Friday, December 4, 2009

Randomness Friday: December!!!

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Wow. I have been having so much fun with this winter story fest! Like, really! Thank you so much for your comments- I love logging in and reading them, critical or not. We'll continue with Saving the Silent on Monday...

But for now... It's the weekend! Oh, how glorious- how splendid, how, how random! * grins* I am so glad it's finally December. It not only means I'm halfway through the school year, get to look forward to another blogoversary, but I mean, celebrating Christ's birth! What could be better than that!
  The family has already got all of our lights and decorations up, but the sad thing is that, because our house was designed to be so long (just makes it look big, even though it isn't huge) all of our Christmas lights are centered around the entry. It's sort of comical, actually, but I plan to put some lights in my window (which is some ways from the entry) to make it look more balanced.
  We got some cool lights, though. Multicolored ones that flash in cool patterns, and a sort of nativity poster that has lights behind it to make it look as if the lights are stars. I love it.

See, I told you it wouldn't take long for me to get into the spirit. I just needed December to start, I suppose.


I sure hope my teachers don't give a ton of homework over Christmas break. Some other classes in my school are, but I haven't heard anything from my teachers. It would be a nice Christmas present, but then it would mean tests RIGHT before break. Oh well...


Our family took, well, family pictures for the first time in years. It was okay. I mean, I think we all looked great, and the pictures were so professional. The only reason we went was because our church is making a directory, so we thought it would be nice to go.

The photographer wasn't the friendliest person. He wasn't mean at all of anything, but he was... efficient. But the pictures turned out great, Lil' Sis actually stayed still (or the camera was super fast), so we were all pretty happy when we left.


For the first time, I watched Facing the Giants. It was cool, watchin' it with the family. I really liked the storyline, and I didn't think the acting was bad. It was inspiring, to say for sure. During the last minutes of the movie I was going "Awww!" and "That's so sweet!" the whole time, but to myself, of course. It talks a lot about them not being able to have a baby, and that got a little old, but it added to the sympathy for the characters. I just wasn't a big fan of that aspect.

Overall, it was a GREAT movie. I love it, recommend it, and will watch it again.

Next on my list? Probably Fireproof, even though I'm not big on romance.


You all have a great weekend, and we'll continue the Story Fest on Monday

God Bless,


Sarah said...

I've seen both Fireproof and Facing The Giants, and they are GREAT movies. :)

Bekah said...

Hey, I found your blog through Olive Tree's. Really like your title. ^^
*laughs* Nice! Love the randomness. ^^
Blessings this Christmas season,

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