Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Adoption Status II

It's the one year anniversary of our adoption journey!

Though the longing to adopt a sibling began for me when the tsunami hit India and surrounding countries a while back, it started for my parents long before that. I can still recall going to a homeschool convention and getting a flier from an adoption agency. Soon it ended up in a box headed for the trash, but again and again I saved it to put in places where my parents could see it. On the living room table, near the computer, and sitting defiantly in different places for my parents to see. I remember vaguely one day my dad coming home from work and logging onto the computer. He showed us a story about a baby being abandoned in India. She had a beautiful face and big eyes. An orphan. The baby was an orphan at such a tender age. We fell in love with her. That night, I dreamed of holding her in my arms and singing songs to her as her big sister. My mom even called her relatives in India and some people who were taking care of her, to see if she was available for adoption. Unfortunately, she was not yet considered adoptable because they were looking for her relatives and if she were we could not adopt her because we are not Indian citizens, but that's what really sparked our interest in adopting.

Soon after that, we started seeing the word "adoption" everywhere! One day we were watching Gospel music channel, and it was a special about Steven Curtis Chapman. His daughter was the one who started their interest in adoption of girls from China, and when she did that, she was the around the age I was then! I remember turning to my mom and saying, "I'm not the only crazy one, mom!" Somehow we changed the channel to ABC. It was a commercial, but at the bottom right corner of the screen a little box appeared that said, "Log on to ABC for special about adoption" or something like that. Wow. That "A" word sure got around! And later, we were at church. A group of people came up and said that the church had started an adoption fund. They didn't know why exactly, but they felt called to help provide families with the resourced they needed to bring a child home. Around that time, the amazing journey began.

Now, as I have mentioned before, my family is adopting an adorable little girl from India. We have seen her video and are very thankful to be chosen as her forever family. So, here's an update on how it is going....

Just last week, we got an update that an official paper certifying that we were indeed the people to adopt her had been approved. We're hers!

Now, we have to wait for three things:

2 different court dates in India which we will not have to attend. The earliest we will be able to get those finished is early January because the court is on winter break.

And the receiving of her passport, which after that we will go pick her up!

God Bless,


Sarah said...

That's so cool! I'd love to adopt a little girl. :) What's her name? If you can tell...

~Girl of Many Colors~ said...

Her name at the moment is an Indian one, so we are allowed to change it. I don't think I'm allowed to tell though. Computer rules. But I can say that it's an adorable name, and many people that we know who have seen her picture say it's perfect for her!

Lauren Ann said...

Amazing post!

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