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Saving the Silent: Part Seven

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Josh and Dawn traded grim looks, and Dawn secretly hoped the woman really had been talking into a phone. She handed Josh the gun and began stalking around the building.
 The barn was one big room, but there were a lot of spaces that looked like closets without doors. Dawn felt as if she was in some spy or police movie, rounding each corner with her fists up. Josh kept the gun but promised Dawn he wouldn’t put his finger on the trigger. Ever since she had first started Tae Kwon Do, her master had repeatedly told her there was a difference between self-defense and going too far.
 There were a few dog cages in the barn. Dawn knew there were a lot behind the barn, filled with mangy dogs. She saw a dog that looked like a golden retriever along with some puppies. Dawn took a step towards her, but the dog’s warning snarl along with a terrible stench drove her back. She couldn’t wait until the abandoned farm was scoured by animal experts who could help the creatures in need.
Dawn met Josh near the front doors.
  “Nothing on my end.”
Josh grinned. “I would have screamed for you to help me if I had found anything.”
 They both glanced at the woman, who stared at them with a strange look in her eyes.
 “I wish I had a watch,” Dawn whispered. “Sean said he would call in help, and I thought it would be here by now.”
   “I’m going to go check on Bugs.”
“Why not?” Dawn shrugged and followed him out of the barn, but she soon realized that it was a huge mistake.
  Once they stepped outside, there was a shadow above them. Dawn barely had time to react before a heavyset man was standing on top of Josh. A weak groan told her he was alive, but she was still frozen in panic.
  Sirens broke the silence. Dawn could hear the sound of several emergency vehicles, but she couldn’t tell if they were ambulances, police cars, or fire trucks.
 “You kids!” he cried.
In an instant, Dawn was in his arms with a gun at her head, yet again. Red and blue lights appeared as several police cars charged through the forest. Dawn wished she could do anything to get him off, but her mind felt like rushing water. Too many thoughts flooded her mind until her brain throbbed.
  Uniformed men slid out of their cruisers and at least ten guns were trained on them in a matter of seconds. Her captor backed up against the horse pasture fence as the policemen expertly closed in. Some of them talked to her and the man, but she couldn’t hear them. The barking of dogs drowned out any possible noise.
  She saw a tall man and a woman with red hair holding each other at a safe distance away, and her eyes started welling up with tears. It was Mom and Dad, and Dawn didn’t feel the littlest big strange about thinking of them as that. If only she could call to them!
  Suddenly, she heard a thump along with the clang of metal. All of the air was knocked out of her lungs, and her captor fell. Dawn fell forward and looked back just in time to see Bugs, with his eyes rimmed with white. She couldn’t tell for sure, but it looked like there was also a mixture of love and anger in the horse’s eyes. As if just realizing what he had done, Bugs took off for the other end of the pasture, away from the terrifying, shiny animals and harmful thunder sticks.
  A tall policeman helped her up and led her away as several others jumped the criminal. Dawn felt dazed.
  “What happened?”
The policeman spoke with awe in his voice. “That huge horse kicked him, as if he knew what was going on.”
 “Dawn!” Mom and Dad ran to her, and she was enveloped in a hug. Regret panged through her, and she looked up at them. Would they still want her after all of the trouble she had caused?
 “Oh, Dawn, honey. I’m so glad you’re safe!” Mom kissed the top of her head.
  Dad chimed in with a thick voice, “Don’t you ever do that to us again, even if it’s to safe the whole world!”
   “So you don’t hate me?” Dawn sniffed and wiped her eyes with the back of her hand.
Dawn took one last look at the scene before her. Ambulances pulled up and the medical workers rushed towards Josh and the barn. Policemen were swarming like ants around the area, and she could see other vans and trucks pull up. Some were news vans and the others were animal rescue vehicles. Chaos, but it was the good kind.
 Satisfied that everything would be fine, Dawn turned to her parents. “Let’s go home.”
 She was determined to give Sean a huge hug the moment she saw him.

God Bless,

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