Friday, December 18, 2009

Randomness Friday: Did I Hear "Christmas Break"????!!!!!

Thank you, Libby!

Many of you know (from my last post) that Randomness Friday as a thing for everyone is still unsure. However, I will still be doing it on GoMC for as long as I live (in the blogging world)

I'd like to feature a blog that did RF this week, though.

Buttercup from Soaring on Winds like Eagles!!!

Thanks, Buttercup. :)


Welcome to this week's newest follower, SilverAngel!!!



EEEEEEK! School's out, and in my book, Christmas break has begun! Woo! Throw the confetti, party, and bring on the randomness!

Christmas break started with a big bang for me today. I had two big tests in the morning and then a big party in the afternoon. It was awesome. We made boxes for kids in the hospital to put things in, like a keepsake box. I believe my group's box was pretty awesome. We had a great time with lots of laughs. After that, the food came out. It was pretty good stuff, and after that we fun part came.

Presents! We played the game where you all get a number and get gifts, but you can "steal" from another person. I got this cool pirates coloring book and crayons. I would have prefered an animal coloring book or something more girl-ish. But hey! It's pretty cool. And it came with crayons! *grins*

I also got a gift from an awesome classmate. A keyring with a cool pendant with my name on it! (Not my online name, my real one...) I love it, and though she'll probably never read this, I am so thankful!!!

We played a game of Egyptian War (card game... involves slapping cards, and at times, people's hands) and it was time to go...

May not sound like much, since it was at school, but it kicked off my Christmas break in a good way. NO HOMEWORK OVER THE BREAK!!! Wahoo!

What do I plan to do over the weeks?

~Do a Christmas Puzzle I did last year. I hope to put it together faster than I did last time. We shall see, because this time, I have to keep it out of Lil' Sis's reach. Eeeep!

~Make a gingerbreak house! This probably sounds pathetic, since the pieces are all premade and the house itself is pretty small, but I'm doing it.

~Read!!!! I have gotten so out of touch with new books and authors, it's sad. I'm going to catch up during break.

~Sleep in!!! Waking up at 6AM every morning gets old after a while. Ever tried putting on contact lenses on that early? Yeesh. A nightmare.

~Write! I'm going to polish and rewrite parts of a book I'm writing. I may post some of the first book for ya'll... It depends, since I've post chapter one of the book, like, a bajillion times!

~Finish my pirates coloring book? Not sure on this one, but I've never gotten through a coloring book before.

Ahhhhh..... I'm listening to Christmas music at the moment, and its adding to my jubilation.

I can't wait for Christmas.


I am SO sorry there was very little posting this past week! Only two other posts! I am ashamed...


I am currently jamming to Britt Nicole's "Welcome to the Show". I think it's my currect favorite! (Not all time fav., though. Tobymac's "Ignition" wins there)


When I think of Christmas, and hear and read all of these things about the prophecies and happenings about Jesus' birth, I can't help but be in awe. The intricacy of things our God planned, for us, to ultimately forgive me of my ugly sins. He was humiliated to save me from the punishment I so justly deserve. I, a vile sinner.

It amazes me.

Praise GOD!


God Bless,


Buttercup said...

Hey Prism!

Thanks for linking to me, I appreciate it!

I didn't know you might stop RF! :( I've tried to do it every week, but sadly have failed for the most part. I am trying though!

God bless! Merry Christmas!


Rachel T. said...

Prism, heey!

I can't believe X-mas is only FIVE DAYS AWAY!! WOOT!!
God Bless!
P.S: where's the first chapter of ur book posted??

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