Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Saving the Silent: Part Two

Welcome to part two of Saving the Silent, the first story in my Writings Fest! Missed part one? Do not fear, go here!

After a night of getting tangled in her blankets from all of the tossing and turning, Dawn plodded into the kitchen. She had freshened up but still felt groggy.
“Good morning, sunshine!” Mrs. Patterson sang.
She shook her head and sank down into a dining chair. How people could have so much energy in the morning, she never knew. Mrs. Patterson had always said it was a big mug of coffee and God’s Word that always got her started.
Mr. Patterson hurried in with a briefcase in one hand and a coffee mug in the other. He looked every bit like the lawyer he was.
“Better head to work. Big case coming!” He turned to look at Dawn. “Want a ride to school, honey? I was going to stop near there to talk with a possible client after dropping your brother off.”
“No, thanks.” She took a sip of the orange juice that had been placed in front of her. “I already promised Emily and Josh that I would go with them. Besides, my teacher gets pretty flustered if one of her students shows up too early. Usually makes us read encyclopedias.”
Mr. Patterson smiled. “I’ll see you when I come home, then.” He knocked on Sean’s bedroom door, and her little brother walked out, looking alert and ready for school.
“Come on, bud.”
Sean hiked his backpack higher up on his back while Mr. Patterson fished his keys out of his pockets, and then they were gone.
Dawn finished her breakfast and got her backpack ready. The high school bus would be there soon, and she didn’t want to miss it. She could practically see Emily rolling her eyes as Josh told “funny” stories. Someone had to keep the peace.

She smiled back at Mrs. Patterson before heading out the door. “I’ll see you at four.”
It was about a block’s walk to the bus stop. Dawn loved walking through the trees and letting the cool breeze whip her hair around. She didn’t have the most perfect hair, but all Dawn cared about was what the horses thought of her. So far, Halo had never said a word about her appearance, so she was happy.
Suddenly, something clamped around her wrist, and Dawn screamed.
“Hey, calm down!” Dawn looked up to see Josh’s wide blue eyes and shaggy brown hair. Wincing, he let go of her arm. “Are you okay? You’d think I was Bigfoot or something by your reaction.”
“Yeah.” She rubbed the goosebumps that had formed on her arms. “To say in the least, I’m lucky you didn’t give me a heart attack.”
Looking more like himself, Josh nodded smugly. “I tend to do that a lot. I spilled chocolate milk on Trish’s iPod this morning, and she threw a huge fit.”
It took Dawn a couple of seconds to remember that Trish, Josh’s older sister, was taking a break from her hectic college life to enjoy spring break with her family.
“Come on. Miss Young won’t be happy if we’re late.” She held onto the straps of her backpack and hurriedly walked forward.
They just made it to the bus stop in time.
“Here comes the beast,” Dawn murmured.
“Who? The bus, bus driver, or Em?”
“You really are something else.” She rolled her eyes and pushed him up the stairs.
He struck a pose like a rock star in the crowded aisle. “And don’t you forget it.”

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