Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Disatrous Doggie Day!

The following story is an old one, but one that ya'll seemed to like. It was one of my more popular posts from the past, and one I wrote several years ago (I believe in the first year middle school). So one of my first stories, but I love it nonetheless. Looking back now, I laugh. The storyline is absurd, I could have used better words in certain places, and dogs cannot hiccup bubbles.

Oh well. *grins*


This morning, I gave our elephant-sized dog, Tidbit, a bath. He ignored my two brothers squawking in his ear and rubber ducks surrounding him (courtesy of my four-year-old brother Mike).

Halfway through the bath, I looked down to see that his shampoo was empty! After scanning the bathroom for something to use to make Tidbit smell tolerable, I grabbed one of the shampoo bottles off our shelf.

“Silky Smooth Hair!” the words screamed.

It sounded good enough, so I lathered some onto Tidbit’s white fur then left to get a towel to dry him.

When I came back, I heard a weird noise.


I rushed to the bathroom. Tidbit’s expression was peculiar.

“Hic!” Bubbles streamed from his mouth.

“I give Tidbit treat!” Mike giggled.

What?! I looked around frantically for his “treat”.

I spotted an empty soap dish. Oh, no! Tidbit had eaten a whole bar of soap! Indeed, he was now a living, breathing bubble machine. I tried to navigate through the bubbles and, Splash!

I was suddenly in the water with Tidbit.

“Hic!” he sympathized.

I sputtered and reached up to heave myself out of the water. Swish! The shower came on! My helpful brothers were on the floor laughing like hyenas.

I extracted the rubber duck that had nested in my hair. Tidbit then decided that he was done with the drama of the day, so he leaped out of the bathtub.

I attempted to pull off my favorite football player’s Terrific Tackle, but Tidbit was bigger than your run-of-the-mill quarterback. I latched onto Tidbit’s back, but he was strong.

“AIEEEEEE!” I was now living my dream of being a rodeo cowgirl, and my brothers were the rodeo clowns.

Tidbit thundered straight for the kitchen. Seeing the heavenly sight of our refrigerator, he stopped, hurling me over his back to…CRASH!…my mom’s valuable china. While I made sure no bones were broken, Tidbit was eating away.

Followed by my brothers, he loped to the living room. I sprinted outside at full speed, and SLAM…ran into the glass door.

After I recovered from the slight amnesia and pain from the impact, I opened the door and staggered outside.

We ran around for an hour trying to capture Tidbit. I noticed that he was shedding significantly. Finally, we caught him and rubbed him down.

“Tada!” I exclaimed, pulling the towel off.

To my dismay, I saw that Tidbit was bald! It looked like a blizzard hit my backyard and the “snow” had been dumped into our house from the upstairs bathroom to the backyard.

Well, here I am now raking up the “snow”. My brothers are cleaning-up the food and pieces of porcelain all over my mom’s new laminate floor. 

My parents informed me that the certain human shampoo I used caused poor Tidbit’s dilemma.

Now if you will excuse me, I need to go to my room and finish up knitting sweaters for my humiliated hairless hound. Hopefully, he will not mind that the sleeves are a bit long!

God Bless ya'll,


Kendra Logan said...

Aw, haha, what a cool and cute story!


Camellia Dayla said...

Oh my, sounds like us and our dogs! :P

That had to be one crazy day!

Camellia Dayla said...

Aw, that is so cute! :D

It's like us and our dogs!

May I ask what type of dog Tidbit it, sounds like he is like our Great Dane. (Luna!):D

Anonymous said...

Well, I-LIKED-IT! BTW, can humans laugh like hyenas? :P

~Prism~ said...

@Everyone: Thanks so much! I loved writing this story, it was a blast.

@Camellia: I had my previous neighbor's dog in mind when I wrote this. Once, in the summer, they were brushing him in their front yard, and it had looked as if a blizzard had hit! He looked like a German Shepherd, only he was pure white (not albino).

@Moonshaw: I'm not quite sure! :)

God Bless and a Merry Christmas!


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