs on my wall, all by itself, and instead of "O People" I wrote "Emily". (I used to have posters, but I got sick of looking at Justin Bieber and Nick J and everyone all the time;))

Prism: Buffet or sit-down dinner?
Emii: Buffet.

Prism: Favorite color?
Emii: Purple & lime green!:)

P: Hey, same here! :) What do you post about the most on your blog?
E: I post about a lot of things -- stuff that's happening in my life, book reviews, music, "Lessons in Life" (Lessons about God, the Bible and how we live), mini-interviews (Interviews with authors and other people) and some other things.:)

P: Any pets?
E: Yupp -- a huge, fat, fluffy cat I call Jimmy-Jay!!

P: What is the coolest place you have ever visited?
E: Coolest place...probably Wine Glass Bay, a beach in Tasmania. The most beautiful beach I've ever seen, even if we did have to go on the longest walk ever to see it!:)

P: Wow, that is pretty incredible. When did you first decide to start blogging?
E: In grade 6 (Two years ago) in computer class, we had to start a blog. I love it more than anyone in the class, and started Girlz 4 God in January last year.

P: Favorite Christian movie?
E: Hmm... I can't think of any from the top of my head...The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe {The new version}.

P: Thank you so much, Emii!
E: Thanks for interviewing me, Prism!:)) 

Would you like to be interviewed by me?

1. E-mail me at girlofmanycolors *at* gmail *dot* com
with the subject line "INTERVIEW" simply tell me a little about yourself and give me a link to your wonderful blog! I mean, all you really have to put is your name/blog name and a link to your blog.

2. I e-mail you back within a week or so (after reviewing your blog and coming up with questions for you) with instructions. All of the questions I ask are questions I would be comfortable with asking. I WILL NOT ask you your real name, age, location, ect. I promise. If you are uncomfortable or uninterested in answering a question at any time, then you always have the option of skipping that question and getting another one from me.

3. You fill out the "form" I send you with all of your wonderful answers and e-mail it back to me!

4. I pick a Wednesday, add some more stuff about you (blog button, short info section about what your blog is about), and you're good to go!

If it sounds good to you, feel free to start the process! I promise it's fun!



Music chica said...

Cool interview!
If I had any posters of them I'm not sure I'd take them down...
in fact,I'd probably put them into some kind of collage.

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh Prism! It's ME, Zoe! Head in the clouds-thoughts of a dreamer? Lol-I had to delete my old blog *SOBBBBS* but I'm working on starting my new one. Check it out, and follow me if you like it. I'm following you and adding you to my blog roll :)

Emii said...

Ooh, Sierra, I love the collage idea -- I'm so doing that...thanks!:D

Shelley said...

Awesome interview! Going over to Emii's blog right now! Sounds interesting! :)

Hope Marie said...

Im having a giveaway go to to enter.

Memzie said...

Awesome interview! You are SO creative with your interviews!

Abigail Prudence said...

Hey Prism! Just wanted to let you know that I have award you and this blog the sunshine award!! please check out my blog for more details!

P.S. love the interviews, tks again for letting me do one a while back :)

Abigail Prudence

Anonymous said...

OOO I love Emii! Her blog is so pretty. Great interview Prism!

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