Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Where'd the Lights Go???

Hey ya'll! I'm so sorry I haven't posted any new stories, but I hope to start a new story tomorrow. Yesterday and today was/is pretty crazy.

Yesterday at school, we were in the middle of our first class (which is all girls) when the power went out. It wasn't snowing heavily, no ice problems, in fact, it was warmer than it had been the past week. So, here we are, reviewing for a test (which is Wednesday, by the way. Eeek!) when suddenly the lights go out, the overhead image disappears, and suddenly the backup batteries are beeping in the intructor's computers.We didn't panic, though. The emergency lights were still on, though it was still very dim.

So we just hung around for some time, trying to find a way to continue reviewing for the test and all... But the power didn't come back. It didn't take us long to figure out that everyone else didn't have power either. The teachers and head people started running places to find out what was going on and stuff, but we didn't have anything to do, since the wifi from our still running laptops had gone away. Cell phones came out, of course, but it was allowed since we weren't really in class.

We just talked, I enjoyed the darkness (I love being in the dark. Don't ask why, I've got no clue) and we found a way to get the teachers notes onto our flash drives, since she couldn't print it out.

We had been in the dimness for about 30 minutes now.

It was sort of fun, although I worried about not having enough time to work and get ready for that test, but oh well. We played cards, sitting crisscrossed on the cold tile. I know the game as "I doubt it!" although it has a worse name that I will not ever be saying. 

So the head person eventually found out that the construction going on to remodel certain parts of our school had somehow cut through a main line, and she let school out.

I was out of there by 2:20!

A total of 50 minutes, I believe.

I found it funny that to get out, we had to pry open the automatic sliding doors, and then push them back.

God Bless,


Milli said...

Hey Prism! You've just gotten an award! Come pick it up at my blog.

Anonymous said...

HAHA! That's happened to my school SO many times. One time, it was becuz a squirrel jumped on our fuse bow LOL

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