Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Books That I'm Looking Forward To!

The following books will soon be released this year. I absolutely cannot wait to read them! I've ranked my desire to read them starting with:

1. The Healer's Apprentice by Melanie Dickerson. Isn't the cover amazing? This book will be released by Zondervan in September of this year.

About the book (from Zondervan's website):

In this book by author Melanie Dickerson, the story of Sleeping Beauty is retold through the life of Rose, the young daughter of a woodcutter, who has fallen in love with the perfect man for her, only to be kept away from him due to a curse.

Ages: 15-18

Go here to learn more!

2. Tournaments, Cocoa, & One Wrong Move by Nancy Rue. This book is the third book in the Real Life series. From my knowledge of the past two books (I have reviewed them here and here), you can pick up with this series on any book. Tournaments, Cocoa, & One Wrong Move will be published by Zondervan September 2010!

About the book (from Zondervan's website):

Tournaments, Cocoa & One Wrong Move, the third book of author Nancy Rue’s Real Life series for teen girls, follows Cassidy Brewster, a driven athlete who will do anything to stay on top. After an injury, and a subsequent mistake that could ruin her athletic career, she finds support in the most unlikely places—including a room filled with juvenile delinquents and the pages of an old book labeled “RL.”

Ages: 13-16

Go here to learn more!

3. Masters & Slayers by Bryan Davis. This is the adult companion series to the Dragons of Starlight series published by Zondervan. This book will be released in September 2010 by AMG publishers.

From the author's blog:

This is the first book in the adult companion series to Dragons of Starlight. Although it's designed for adults, it's suitable for teenagers as well. For those of you who have read Starlighter, this story follows the adventures of Adrian, Jason's older brother, as he and Marcelle seek to rescue the slaves on the dragon planet, Dracon. You do not have to read Starlighter to enjoy Masters & Slayers, and readers of Starlighter don't have to read Masters & Slayers to continue in the Dragons of Starlight series, but reading both series will enhance your understanding of the story world.

Go here to learn more! 

Wow. Are you as excited as I am, folks????


P.S. This is my first post from my superdeeduper laptop!


Music chica said...

I hadn't heard of the first,bu tn ow I really ant to read it!
I love retelling of fairy tales!
I also can't wait to read the rest of the RL series.I think that is her best series so far!
Second might be the 'Nama High series.I liked Starlighter...did you read it?So I'd love to read all of those when they come out.

The Golden Eagle said...

They look like good books!

Melanie Dickerson said...

Hi, Prism! Thanks for featuring my book! Have you seen the amazing trailer Zondervan had made for my book? You can check it out on my website, www.melaniedickerson.com/books.html
It looks like a little mini-movie!

MaidenOfEmmanuel said...

I'm super excited to read these books now! At least two of the book seem extremely interesting.

I'm going to read Starlighter, the books is sitting on my shelf since Bryce lent the book to me, I just need to take the step of opening the book.

Did I mention that I have over forty books to read :P?


Anonymous said...

I like reading and horses too. I am following your blog now, and look forward to reading more of it.

Anonymous said...


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