Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A New Year!!!

Today is the last day of December, and also 2008. Think of it. This day. It's the last time you'll be living it. 2008 will be gone, and in comes 2009. A bit scary, isn't it? So many things will happen. If you're in school you will move up a grade in the fall, you are going to have another birthday, and the holidays will come around again.

The new year is like a fresh start, though. People make resolutions. Kids determine to be better in school or a teensy bit nicer to their little siblings, and adults decide to lose weight or be better in their jobs. In only a little bit of time, all is forgotten and people don't abide by their resolution rules. Well, I've decided that this year is TOTALLY going to be different for me. I've made two resolutions that I'm going to keep. As a...motivation I'll post them on here so I won't forget.

1. Read the whole entire Bible in a year. (I've done it before, but I never really soaked it in. Hopefully I'll be able to do it this year!)

2. Finish my book, The Chosen (that's the working title as of now). I'm at the final climax as of now, but there's a LOT of editing to do.

So what is/are your resolution(s)? Are you determined to keep them this year?

God Bless,

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