Monday, December 29, 2008

2008 was great, but 2009

Is what? I mean, I remember from last year that people were saying things like "2007 was heaven, but 2008 is going to be great!" or something like that. Doesn't 2009 deserve to come in with style too?


Now with all of the formalities out of the way, the only things I could think of were:

2008 was great, but 2009 is gonna rhyme! (Well, the "2008 is great" part rhymed, so there's not much point. Plus, how could a year rhyme? *shakes head*)

2008 was great, but 2009 is gonna be a lime! (Uhhhh, does this mean 2009 is going to be sour?)

2008 was great, but 2009 is gonna be a dime! (*blinks* What?)

2008 was great, but 2009 is going to be...going to be...sublime? (Uhhhh.....nope. Didn't rhyme!)

2008 was great, but 2009 is going to be...MINE! (MWAHAHAHA! *coughs* Nu-uh)

2008 was great, but 2009 is going to be divine! (Uh, I'm not sure)

Alright, I'm all out of ideas! Does anyone else have an idea?

It's so hard to believe that a new year is upon us! *screams and panics*
Well, I have a lot planned for 2009 including more book reviews, a monthly fiction article, and a monthly article about hot topics. But I will take this day to reminisce on all of the amazing things that have happened to me this great year.

1. I started this blog and became GoMC!!!! Awesomeness, yeah? Next June will be my first anniversary! *sniffs sentimentally* Can you believe it? I've been asked about this blog's title, A Girl of Many Colors. several times. Where'd it come from? Several theories include Joseph's coat of many colors and the horse of a different color (from the Wizard of Oz which I hadn't seen until this year). To tell ya'll the truth, I just randomly thought of it one day, and it stuck!

2. I joined the Dragons in Our Midst by Bryan Davis forum and became DoT! (Daughter of Thigocia) And yes, the whole "Dot" thing was planned. It was either Daughter of Thigocia or Daughter of Makaidos. DoM didn't sound as cool and DoT, so I became DoT! If you are on the forum, or are going to join, feel free to stop by and say hi!!!

3. I got a little sister!!! Though we won't meet her until next year, I feel like I'm already hers!

4. I got 100,000 words in my book! (Part one of a four book series) Though I am not completely sure when I started (Bad record keeping skills) I am 90% sure I started the book I have now in this year. (There were about 5 rough ideas until the final one showed through! Again, my bad record keeping skills kicked in and I threw most of the rough drafts away)

5. I got to ride a horse for real for the first time this year at a church picnic! And, if ya'll remember my post, it was REALLY a real ride for my sister and I! Thanks so much to the Phantom Stallion series (which I will be introducing to you in the near future) my mind flashed to one of the book's scenes and I hung on instead of jumping of the galloping horse. Thanks so much to the people at the church picnic who were fast thinkers and immediately started praying since they could do nothing else to stop the horse. And thanks so much to God for protecting my sister when she was thrown off of the horse and myself! God's amazing, and he is SO real!
Remember that one post when I said I'd be riding a horse at the one person's place who owned the horse at the picnic? Well, it didn't exactly work out due to bad weather. Hopefully, as soon as it gets warmer in the spring, I'll mount up.

6. I had a big birthday this year!

7. I got a black belt in Tae Kwon Do this year with a struggle involving an evil energy drink. Again, blogged on it if you want to read about my interesting encounter with (Du Du Dun!) The Blue Demon!

8. I got baptized by my dad this year!

9. I started exploring the world of writing for real this year, and I definitely DON'T regret it!

10. I've learned more about the computer than I ever did before! Tech savvy, I guess you could call it!

So, what amazing things happened to YOU (Yes, YOU!) in 2008?

God Bless,

(P.S. Like my new siggie???)


Anonymous said...

Nice post! You have done a lot of things, unlike me! =)

Sarah said...

Awesome post!! I laughed so hard when u were trying to figure out what 2009 will be about.

I'm gonna post on my blog about the stuff I did this year too :) hope ya don't mind.... One of the things will be.. *sniffs, and tear falls* my dog got hit by a car last night and died.. *cries*

God's Soldier said...

Hi GoMC,

Like your post. Congratz on getting your black belt, hehe I know it is a little to late...

~Girl of Many Colors~ said...

@Lauren Ann- LOL. I'm sure if you just think hard, you'll come up with a LOT of things! That's what I had to do!

@Sarah- Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry, Sarah! *cyber hug* It must be soooooo hard. I can't believe losing my little fur ball :(

@GS LOL. Thanks!

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